Bridge ward monthly report 37

IMG_5137c0440h Bridge ward traffic sign
Three roving surgeries this month – from which we learnt, if you ask about current concerns in The Meadows in the Autumn, the reply is often going to be trees and leaves.
Most exciting news is Trent Bridge cricket’s offer to provide a new programme of cricket at the Meadows Recreation Ground, and to finance a new and larger cricket pavilion to support it. The iron columns will be taken from the current pavilion to carry forward its spirit into the new.
Elsewhere, events have been more challenging. MPT are being challenged over their hopes to continue running the Embankment pub. Nottingham City Homes have had to respond to sustained complaints over the decommissioning of homes along Arkwright Walk. And I was challenged over traffic signs put up to direct traffic to “Bridge ward” – I was able to require the questioner to withdraw the spurious and erroneous allegation.

Fuller report, with links to stories available.
1159 matters brought to my attention for chasing since being elected 3 years ago

Nick Toczek at Meadows Library

IMG_5119b0402h Meadows Library Nick Toczek
Poet and magician Nick Toczek at the Meadows Library.
It went down very well with the kids, although obviously, the teenagers were a bit keen to say they could see through the tricks – ooh they grow up so quickly.
IMG_5118ncc0235h Meadows Library Nick Toczek poster IMG_5122b0235h Meadows Library magician audience
Nearly 100 kids and over 50 adults came to the Friends of Meadows Library’s show.
The independent group have won funds to promote activity at the well-loved library.
Some more people may now join the committee.