Bridge ward monthly report 33

2014/06/20140627-185601-68161574.jpgHighlights of the month included –
– questions and answers sessions at Greenfields school, Meadows Youth Club and Meadows Muslim Centre;
– Meadows in Bloom events; (regional judging on July 11th;)
– Creative Quarters’ Pucha Kecha event;
– Cycle Live;
890 matters have been logged for chasing (drawing from conversations, comments at meetings, phone calls, letters, e-mails, Facebook, Twitter and public comment) since October 20th, 2011.
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Talking issues at the Meadows Muslim Centre

Lilian Greenwood MP and I discussed local and city matters with 15 members of the public.
Despite the news, the first question wanted to explore the opportunities of extending the tram network.
Other questions –
– how to reach out to people in The Meadows more frequently?
– What had really driven the controversy in Birmingham schools?
– What news could the council offer on tackling illegal activity by private hire vehicles in the city centre?
– Would residents permits be introduced in the rest of the Old Meadows against residents’ wishes?
– Will the Meadows Police Station close?
Finally, an assertion – the cuts in public services are too much.

Boss is unrealistic

… “no kidding” sez you all.
Well I’m glad you know cos otherwise this English outsider has no appreciation of city boss politics.
20140629-081310-29590349.jpg[Warning – spolier alert!]
Apparently an African-Caribbean community activist was naïve for working for the Mayor’s total renewal of her community’s awful housing complex when all the time, the Mayor’s plan was to have a casino and hotel complex to replace it, made politically acceptable only by dicing with bankruptcy of the city, making the state governor the next chair of the gambling board to be replaced by a puppet, made such by nearly defeating him with an opponent who then had to give up cos her lesbian partner was murdered, and with a sympathy vote made possible by his wife being shot instead of him, all whilst suffering a brain disease, rumbled only by one journalist / editor who he has to frame, coping with a drug dependent daughter and using his wife to bring a new capitalist financer on board.
Meanwhile, I on audit committee was trying to make sure we checked the lessons learnt from the last time the tram project was delayed in starting and that we considered the risks of the south-east property bubble bursting in 18 months time. Really, Nottingham City Council politics left me so unprepared for what “Boss” was trying to tell me. But I want you to know that I am trying.

“Boss” the tv series is tied hard to the idea that drama can only come from the acts of individuals, and offers no hope, I’ve already complained about series one for this – but it is, or it was, terrific entertainment.