Bridge ward monthly report 77

MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v180228 1540 aa1754h

Main focus has been making representations over development planned in the ward, most particular the Broadmarsh bus station & car park and the new college buildings for Narrowmarsh.  Made a special effort to stress the importance of bus services.

Area 8 committee rehearsed the sheer scale of developments now looking to come to Bridge ward, the section 156 works being considered for parks (reflected in an overall parks development statement), and heard the proposal for RINGGO to manage the car parks at Bridgeway shopping centre.   A further step change in managing parking in The Meadows is still planned for July, and aspects of this were rehearsed bat the Meadows Muslim Centre AGM.

New officers elected at the NeMTRA AGM, which was also addressed by Lilian Greenwood MP.

New NCH houses and bungalows were made available, although the ward walk saw quite a bit of tidying up still to do.

New building along Arkwright Walk is on-going, if late, and piling at Blackstone Walk is about to begin.

Nice to see the Watson Fothergill offices repaired.

Tragedy in the USA with a white supremacist killing teenagers in another mass shooting, made worse by clichéd prayers and glib remarks of the ability to kill with a pencil.   Perhaps the new youth protest movement can be the difference.

The Olympics lifted the spirit a bit.      Light Night entertained and new projects from local groups included Nottingham City Centre WI at Barker’s Gate and The Meadows Art Gallery celebrating Queen Victoria; The Council House was lit in purple to celebrate Rotary International’s fundraising to eliminate polio.

The season for the best movies of course (The Shape of Water, Lady Bird, Call Me by Your Name, Phantom Thread), but theatre was at the fore this month for the Lace Market Theatre’s “Flare Path” and Nottingham Playhouse’s “Wonderland”.






Ward Walk – February 2018

Screenshot (849) ab0587h ward walk compilation w CllrNH
In the south-west of the New Meadows.
Neighbours wanting to smarten the neighbourhood enjoying the Centrelink buses now they stop along Meadows Way (near “ng2”); a pleasant nine-month old dog; and the new housing, including on Bosworth Walk, awaiting snagging works for pavements, fencing and planting.

Meanwhile, uniformed officers dealing with a difficult situation nearby recently, received recognition from the Chief Constable.
Meadows Police awards tweet aa1266h DWuH8l1X4AE2TFE.jpg large

Area 8 committee – February 2018

Area 8 received presentations on –
–          proposed RingGo to protect Bridgeway Shopping Centre for shopkeepers, shoppers and residents, against commuters;
–          individual travel planning for the south-east of The Meadows;
–          the new building between Meadows Way that has started, about to start or is under consideration (over 1,000 properties);
–          ideas for the use of  Section 106 money from that building that can be used for school places,  the environment or parks and open spaces that are related to the actual developments.

The committee agreed –
–          support for the NCT no. 11 bus again needed to be pushed;
–          fencing and environment works on streets including nearer to the new bungalows that have been built;
–          to proceed with consultation on the RingGo proposal, mindful of the special needs of shops like the hairdressers;
–          that s106 money should be used to improve the Memorial Gardens;
–          that the list of ideas be agreed, and that we should add consideration of a MUGA for Arkwright Walk, and the restoration of metal railings along the boundary of the bund between London Road and Meadows Way (east) which like the story poles down Queens Walk.
Area 8 s106 ideas ab0732h


Lilian and Toby at NeMTRA

Screenshot (840) NeMTRA AGM LG MP CllrTN ab0384h
Lilian covered –
celebrating votes for women; impact of women MPs; being chair of the Transport Select cttee.; preparing to clean air; the failure of Carillion and noting that the
NHS in Nottingham sacked them; the need fo more council housing; campaigning on gov’t proposals on supported housing (e.g. Carroll Gardens) – gov’t backtracked; new legislation for homes fit for human habitation; wanting more new council homes in The Meadows; that the government could do more; NHS – massive winter pressures; the waits for A&E ambulances: 300 more (check) operations cancelled.  Adult social care needs more support. Instead, the burden on council tax.  Pleased to see money secured for improvements to the Meadows Health Centre.  The new spaces available in local primary schools.
We need more police officers.

Community involvement counts. Casework is key to what she does and the feedback informs.  Meadows Advice Group is invaluable.


Councillor Toby Neal spoke on the cuts to the council’s budget being made by the national government.


Bridge ward monthly report 76

MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v180208 1735 aa1754h

Fire at Midland station.  Hospitals cancelling operations.  Government cuts meaning City Council having to find £27 million to balance the budget for the next financial year.  Rough sleeping and drug dealing growing or to be seen in new locations.  Carillion went into liquidationLots of things to think on.

We’ve had better months.

On local projects – designs are drawn up for tackling commuter parking; a RINGGO system is to be suggested to tackle the excessive commuter parking in Bridgeway Shopping Centre; plans for future s106 money are being developed further and include bidding again for a 3G football pitch and a now a renewed football pavilion; more student flats have been approved and more flats are still being planned; raised levels for 1 in 100 flood events rule out bungalows for the Clifton Miners Welfare site.

Radio Nottingham reached its 50th birthday.
Good films in the run-up to the Oscar awards – Molly’s Game, Billboards, The Post and Darkest Hour.
Salop had the chance to entertain the whole country and failed.

Sad to hear of the deaths of Cyrille Regis and Mark E Smith.

Lessons learnt rehearsed at the Holocaust Memorial Service.


Full Council – January 2018

Celebrating Robin Hood Energy going into surplus this financial year; reviewing impact of Carillion going into liquidation; reviewing concern over local hospitals going into “opal 4” status; asking gov’t to do more about homelessness; objecting to the re-warding of Nottingham that includes dividing The Meadows.

See a statement on outsourcing by Cllr. Graham Chapman in the comments section.


Very stable geniuses

Been prompted to think what makes a good after-dinner speech and directed by a search engine to read an article by Gyles Brandreth.
Bullet points –

1. Know your audience
2. Entertain your audience, not yourself
3. Stay sober
4. Speak before 11pm
5. Don’t be lumbered with a set text
6. Don’t get rattled
7. Don’t out stay your welcome

In the last 8 months, I have learnt not to read speeches, but setting out to be funny, knowing what will make people laugh ain’t a strength I have.

Pride in your home city / town ought to be a sure-fire winner for a home audience, but point 1 applies, cos knocking a “rival” city ain’t the way if people from that city are there.  And of course, in the Nottingham & Derby scenario, we’re trying hard to develop a new partnership.  Cos really, if taking on Derby is the limit of your ambition, there’s a lot of the world you’re missing out on.

Equally, knocking your home city / town can be a winner if you still live there.  Scottish emigrants to Israel once took exception to a Billy Connelly speech to which he replied “C’mn, I love Scotland so much, I actually live there”. (35+ years on, I still remember that.)

Less struck by the idea of knocking neighbourhoods; especially if with some kind of genius, you’ve moved on and left them behind.  Maybe those who’ve aspired for them since haven’t achieved enough – maybe we should take some stick.  But I’m not keen on looking down on people, even fellow guests.

Though I thought the remark against right-wing protesters of “very stable geniuses” by Sadiq Khan was a peach of a put-down, even if I think the idea of trying to stop him speaking cos he’d opposed a Trump visit was quite witty.