Losing Clifton Bridge

Southbound traffic jammed on Wilford Grove in The Meadows; rush hour trying to avoid London Road

Traffic chaos only ever tells that the way forward is to reduce the distance people travel. Be nearer to where they work or learn. So they use the car less; that they can walk or cycle if the roads are jammed.
Nottingham is going that way – more flats and students’ bedrooms planned for the city centre, Boots Island, Waterside, the north of The Meadows (arguably 4,000) and on & near to university campuses.

I can’t remember when Clifton Bridge was last totally unavailable on a working day, if ever, but the impact on the city’s traffic was dramatic. Only train passengers were unaffected – trams were delayed on those sections that share the road network (e.g. Meadows Way).
You don’t build more bridges to deal with bridge failures – cos they merely encourages people to live further away, cos they don’t make residential choices on the basis of 1 in 10,000 working day events.

What could help is building a tram route out to the east of the city centre. Daleside Road to the Racecourse, where there is a park and ride. Opportunities for tram priority might be restricted on the route, with the exception of passing through Arkwright Walk or Cattle Market (depending on which option is chosen).
More could be served if the route beyond then went south to the A52 East.
Serving park & ride is what justifies new tram routes (financially). By-passing West Bridgford, with 2 major sporting grounds and County Hall may seem counter-intuitive, but the residential area has a relatively low concentration of residents and its streets are already narrow and constrained.

Looking forward to February 2020

Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 7th, 4pm – 5:30pm;
Light Night in Nottingham city centre; on evenings of 7th and 8th February; 
Light Night at Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens; 8th, 6pm to 8:30pm.
Planning committee; Loxley House; 19th, 2:30pm; 
Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 21st, 4pm – 5:30pm; 
Ward walk; 27th, 11am;  
Audit committee, Loxley House; 28th, 10:30am;

March 2020
Joint committee on Strategic Planning and Transport, County Hall; 5th, 10am;
Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 6th, 4pm – 5:30pm;
Full council, The Council House; 9th, 2pm;
Planning committee; Loxley House; 18th, 2:30pm; 
Area 5 committee; Loxley House; 18th, 5:30pm; 
Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 20th, 4pm – 5:30pm; 
Enviroenergy board, Loxley House, 1pm;
Ward walk, Portland Leisure Centre; 26th, 11am;  
Audit committee, Loxley House; 27th, 10:30am;

Meadows ward monthly report 09

Leaving the European Union.
On top of the Wuhan Coronavirus breakout and Australia on fire.
Austerity wasn’t cancelled after all.
And a very sad manslaughter in Nottingham city centre.

Loads to write-up but significant parts of Meadows news already covered in the mid-month report, notes from the ward walk and a presentation of development sites across the north of The Meadows. The N Post also celebrated progress in The Meadows.

Once again, the need to re-state opposition to anti-Semitism. I’ve also put together a statement on Islamophobia.
Hosted a seminar on Greener Office buildings, and gave speeches on simplistic tests for attractive buildings and (at full council) on carbon neutrality for Nottingham, on the Local Plan (& the Cattle Market), on new polling districts and against the Knife Angel.

Meadows Labour Party has re-booted after the election defeat and more analysis makes plain how badly Labour lost and how unpopular Jeremy Corbyn is.

Culture and events – 
Films: it’s the pre-Oscars season so a lot of go see movies around – JoJo Rabbit; Bombshell; Queen & Slim; The Personal History of David Copperfield; 1917; and then Little Women; A Hidden Life;
Events:  Holocaust Memorial Day; Stewart Lee;
TV: drama series and documentary on The Profumo Affair;
Football: Salop looked destined to be thrashed by Liverpool Reserves but came back to draw 2-2.

Ward Walk – January 2020

Whilst walking down to the ward walk – new bollards on Houseman Gardens; Mundella Road playground which is set to be renewed; then on the ward walk – checking out the pile of leaves which is built up before transportation in lorry loads to main disposal; checking out Memorial Gardens which has had quite a bit of tidying work in the last week or so, and from where we’ve had complaints of ASB; checking out flood gates along the Embankment – and a further test might be needed; welcoming a new business to Pyatt Street; hearing complaint of dog mess on Bunbury Street; noting hoeing of weeds that’s taken place along Pyatt Street; some scraping of leaf mulch from dropped crossings at the Bunbury / Bathley junction, although progress has been made generally on clearing leaf mulch; expressing disappointment t how damp is ruining the front of a house on Lamcote Grove.