Nottingham Panthers’ European Trophy win celebrated by city

A civic reception for winning the Continental Cup and fans were still waiting outside to have their shirts signed.  16463746_10154324701161305_6857016764540500646_o
Before the reception, the team was introduced to a crowd of 500 or so supporters.
img_5627nc1215hPhotos available on Facebook.

Councillor Graham Chapman explained that the council built the Ice Arena cos –
1. they wanted a good place for young people and skaters to enjoy the sports;
2. they wanted a proper arena for bigger events;
3. they wanted to give the Panthers the chance to grow. 


Nottingham against Trump’s anti-Muslim policies


… and UK complicity.
700 and more protesters meeting after only 24 hours notice.
16 Nottingham Labour City Councillors attended.
Photos available via Facebook.

“Solidarity to all of you here tonight and all of those protesting around the world, who are standing against this abuse of the office of the executive by Donald Trump. 
“The world stands in a perilous place.
“Disunity, fear and misunderstanding runs rampant, but by being here I think each and everyone of you is taking a stand to say not only is this not the world we believe in, but we can all be better, we can by taking these first steps transform the world into a better place for all of us.
“I’m not surprised to see this attitude and belief in liberty, equality and a better world being reflected here in Nottingham. A city of refuge, of diversity, of people working together to make their communities a better place.
“If Theresa May doesn’t do the right thing and postpone a state visit of this president I hope they will bring him to places like Nottingham, like Leicester, like Bradford, Manchester and Liverpool so he can see what happens when communities, cultures and people come together and refuse to be ruled by hatred and fear.
“Nottingham, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and tonight this city has taken that step to resist this new brand of hatred and fear.”
– Nathan Oswin, Bridge ward resident, one of the speakers.

Full council – January 2017

A lot of issues discussed. In summary –
– European victory of Nottingham Panthers celebrated;
– progress of Robin Hood Energy celebrated;
consultation on the council’s selective private landlord licensing scheme started on this very day and our intent to boost the quality of homes re-stated;
progress on breastfeeding in Nottingham – higher than many areas – celebrated (see Dave Mellen speaking);
cuts to schools – the first cuts in cash since the mid-nineties – was highlighted;
– the CBI’s celebration of Nottingham’s economic outlook was celebrated;
– the need for more grade A office space in Nottingham, and near the railway station, was rehearsed;
– the serious matter of NUH hospitals issuing black alerts on A&E admissions was rehearsed;  the Conservative government are adding a 3% surplus to this year’s council tax increase to provide extra social care;
– an independent update to Councillors’ allowances was accepted;
– a declaration on alcohol use and abuse was adopted; the Conservatives argued against – on trade and business grounds;  but aspects of the argument were strange – a derision of “Jeremy Corbyn and Nottingham Labour’s fixation with Marxism and Leninism” (yep, those Labour Councillors, many of who voted for Owen Smith, and even Liz Kendall the year before); a pejorative use of the word “do-gooder”, something even Margaret Thatcher withdrew when asked “didn’t she want people to do good?”;
– a motion to support a network of Super Kitchens aimed at making meals from food supermarkets would otherwise chuck, in a social setting; one of their vans was in the Old Market Square afterwards to celebrate the initiative and show the kind of meals provided.
A full meeting, but the tone of the Conservatives was again off.