Supporting the Hong Kong protestors from Nottingham

Angharad Roberts said “Glad to speak at this morning’s rally for #HongKongProtests in #Nottingham. Moving to hear the speeches and songs of so many young Hong Kong campaigners.”

I spoke to say that Britain and Nottingham have worked to develop partnerships with China, but the treatments of Muslims in China and of protestors in Hong Kong iss setting us back.
Thought the Sino-British Joint Declaration leaflet was particularly clear.

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UCU Nottingham College strike rally

Attended the rally; then expressed frustration about the problems UCU Nottingham College staff have faced and are now facing, expressing support from Nottingham Labour’s councillors and mentioning former FE teacher Cllr Sally Longford in particular.
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Earth Strike in Nottingham

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Pleased to explain how Nottingham has met environmental challenges in the past and has set itself a challenging one for the future – carbon neutrality by 2028.

Positive coverage everywhere, including BBC East Midlands Today.
Kinda unusual.
Nice to be part of something that what protested about across the planet.

But a bit too much to expect many kids to attend.
We’ve spent years drilling into schools that they must ensure children attend and that they are responsible for child safety.  
And notable that there were a few parents around.

Anti Prorogation rally and march

Two thousand people took part in this protest against the prorogation of Parliament.
Outstanding speech by Cllr. Angharad Roberts.
Some great wit and colour.
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A march followed.
Then another rally, at which Vernon Coaker MP spoke.
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People’s Vote stall – June 2019

Supporting a People’s Vote alongside Cllr. Angharad Roberts.

As I now understand it, Labour is now committed to a People’s Vote with a meaningful opinion for people who support Remain.
In terms of having a referendum, it’s a step forward.
And a referendum is needed cos a vote was taken, but people voting leave were sold it on the basis of there being a deal. But the deal negotiated by the Gov’t with the EU is not popular, in part cos of the UK border that will required in Ireland.
No Deal, or a WTO arrangement, does not have a mandate.
So we need a vote, and we need a process to work out how to deal. with a 3 options ballot.

– all the Conservative leadership candidates (except one) talked about achieving Brexit by October 31st – just doesn’t seem feasible;
– Labour’s commitment to People’s Vote is welcome, but our rating in the polls will improve if we commit to Remain, as most of our members and supporters and voters want, including the working-class ones;
– a documentary on Winston Churchill reminded me that he claimed to be “proud to be a European”.