Castle Marina advice surgery

Rehearsing bus services, the needs of the boating community, road safety, cycle lanes, tow paths litter and rough sleeping, oh and Brexit. 
With Lilian Greenwood MP, and Councillors Sam Webster and Georgia Power.


Full council – March 2019

A budget is agreed, but little joy as it expects £23m of savings in much needed public service to be found.
The national financial settlements are unfair, biased against the cities and towns of the North and the Midlands, and the Conservatives are setting themselves up to take more money to give to rural areas.

A slightly different budget from the Conservatives this year. Instead of avoiding any Council tax increase, they propose an increase 1% lower than Labour’s. Clearly picking up some points from officers and the majority group, but drawing different conclusions, they propose spending £3 million on pump-priming investments on social services, by selling shares in Robin Hood Energy, covering the gap whilst waiting for share sales with draws upon reserves. Loads of risks – value of share yield, savings from extra investments, timings etc.
They had to be pressured to confirm that they wouldn’t sell off Nottingham City Transport, but I still think they would.
N Post article.

I am always struck by the basic element of sound financial management, which is that during a period where you are expected to look after more people in need during a time of cuts, you need to maximise the Council tax base to meet the need.

Meanwhile, we again expose Nottingham city centre Conservatives for their false claims and less than relevant priorities for city centre residents.

Bizarrely, the Conservatives again call for Hansard style recording of full council, without putting the idea in their budget proposals. Even stranger, the Conservative leader joins in a tribute to the 16 retiring Labour Councillors, before his Deputy piles in to say they’re all being driven out by people with ideology.
I say – “you’ve got to have a belief.”

Official photos of retirees
We paid tribute to Betty Higgins, with Brian Parbutt giving a speech; Graham Chapman makes a point in the budget debate; thanks expressed to this retiring, including Malcolm Wood, John Hartshorne, Brian Grocock, Ginny Klein, Glyn Jenkins, Jackie Morris, Steve Young, Cat Arnold-Adamds

Bridge ward monthly report 89

Main political issues have been Brexit, extremes in weather, Trump being exposed by his former lawyer, and anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

Nicola and I have started the new season of visiting people on doorsteps on Woolmer Road and Beauvale Road. 

Two ward walks – a regular one and one with the Chief Exec of Nottingham City Homes.
Pleased to have helped out at an MP’s advice surgery at Contemporary Art Gallery for city centre residents.

New housing: new council houses approved for the former Clifton Miners Welfare site; construction at the former Meadows Police station to start in early Summer; Chainey Place – new flats (a third phase) approved at Hicking site. Welcome to new residents who’ve moved into Riverway Gardens, Arkwright Walk and Blackstone Walk.
Meanwhile improvements to communal facilities at Mayfield Court.

A separate progress report is available.

New arrangements have created more residents spaces in th south-west and helped Bridgway consulting, whilst slowing down traffic on Riverside Way.
The pressure on parking on Wilford Crescent East has been relieved. 
Cllrs are now receiving requests for permits to be applied along Mundella Road.  

Meadows Muslim Centre AGM heard progress is being made on tackling crime and that the Police facility at the London Road fire station is finally being used.

Audit cttee did loads of important suff that was hard to turn into news – oh yes.

Interesting proposal from a former nuclear sub commander on the political control of targeting nuclear weapons.

And the launch of Nottingham Labour’s new manifesto. And a pleasant visit to the Stonebridge City Farm (north of the city centre) which is campaigning to fund raise to survive.

Some great films –  Green BookBurningSpider-Man into the Spider-VerseA Private War, Can you ever forgive me?, Vice, If Beale Street could talk.

Football wise, a great night out for Salop at Wolves where for while, we were leading having gone behind. 
Forest beat Derby and displayed some banners kinda highlighting the radical characters of the city’s history – nice.

Finally, a loss of our former council leader and a key player in our radical history – Betty Higgins has died.