Bridge ward monthly report 35

IMG_0819.JPGThe weather didn’t match July’s – blighting at least three events – and some of the news was a downer – most outrageously the manner of consultation over the closure of Wilford Grove Surgery. The closure / merger emphasises why we need to be concerned about changes in the financing and management of the NHS.
There was however an upbeat reaction to the first test run of the tram down Queens Walk and the story poles have turned out well.
Friends of Meadows Library did their first history walk of The Meadows.
Some energy gone into voter registration events for young people, with bus pass campaigning pensioners from Walsall kinda showing why younger people need to vote in bigger numbers.
Next month sees the new Riverside school extension opening and all the primary schools providing free school meals for years 1 and 2- a national government policy you might want to celebrate – except of course they dictated it but didn’t fund it all.
We will also aim to support a NeMTRA meeting on tram route landscaping and council house decommissioning; and a possible Parks/OMTRA meeting on renewing the cricket pavilion.

But if August carries a bit of a downer, maybe it’s –
– the Ukraine and Russia starting to come to blows;
– IS in Iraq;
– Israel and Gaza;
– the ebola breakout in one part of Africa; famine in another.

Draft of fuller end of month report available.


Meadows History Walk

A history walk, with a guide, organised by Friends of Meadows Library and the City Council.
IMG_4281b0621h Meadows history walk QW Amy Nicola Pat
One of the authors of the guide, Amy, with Nicola who helped organise the walk..
IMG_4307b0672h Meadows History Walk guide route map
A guide was published and is available (in a small format), along with other photos.
IMG_4273b0691h Meadows history walk group at QWCC
A group of ten attended.

GPs set upon closing Wilford Grove surgery

The surgery that has served the people of The Meadows for 110 years is being closed on 30th September.
At a meeting of the Primary Care Panel a week ago, the resolve was affirmed, despite the poor consultation process, a failure even now to be able to discuss external perspectives of quality of service and the closure being done in less than the expected 3 months.
Reasons cited at a consultation meeting called by the 3 GPs and various representatives of the NHS that are driving the change include –
– the retirement of the experienced female doctor at the Wilford Grove surgery;
– new commissioning arrangements that make it more challenging for smaller practices to provide a range of services;
– a new regime (starting next year) that might decide to close surgeries like Wilford Grove on the grounds of health & safety, and infection control, immediately;
– the lease of the existing surgery ending on 30th Sept.;
– direction of funds away from GPs serving neighbourhoods with higher levels of poverty;
– the NHS not having the money it needs.
The risks are plain; that the merger of the 3 GP practices are being driven by factors other than those being discussed and are not taking concerns about existing services (expressed through patient choices) on board.
The new merged practice will be known as “Bridgeway Centre”.
As Chair of Area 8, I have the placed the matter at its next public meeting on September 10th.

Sort of unacceptable

A public opinion surveyor called by, and having a couple of friends who have these kinds of jobs, I agreed to take part.
The survey in the end was disappointing. Its main question – are the TV schedules filled with trash – was too stark, cos who can fairly say that they are?
There has been some excellent TV this year – I’ve celebrated Sherlock, Fargo, Line of Duty and even Pointless on these pages.
What I was aching to say is –
– that the soaps are awful and do not do what they professed once to set out to do – to portray ordinary lives;
– that the competition programmes, that should be an opportunity to deliver skill, are tainted by inappropriate application of stress;
– that the music programmes have destroyed the culture and creativity British music once had;
– that news programmes need to report rather than merely affirm that journalists knew best all along;
– that politics programmes cannot succeed whilst their agenda is that politics is rubbish and nothing can get done;
– that sport programmes are weakened by the emphasis on sports psychology;
– that if the best in comedy is Michael MacIntrye and the best in chat show programmes is Graham Norton then we need change bad;
– that Dr Who became flawed by making the Daleks too difficult to beat and by repeated destructions, and then restorations of, the universe.
(Maybe a bit much to expect the last point to be tested for in an opinion survey.)
So lots to complain about; but you just can’t say that the TV schedules are full of trash.
British TV and social media hit a new low this week when the Great British Bake Off asked contestants to make an ice-cream based pudding in a marquee that was too hot. The stress was too much and an old lady made a mistake with someone else’s desert, which that contestant then binned. A hate campaign in the social media was launched against a 69 year old lady, 800 members of the public asked regulators to intervene for the contestant whose desert had failed and pleasure has been taken from news that the lady has since retired from the competition – overlooking that the lady has suffered a fall hurting her face and damaging her ability to taste and smell. Some welcome sanity from Ruby Tandoh who attacks the makers of the programme in The Guardian.
“sort of unacceptable” cites Ruby.

Defend the free bus services pass for older people

IMG_4224b0671h Sherwood Rise Walsall pensioners petitionThe Walsall Pensioners’ Convention joined the end of the Mansfield to Nottingham leg of the Jarrow to London NHS march.
They’ve organised a petition of 110,000 names – none of them electronic they’re quick to say – in defence of the free bus services pass for older people and are to present it in London on 10th September.
Album of photos available.

Riverside primary school extension

Pictures of the new extension (opening next week) provided by the school via the council.
Riverside primary school extension photo b3 a0640h Riverside primary school extension photo b2 a0640h Riverside primary school extension photo b1 a0480h Riverside primary school extension photo a5 a0480h Riverside primary school extension photo a4 a0480h Riverside primary school extension photo a3 a0640h Riverside primary school extension photo a2 a0480h Riverside primary school extension photo a1 a0480h Riverside primary school extension photo b5 a0480h Riverside primary school extension photo b4 a0480h
The pictures show the internal and external layout of the additional classroom blocks, a couple of photos showing the outside of the hall and a couple of shots showing the external play area for the Foundation.
Works are still required to complete the astroturf area during September.
Meanwhile, plans to improve the school through working with the headteachers of the other Meadows schools (Welbeck and Greenfields) are supported by Ofsted.

Salop knock out Leicester City (reserves) out of the (League) Cup

IMG_4213b0142h Salop shoot at Leicester
All throughout the game, I kept thinking, Leicester City aren’t bothering, so why should I?
In an otherwise excellent football programme, the list of players available didn’t include all who were playing, including manager Nigel Pearson’s son, who was making his debut.
I don’t think I heard the home crowd sing once.
£10 to watch them plus us, 3 tiers below, between fixtures with Chelsea and Arsenal.
Although chances were fairly even, Salop started to dominate play in the second quarter.
They took the lead from a free kick outside the box – unheard of – although it cost us a striker cos he strained his hamstring again doing it.
Nor was our performance masterful. Some of the longer balls were awful.
The sense of doom came as Leicester brought on 3 first team players and Salop hit the woodwork twice in the same move.
Now it mattered. Now you could taste the third round.  Now it would hurt if they equalised.
IMG_4220b0276h Salop celebrate at Leicester
Finally, you could truly celebrate the win and sustaining a 32 year long unbeaten run.
IMG_4209b0297h Salop at Leicester youth squad
But not if you were in the youth squad, who were clearly under instructions to sit still.
Finally, can’t quite believe this Gary Lineker tweet.
Screenshot (179)b0159h Gary Lineker tweet on Salop

Car free sunday at Victoria Embankment

The weather has finally been kind on a car free Sunday, new to Nottingham and run on Victoria Embankment.
…, advised by Ride Wise and council staff who go into city schools.
Things for all ages were available, but main aim was to give a sense of space and freedom for cyclists and roller skaters.
IMG_4203b0152h VE car free sunday facilities
Free repairs to bicycles were available …
IMG_4202b0341h VE car free sunday city cycles
… as well as all day use of city cycles.

Trip to Northampton

Cos you don’t just travel to see a football match. IMG_4194b0492h Sixfields view of tower
Even so, surprised by the tower; surprised that I’d not noticed it before; surprised that it’s for testing lifts; surprised that it’s a listed building. But the National Lift Tower is handsome.
Had plenty of time to see it whilst walking back, cos a Stagecoach bus had left the Sixfields bus stop half-empty with plenty of football fans leaving the ground wanting to get on.
A reminder too of how much more extensive Nottingham’s bus stop information displays are.
Northampton’s railways station hall is being completely rebuilt, so hard to appreciate.
Leaving Northampton, you realise again just how quiet and smooth electric trains can be; a point often overlooked when we talk about electrifying Nottingham and the Midland Main Line.
Still a pleasure to arrive at Nottingham Midland without having to stop outside the station and wait.
And the station now has a Morrison’s supermarket, nothing that special, but it builds on a nearby Tesco’s and a Sainsbury’s a block away.
IMG_4189b0209h Midland station Morrisons