Fight in a car park

Two sets of young men have picked a fight in the south-western car park of Bridgeway shopping centre.
Two men were injured, with knife wounds to the neck and to the hand.
[Somewhat of a contrast to posts on social media that said 2 men had been killed.]
The fight took place just before noon on 4th April, out of sight of the obvious cameras covering the shopping centre – no doubt, no coincidence.
The car park was closed for most of the afternoon.
Police have been visiting the area in the search for witnesses.


County House

County House montage Screenshot (26) ab0214h
A grade 1 listed building on High Pavement, opposite Galleries of Justice (prev. Shire Hall), in a disastrous state as for a period, the roof was not keeping the water (nor the pigeons) out.
The latest owner now wants to repair it and renew it – to provide a restaurant, a private members club and some accommodation.
The planning application is currently under public consultation.

A Memorial for the Fallen of WWI

DY5HmXhWkAEfk3xCouncils across Nottinghamshire are coming together to build a memorial carrying all the names of Notts people who died because of WWI in the Memorial Gardens, behind the Memorial on Victoria Embankment.
The memorial will carry 14,000 names.
I was initially sceptical because we have The Memorial built at some significant cost in the twenties so how could anything appropriate be built for £100,000 or so?
But I have been quite impressed with the shortlisted options, especially option 1.
option 1a
Drawing from the shape a drop of water forms when it bounces back out of a pool of water, with the ripples indicating the consequences, and combined with 100 rings of a tree, conveying the sense of time past, which will carry the names of the fallen.
This has the potential to be majestic and a significant attraction.
And for its scope to grow – what might we be able to develop with the shadow it will cast – a kind of sundial to mark the dates of the most significant battles?
A shame that only part of it might be visible from the river, but floods of the River Trent in the past means we know such features can be damaged if it’s not behind the defences.

The others are nice, but mere landscaping compared to the rings.
Whilst the other schemes don’t present the names in a way that they might easily be walked upon, we have recently installed plaques nearby for holders of the Victoria Cross that can be walked upon.
There is a consultation whereby people can write in to say what they think of each option so please write-in.
Finally, I don’t support the re-erection of the stone door frame that had been saved from one of the Trent Bridge school buildings, which served as a hospital in WWI, as a memorial.  Free standing it would not be particularly pretty (especially from the back).  I did ask whether it could have been incorporated in the new Meadows Cricket Pavilion but the suggestion was turned down.

Discussing A Fantastic Woman

A discussion group at the Broadway to celebrate the Oscar win of “A Fantastic Woman” and discuss trans issues raised by the movie and in Nottingham now.
Hearing stuff I was unaware of.
One remark struck me in particular – (something like) – ‘I don’t know whether I want to start taking hormones, and then have surgery; I just know I’m happier when I’m trans.”
Other references to people in Nottingham being trolled, and stories of violence against trans people (particularly in Brazil).

Ward Walk – February 2018

Screenshot (849) ab0587h ward walk compilation w CllrNH
In the south-west of the New Meadows.
Neighbours wanting to smarten the neighbourhood enjoying the Centrelink buses now they stop along Meadows Way (near “ng2”); a pleasant nine-month old dog; and the new housing, including on Bosworth Walk, awaiting snagging works for pavements, fencing and planting.

Meanwhile, uniformed officers dealing with a difficult situation nearby recently, received recognition from the Chief Constable.
Meadows Police awards tweet aa1266h DWuH8l1X4AE2TFE.jpg large

Planning committee – new Nottingham main college

The construction works for the “New Popham Street” site has prompted significant concern about the construction of the college and its operation from representatives of the Narrow Marsh residents, but not its creation.
Points on the development are –
* Residents have lost a playing area (which I know was not allocated as such in any local plan) and a new play area was once promised by a Portfolio Holder when ward members were first consulted; I hope the college, residents and perhaps the Contemporary Gallery can work in partnership to meet some of the needs of residents, especially families with children;
* Assurances given over noise and working hours are adhered to much better that have been for the new road;
* The college has the potential to be a significant attraction for users of the buses (the once hoped for additional tram stop has been lost) and that proper emphasis should be placed on bus stops for existing services that run past the site and for others that might be created or re-directed to serve the site (perhaps on Canal Street).