Electric buses using super-capacitors

By being re-charged in a quick way, and frequently, a new kind of electric bus is running in Nottingham’s twin city of Minsk.
Environmentally friendly cos they are low weight, but challenging to operational use cos they need re-charging so frequently, and can you always know that jams won’t stop them reaching recharging stations in time?
The buses are made in Minsk, although the super-capacitors come from China.


Full council November 2016

Buses & municipal enterprises, “I, Daniel Blake”, Midland Main Line, pharmacies, and garden waste recycling featured.

Buses & municipal enterprises.
A motion condemning clause 21 of the Buses bill, which the council remains concerned might still impact on our ownership of Nottingham City Transport.
And we reminded Nottingham Conservatives that they would have sold NCT off.
Brian Parbutt celebrated the drive within NCT that meant bus travel use grew from 2001 on as the company decided to focus on growing their custom.
Even if Nottingham isn’t affected directly, we’d like the ability of councils to own bus companies elsewhere.  When standing for South Derbyshire, I was disappointed with Arriva.
What’s weird is that with the municipal bus companies showing the way, you’d want to make it against the law.
I, Daniel Blake
I raised the film with a question cos Nottingham people had helped do the research for the movie; and asked about the effectiveness of our social security system.
Graham Chapman declared the system was not fit for purpose.
34,200 in Nottingham seeking Jobseekers Allowance had been sanctioned.  2,000 seeking ESA sanctioned.
Only a small fraction of the decisions upheld after the full process.
Particular concern for people who are mentally ill.
Pharmacies motion.
Concern about a 6% budget cut to pharmacies based in the community.
Midland Main Line.
I wrote a question highlighting the lack of assurance, given over a promise to electrify the line by 2023, when sought in the House of Commons last week.
The Conservatives recycled a question about garden waste not being collected for recycling from November to March inclusive.
The answer remains the same too – previously the 5 months collections only accounted for 18% of the waste at a cost of £70,000 extra per month.
The cut was made in the 2011 budget, and the cuts in government support have increased since – with a £25 million cut expected next year.
Meanwhile, (from memory), Nottingham Conservatives have not moved an amendment to re-instate the service in the 5 budgets since 2011

L9 electric bus service

One of the “L” (for local) bus services subsided by Nottingham City Council, the L9 passes by my home Mapperley estate but it was the first time I’d got to use the electric bus service.
And, yeah it’s quiet.  So quiet you could have a proper phone conversation with your Mum – save everyone else could hear it too.
Operated by Nottingham Community Transport. Reaching the neighbourhoods that can’t support a social service. Takes the Robin Hood Travelcard.  And the bus I caught had a fair patronage.
Just another reason Nottingham is Britain’s best bus city (save London, which ain’t in Britain anymore – you know it ain’t, it really ain’t).

Trip to Northampton

Cos you don’t just travel to see a football match. IMG_4194b0492h Sixfields view of tower
Even so, surprised by the tower; surprised that I’d not noticed it before; surprised that it’s for testing lifts; surprised that it’s a listed building. But the National Lift Tower is handsome.
Had plenty of time to see it whilst walking back, cos a Stagecoach bus had left the Sixfields bus stop half-empty with plenty of football fans leaving the ground wanting to get on.
A reminder too of how much more extensive Nottingham’s bus stop information displays are.
Northampton’s railways station hall is being completely rebuilt, so hard to appreciate.
Leaving Northampton, you realise again just how quiet and smooth electric trains can be; a point often overlooked when we talk about electrifying Nottingham and the Midland Main Line.
Still a pleasure to arrive at Nottingham Midland without having to stop outside the station and wait.
And the station now has a Morrison’s supermarket, nothing that special, but it builds on a nearby Tesco’s and a Sainsbury’s a block away.
IMG_4189b0209h Midland station Morrisons

Lilacs Leopards introduce Joni Mitchell

… but only in the world of BBC 4.
Screenshot (159)d0885h Lilac Leopard tv clip
Dropping off to sleep late Thursday night, and a filmed news report is introduced between “riding through the desert on a horse with no name” and Joni Mitchell’s “big yellow taxi”, no doubt cos of the park & ride’s big parking lots, and the clip is of the lilac leopards.
Lilac Leopards and zone & collar is a reminder of Nottingham radical’s tradition in this area, and although re-worked and modernised, a good deal of zone & collar is in place.