Bridge ward monthly report 61

Good news often associated with leisure, culture and tourism events, especially in this month of festivals: Victoria Embankment Memorial Gardens tree trail, Diwali in The Meadows, the virtual cave tour, Notts County Football in the Community Day, new exhibition at The Contemporary, a play from the miners’ strike era, the new Nottingham Trail, and especially Goose Fair.
A bit of history too with the 250th anniverary of the cheese riots – reconstruction and monologue video.

But challenges continue as before.

1750 issues logged for chasing since being elected as a Bridge ward Councillor, just over 5 years ago.
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Michael Moore in TrumpLand

la-et-mn-michael-moore-trumpland-hillary-clinton-election-movie-watch-20161019-snapHis latest film, and his main attempt to persuade American voters before the Presidential election, was broadcast by Britain’s Channel 4 last night.
Distinguished by someone giving themselves the time (in this case over an hour) to explore and explain the hatred targetted at Hillary Clinton which would be not targetted against a man.
Michael Moore in Trumpland” is worth the time and makes points not covered by the mainstream media exchanges.

Adam Hills’ Clown Heart show


Well, Andrea, a graduate in environmental sciences certainly knew what this gig was about.  The night before halowe’en, but the only member of the audience to turn up in fancy dress – albeit as “Eyeore”.
And it was her 21st Birthday and she was spending it alone; rather it was her birthday 2 days before.
Great fun was had with Andrea, and the discovery of an audience member whose laugh was higher and squeakier than a mouse’s.
The first part of a show that was mainly audience particpation and the second half largely scripted to discuss dealing with disability and with cancer.
The second half was therefore harder work than you might expect on a comedy night out.  And the improvisation suffered from a comedy alphabet of courting activities being reduced by the participating audience to a tour of Roger Mellie’s profanities.
In all, not as topical as might have been expected.
But it’s clear the audience, and the reviewer from the N Post, had a good time.

The Entertainer with Kenneth Branagh

A general knowledge quiz of Britain in the fifties asks, alongside the weather, what did the British care most about?  Answer: class.
I wonder if the cares today are celebrity; celebrity and “them” – those behind the forces that are doing us down and you can’t do anything about it and you can’t trust anybody to do anything about it.  (I’m guessing.)
5-the-entertainer-kenneth-branaghThe quiz was broadcast during the interval of “The Entertainer“, staged at The Garrick, London, and shown in many cinemas including Nottingham’s Broadway.
John Osborne’s 1957 play used the tiredness of Music Hall and the Suez Crisis in 1956, and the emptiness of a soulless music hall star to illustrate the end of the British Empire.
Reviewers hint at the reference to racial prejudice shown in the play being relevant again post-Brexit, but we’ve changed a lot, demonstrated by other themes in the play – the repeated references to how you had to pay for your healthcare and the second wife’s wails of her struggles for a basic level of social standing – which are very different from today’s concerns.
The horrible side of celebrity has been explored in recent TV drama series (BBC tv’s “Line of Duty” series 3 and Channel 4’s “National Treasure”); maybe our Suez Crisis is the fallout from the second invasion of Iraq, but I wonder if the parallel of the fall of the Empire then will be the break-up of Britain now – the all-powerful London & the South-East now, the loss of Scotland in the future.

Reviews of the play have been hard (e.g. The Guardian, The Observer) , despite the praise for Kenneth Branagh.
Nostagia too for Laurence Oliver’s potrayal of the lead character.

Bridgeway Shopping Centre metalwork removed

More open now the metal structures have been removed.
IMG_0050ma0560h BSC signs and metalwork montageThe metalwork celebrated the railway arches than ran over the site of the current shopping centre.
They were gonna cost more to sand-blast and re-paint than remove; we took repeated soundings with the shops and they supported the move.
The planned removal has been in my reports for a little while now and was rehearsed at tenants and residents’ meetings.

Meadows Partnership Trust AGM 2016


A very difficult year for Meadow Partnership Trust, but they’re working at it and their AGM was very well attended (50-60).
Marcellus Baz talked about his boxing school, how boxing was a way out for him from troubles when he was young and the international interest he’s been receiving for his work.
As for MPT, they have a new role in supporting the voluntary sector across Area 8 (The Meadows, Clifton, Wilford and Ruddington Lane) so are looking to change their name and articles to reflect the wider range.  It’s a disappointment, but the cuts are hitting and MPT are fighting to keep something going.