Pentrich Revolution exhibition

171025R Pentrich exhibition ab0435h Screenshot (700)
England’s last armed rebellion, from 1817, and exhibited at the National Justice Museum on High Pavement in Nottingham city centre opened on 200th anniversary of the conviction / execution of 4 of the leaders.
Open until 7th January 2018 and free entrance, put together by the Pentrich and South Wingfield Revolution Group and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Opened by Roger Tanner and attended by Paddy Tipping, pictured alongside a display on decades of Police spying on activists.
Stating plainly that the Luddites were not anti new technology, but anti shoddy goods and poor working conditions.


Workers Memorial Day service 2016

Went to the service at St.Peter’s having forgotten who’d made me promise to go.
“Empty Shoes” – a lovely poem by Wendy Lawrence, of Colwick.
And glorious stain glass windows.



The new movie “Pride” evokes the 80’s and tells big political stories. History. Tales from our own time.
The miner’s strike.
Victimisation of gays.
Public health responses to HIV and AIDS.

Big tales of the time to tell, and the film does it well. Of personal suffering. Of victimisation. Of struggle. Of defeat, and of victory.
Perhaps too much at the expense of one family portrayed.
Perhaps too much of the other worldliness of South Wales – despite them dancing to the same disco music as the rest of the world – well, the women anyway.

Pride directed by Mathew Warchus
But some great humour. A favourite scene – a Welsh gay, returning home after many years, and pretending to be from Rhyl. No – we won’t have that – not someone from North Wales. A wind-up, masterfully executed.
And an excellent, triumphant end, with some sadness.
Authentic. Makes you think about the value of making bigger demands in politics.
Reminds you of some of the events of the time at work and in Nottingham.
One tiny moan. Celebrating the NUM driving the Labour Party conference to adopt gay rights. But no mention of the New Labour government passing the legislation that was sought.



Deprivation lowers age before first disability

A reminder of how poverty affects, or even determines, average life expectancy, and life expectancy before the first disability, in these plots of the averages for local authority areas against wealth.
Notice how the gap between death and first disability also grows with deprivation.
(An example of how statistics can and should be used, to illuminate and inform.)


Nottingham Pride parade 2014

Taking advantage of the Creative Quarter, this year’s Nottingham Pride paraded through the city centre.

N Post pictures available here.



Faint memory of Ted Heath in the seventies saying class was no longer an issue cos young people all wore jeans.
If getting on is what mattered, then we need to stop people watching BBC tv’s Eastenders.
Whatever, there are real practical and significant problems for our local economies because of material inequality.
Such bland assertions will not do.