Honours reflect well on The Meadows

Last time I reacted to the New Year’s Honours List, I sent a quote from Chamberlain (from Birmingham) to Dennis Pettitt (from Birmingham) when he was awarded a knighthood.
My favourte line on this is how all the Notts Conservative Agents for MPs who lost in 1997 got OBEs, and all of those who served the Labour MPs declined them in 2010.
Three of this year’s honours reflect on The Meadows.
Carol Norman – heateacher of Welbeck School;
Le-Roy Edwards – who has run an education, training and employment centre in Wilford Grove;
Marcellus Baz – who runs a youth boxing club from Portland Centre, and previously from QWCC.

Lilian launches Nottingham’s new electric bus fleet


A new fleet to support new services, including the new park & ride link to the 2 city centre shopping centres, starting in January.
Celebrated by winning posters from 10 pupils at Welbeck primary school, who have each had a bus named after them!
Fuller write-up by Nottingham Post available.
Some more photos available in Facebook.

If it seems smooth today, it’s because of the conviction and steel shown by those from the ’70s, who are most defibned by their belief in local public ownership. Cos –
The controversy was in the mid-seventies – when radical policies were first introduced – e.g. Bus lanes and zone and collar;
The controversy was in the mid-80’s when the City District rates wre doubled to provide free travel on buses for the elderly; (a national first);
The controversy was in the 90’s, using reserves to put Bulwell and Mansfield back on the railway map;
The controversy was pushing for a tram to serve the busiest bus corridor in the city;
The controversy was creating a clear zone in the city centre and re-organising the NCT buses (unchanged for decades), and more bus lanes;
The controversy was introducing a congestion charge so that commuter in cars paid for improvements to public transport, not the people who live in the city and suffered the commuting;
The controversy was expanding the tram system in the last few years when people projected an increase in deaths and injuries.
What seems like seemless now is cos of the values, vision and struggle from those of our recent and not quite so recent past.
Some of the names may surprise you – Frank Higgns, Betty Higgins, Terry Butler, John Taylor, Brian Parbutt, and there will be others.

Eco week at Welbeck Primary School

IMG_8971ab0434h welbeck MME helpers ruth
A week of events when the school looked at how the school creates, uses and even wastes energy.
The pledges at the end – to switch lights off when not needed, to turn off taps and to switch off computers not being used – and to tell everyone at home.
kusoCartoon_14470227611603_3 b
Three year ones helped me read out the school pledges at the end.
And another year one took 50 or more photos for me.
Assembly were able to name three measures the council had taken to help the environment in The Meadows – the tram, new & warmer homes (insulation) and solar panels.

Official Opening of Welbeck School extension

A good day.
20130117-044315 PM.jpg
Cllr. Leon Unczur listens to nursery and reception year children singing to celebrate the official opening of the school.
20130117-044336 PM.jpg
The Lord Mayor with his escort Adele, and Ms Carol Norman, the Headteacher of Welbeck school.20130117-044358 PM.jpg20130117-044423 PM.jpg
Children listening to a story about a giraffe that couldn’t dance. Leon finding the ribbon wouldn’t cut.
See Nottingham Post article here.

20130204-121422 AM.jpg
See school’s official web-site here.

Christmas at Welbeck School

20121210-045806 PM.jpg
Lilian Greenwood MP for Nottingham South visited Welbeck School in the Meadows today to reward one of the pupils who submitted an award winning design for one of the year 1 pupils and to issue a certificate to 3 others.

Welbeck school is recognised as doing very well by Ofsted.

The chance was taken to visit the new extension to the school that was opened in November. With a high roof and special tables, it’s a great facility for the youngest of the school’s children.

20121210-045827 PM.jpg

20121210-050129 PM.jpg

20121210-050151 PM.jpg

20121210-050224 PM.jpg

20121210-050256 PM.jpg

20121210-050307 PM.jpg

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