People’s Vote stall – June 2019

Supporting a People’s Vote alongside Cllr. Angharad Roberts.

As I now understand it, Labour is now committed to a People’s Vote with a meaningful opinion for people who support Remain.
In terms of having a referendum, it’s a step forward.
And a referendum is needed cos a vote was taken, but people voting leave were sold it on the basis of there being a deal. But the deal negotiated by the Gov’t with the EU is not popular, in part cos of the UK border that will required in Ireland.
No Deal, or a WTO arrangement, does not have a mandate.
So we need a vote, and we need a process to work out how to deal. with a 3 options ballot.

– all the Conservative leadership candidates (except one) talked about achieving Brexit by October 31st – just doesn’t seem feasible;
– Labour’s commitment to People’s Vote is welcome, but our rating in the polls will improve if we commit to Remain, as most of our members and supporters and voters want, including the working-class ones;
– a documentary on Winston Churchill reminded me that he claimed to be “proud to be a European”.


Anti Trump demo – June 2019

Some great banners and posters, including from Extreme rebellion and campaigners for Trans. rights

Joined in at the end.

Asked people to reflect on Trump’s reaction to the demos at Charlottesville, and how he said he wouldn’t choose, and how we say we can choose, and that we choose the anti-racists, and that we remember Heather Heyer.
Reflecting on other things about life in America –
– that they are over-dependent on oil;
– that some of the states are starting to take bad decisions about banning abortion;
– the latest campaign against Trans people, and that the far-right in America seem to want the state so small that it can fit into our bedrooms;
– that parents have to think through scenarios concerning shooters in their children’s school and classroom.
We in Britain can take some comfort in being in a better place.
But we do face a far-right challenge the form of Brexit and the Brexit Party, who may well have won in parts of Nottingham.
That support comes from communities where the confidence they used to have in getting a job with a living wage, fair terms and conditions, and a home has been lost; that on top of a quality education and a free health service.
We need the Labour movement to re-gain these.
And we face new challenges such as caring for the larger numbers of older people, and in tackling climate change, for which we can acknowledge the recent contribution of Extreme Rebellion.