Public Health Emergency – revised government advice

Superseded on 1st June, 2020.

The government has issued new advice on how to behave and you should refer to it if seeking advice on what to do. The advice is –
“You must:  Stay at home as much as possible; Work from home if you can; Limit contact with other people; Keep your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible); Wash your hands regularly; Self-isolate if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.”

A previous web-page I published is now marked as superseded.

You will always use your own judgement on all advice issued.
There may be issues about whether it is safe to return to work. The Government has now said you should talk to your employer first. The law will support you if you believe the workplace to be unsafe: discuss such issues first with managers, and then staff reps (or your trade union), and then with perhaps health & safety agencies, or public health agencies, including the function run by Nottingham City Council – phone 01159155555.
Same applies if your own health, and/or the welfare of friends and family, would be affected by a return to work.
There is advice on how you should travel to work.
There was some unclarity about the new guidance, so I have updated this part of the advice.

My contact details are available and you can phone or text me on 07876203352.  
You can write to me at 

Lilian Greenwood MP continues to reach out to her constituents.  
My trade union, TSSA, continues to represent its members. 
Responses of other service providers – 
Nottingham City Transport
Nottingham Express Transit
Nottingham City Homes

Ten Years since end of ME4SD campaign

Just some of the campaign web-pages and leaflets when I stood to represent South Derbyshire as MP in 2010.

Plenty of contact work.
But it was a slog. The expenses scandal undermined belief in politics to make a difference. Members felt bruised by the top-down direction on delivering change. Some big blunders like the abolition of the 10p tax rate for reasons that were beyond easily explicable. And the public were being asked to pick up a good part of the tab for banking crisis of 2008. Gordon Brown had a problem in Oldham and kinda gave up on the Tuesday before the election. Yet, there had been so much to celebrate.
Oh, and the Conservatives made promises on being pro public services and pro the environment that they didn’t keep.

Victory 20 years ago

The first week of May has prompted Facebook friends to celebrate various anniversaries of local election victories.  
Today is the 20th anniversary of one I am particular fond of, when a late friend came to help me during the day, and towards the end, predicted a win when we’d thought defending a previously unwinnable ward was finally going to catch up with us. 

In. the run-up, I’d gone to a by-election in Derbyshire 3 weeks previously, when my good friend Bill Lythgoe stood but lost. It wasn’t a bad defeat but it reminded me of what extra we’d need to do to win.
He promised to join me in return on my election day.

Alongside Emma Dewinton, we always had lots to say in Mapperley ward, so produced 3 attractive A4 folded lengthwise elections addresses – one for each part of the ward.
Then on election day, my partner Sue ran the biggest polling district committee rooms with the most workers from the GMB office, the late Paul Watts organised Mapperley Park (delivering our majority was the joke for what was perceived to be staunchly Conservative area) and Bill & I worked the east Sherwood part from someone’s empty front room.  
We had expected defeat, but time and again, we met supporters who said they’d gone to vote, and even met a woman at 8pm wandering around to find the polling station. a moment for me when I thought, may be this was on. 

At the city wide count, I got those knowing glances from colleagues that said they knew I was out.  
We held the then 2 member Mapperley ward in the Nottingham City council elections, when Labour lost 10 seats in the city that day.

And Labour, under Tony Blair, lost one-third of the seats we were defending that day (see the letter from the then city leader, Graham Chapman).
Note, the neighbouring Sherwood ward was also held against the odds by Brian Parbutt and Penny Griggs.

Public Health Emergency

Later advice is available.

The Coronoavirus Covid-19 pandemic is the worst since the 1918 influenza pandemic and is happening in a global age.
A worrying time for everyone, cos none of us know of the like.
How do we do the best for our family members and friends, some of whom will be very dependent on others for help?

Follow the government advice.

The advice on what to do is – follow the government advice.
Nottingham City Council’s response and actions are available. You can phone the council on 01159155555.

I am following government advice on social distancing.
Councillors’ Advice Surgeries have been cancelled.
But you can still reach me.
My contact details are available and you can phone or text me on 07876203352.
You can write to me at

Lilian Greenwood MP continues to reach out to her constituents.
My trade union, TSSA, continues to represent its members.
Responses of other service providers –
Nottingham City Transport
Nottingham Express Transit
Nottingham City Homes

If you want to help on COVID-19

Nottingham City Council’s focus is on help the most vulnerable who need access to food and medication and we are awaiting a list from the NHS of people who need our support the most. We will be prioritising support for these people before moving on to identifying and responding to other needs.

If you would like to donate to help those who are vulnerable please donate to the Robin Hood Fund

How can organisations and community groups help?
A spreadsheet has been set up on SharePoint to allow organisations to log their offers of help. Please visit this spreadsheet and fill out the details required or contact NCVS or Nottingham Citizens and ask them to add your organisation to the list:

What should I do if any concerns are raised to me or if I become aware of community tensions?
Please report any community tensions to so that these can be monitored and responded to.

Whilst there is plenty to rehearse and discuss about the Government’s policies and actions, how it has differed from the responses of other countries, and indeed may well be rehearsed elsewhere on this web-site or in my Facebook account,

I will not seek to re-state the Government’s advice.
My advice on what to do is – follow the government advice.

The following web-pages may be useful in following the occurrence and medical impact of Coronavirus Covid-19 –
Office for National Statistics: Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area?
Worldometer: United Kingdom
Information is Beautiful.

Labour win Meadows ward

A 46% share majority, nearly a thousand votes, on a 33% turnout (around 4 points above the city average).
The Conservatives came last.

Celebrated the nature of the win in my speech, but also pointed out how badly the Conservatives had cone across the city, and it was time they spoke up for Nottingham rather than supporting the direction of government money to Surrey.

Eunice, Terry, Jane, Nicola, Sue, myself and Lilian,

Also thanked the many helpers, organised by Terry and Eunice Regan.

25 years service as a Councillor

Seven years as Bridge ward City Councillor; on top of 18 years serving Mapperley Division and ward, that makes 25 years in total.

There should be award, or a medal, or a grand thank you!  Hey, what about an OBE?
Well, not really.  The role is a vocation and we should expect little else beyond proper allowances, pensions and logistical support.

And there’s the experiences and stories to recount!  And I do recount them.  And I notice people getting more and more bored as I tell, them.

Ah, but what about all the casework and achievements!
Again, it’s what’s expected, and it’s kinda hard to say what is it that you have achieved, without the help of anyone else, especially when you have co-Councillors and work with others.

Ronald Reagan once said achieving in politics and using politics to achieve isn’t difficult, the challenge was in making the achievements something that you alone was responsible for.
There are times when a particular outlook and resolve as an individual can make a difference for the good, but even then it draws upon widely held values and others’ capabilities.

Enough.  Let’s focus instead on what there is to do, take pleasure in ward events like today’s, note that I picked up 6 requests today and say thanks to the hundreds of thousands who demonstrated for REMAIN today.

P.S. Original posting showed 1989 photo with Neil Kinnock, rather than the 1993 elections address.

First elected 25 years ago

Photo: Mapperley ward: at the count, including (I think) a future London Borough council leader and a future Professor of Physics.
Proud of the campaigns we ran to take a safe Conservative ward.
Happier then with the depth of political discussion.
NEP county elections results 19930507 composite ad0982h
Congratulations too to Brian Parbutt, Councillor for Sherwood who was elected on the same day. He “became the first ever Labour councillor for Sherwood after turfing out the Tories who had held the seat for most of the previous century. The best period of those 25 years were undoubtedly the ones after the election of the Labour government in 1997 when there was new money, new ideas and a sense we really were working to build a better Britain.”

Ken Livingstone enjoys Nottingham’s trams

I want these trams in central London” – Ken Livingstone.

Ken was impressed with Nottingham’s tram system.

Poor Ken: on the short journey to the railway station, he was also told about –
– Robin Hood Travel: Nottingham’s version of London’s Oyster card;
– the Theatre Royal being an example of municipal ownership;
– Bio-technological research in Nottingham – Ken takes a big interest in this cos he thinks gene technology is going to be needed more and more to tackle conditions and diseases, as the effectiveness of drugs starts to wear off in the future;  (Ken had also picked up on latest concerns about Boots, including the recent double-page piece in The Guardian);
– Nottingham’s radical histreh – where the Luddites and Chartists used to live and the first working-class library in the world);
– Workplace Parking Levy and its contribution to the renewed railway station.

Ken was speaking at the University of Nottingham in an event organised by Five Leaves bookshop.