King’s School Building

Nottingham City Council propose to meet a shortage of school places in the Meadows by doubling the size of the Riverside Primary School.
There is now a petition proposing King’s School Building should be used as an annexe to Greenfields Primary, instead.
The issues with this counter proposal are –
• the Kings School building has capacity of approximately 160 children. This would not enable the building to accept full forms of entry (i.e. multiples of 30) or to be able to house 210 children overall, which is the minimal requirement in the Meadows based on our pupil projections
• It would also limit our capacity to offer an attached nursery provision which we are keen to offer with all of our schools wherever possible
• Although the building has classroom space already, a number of these are too small for a full class of 30 children which means the building would need to be extended
• Whilst the building may have worked well for a fee paying independent school, operating with smaller class sizes, it is not appropriate for a 210 place primary school
• the council believes it would cost £500k to £750k to bring the building back in to use. In addition, the site would have to be purchased at a cost of £400k
• a new school on the site would require a full staffing structure with less opportunities for sharing costs and flexibility; we would much prefer to avoid a split site for a school.
There’s a lot more that can be said including why re-opening Dunkirk Primary School in Dunkirk has been an acceptable approach, (most obviously there isn’t an alternative), but not recommended for the Meadows.
But to conclude for now, let’s note that the expansion of Riverside is favoured by the Meadows residents as seen in the results of the 2012 consultation.