First elected 25 years ago

Photo: Mapperley ward: at the count, including (I think) a future London Borough council leader and a future Professor of Physics.
Proud of the campaigns we ran to take a safe Conservative ward.
Happier then with the depth of political discussion.
NEP county elections results 19930507 composite ad0982h
Congratulations too to Brian Parbutt, Councillor for Sherwood who was elected on the same day. He “became the first ever Labour councillor for Sherwood after turfing out the Tories who had held the seat for most of the previous century. The best period of those 25 years were undoubtedly the ones after the election of the Labour government in 1997 when there was new money, new ideas and a sense we really were working to build a better Britain.”


Ken Livingstone enjoys Nottingham’s trams

I want these trams in central London” – Ken Livingstone.

Ken was impressed with Nottingham’s tram system.

Poor Ken: on the short journey to the railway station, he was also told about –
– Robin Hood Travel: Nottingham’s version of London’s Oyster card;
– the Theatre Royal being an example of municipal ownership;
– Bio-technological research in Nottingham – Ken takes a big interest in this cos he thinks gene technology is going to be needed more and more to tackle conditions and diseases, as the effectiveness of drugs starts to wear off in the future;  (Ken had also picked up on latest concerns about Boots, including the recent double-page piece in The Guardian);
– Nottingham’s radical histreh – where the Luddites and Chartists used to live and the first working-class library in the world);
– Workplace Parking Levy and its contribution to the renewed railway station.

Ken was speaking at the University of Nottingham in an event organised by Five Leaves bookshop.

Bridge Labour Party newspaper spring 2016

Crime is down; policing in Nottingham needs a different focus; still making improvements in The Meadows.
How Nottingham benefits from Britain’s membership of the European Union.
Crime reduction in Nottingham city; national government directing money away from Nottingham.
Celebrating strong communities in The Meadows;  how to contact your elected representatives.


DSCF8991b0449h declaration
A full day on the third anniversary of signing the declaration to serve as Nottingham city councillor for Bridge ward.
Issues today – cricket pavilion, Victoria Embankment car parking, Meadows regeneration statements, public health, available of junior rugby, Cliff Road, trip hazards, arranging to receive a petition …
Surprise: talking about a planning permission for the west Meadows and being challenged on the matter by one of the canteen workers who lives in the street most directly affected.
Matters raised with me in those 3 years – 1129.
Had hoped to publish a progress report, but it’s been too busy.