Security doesn't just come from drones

When Ed Balls went to the USA for BBC tv, he attended a meeting where the debate was what extra measures you needed to deal with a gunman in a school classroom. For British people, the idea barely crosses our mind cos it’s so very rare and made rarer by further restrictions on gun ownership.

One of Andrew Neil’s 3 main questions against Jeremy Corbyn was would he in a scenario where there were no other ifs and buts have a senior, high risk terrorist taken out by a weapon from a drone.

Maybe we are about to learn that action on prevention and risk analysis is much more important, particularly by focusing on known threats and properly financing security, probation and rehabilitation. (And not just front-line police.)
Maybe we need more focus on conflict resolution.

Maybe we need better government and better journalism.


Planning committee – October 2019

Some surprise during the consideration of a new Bridewell (police centre for detainees, as opposed to prisoners), that public concerns had not been sufficiently addressed in evidence submitted; a point that became clear after ward Councillor Toby Neal’s presentation.
Many of the points to be covered are outside of the remit of Planning law, so the committee resolved to write a letter. Meanwhile, despite some clear evident of thought and consideration, still questions to be answered in terms of landscaping, supporting bees, using green technology, cycling and walking.
N Post report

A car wash in Bulwell has been causing problems for residents and a new permission is to be granted in a manner that allows environmental health officers to check compliance on lower noise levels (using the right water pressures and nozzles).

Rude political graffiti

Thanks to local resident and City Councillor Rebecca Langton who has reported new graffiti – rude political graffiti, an instance of which was. shown by the N Post.
I reported an instance on Meadows Way west on 16th September.
The graffiti is not helpful.
I was surprised to see some Post readers celebrate its anti-Brexit message – followed by an exchange of abuse between Remainers and Leavers – kinda bizarre.

“It’s True, It’s True, It’s True”

Cos “It’s True”.
Go see it.
Go see “It’s True, It’s True, It’s True”.

Hey, Nottingham!
Go see it, Go see it, Go see it.
Go see it cos it compels & startles.

Go see it, cos against those cliched defences against rape charges, actually said, and more, victory.

At Nottingham Playhouse.
Last night – Saturday night.
So much more today – TO BE UPDATED.

Supporting the Hong Kong protestors from Nottingham

Angharad Roberts said “Glad to speak at this morning’s rally for #HongKongProtests in #Nottingham. Moving to hear the speeches and songs of so many young Hong Kong campaigners.”

I spoke to say that Britain and Nottingham have worked to develop partnerships with China, but the treatments of Muslims in China and of protestors in Hong Kong iss setting us back.
Thought the Sino-British Joint Declaration leaflet was particularly clear.

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