Meadows surprise on safest places in Nottingham

And it is a surprise cos I’d been raising all kind of alarms at the Police Panel.
The Nottingham Post have drawn claims from a survey, but omitted to include the figures for The Meadows.
With a history of ‘drug dealing’ and ‘gang syndicates’, The Meadows has seen dramatic reductions in crime and is now one of the safest places to live in the city.

The drug dealing had been blatant, a phone box (now removed) had become a focus to the trade and there was spate of stabbings between what appeared to be the dealings.
The stabbings have stopped since June – after the public meeting we’d called – and it has felt better.
But we are still concerned about the health and welfare of people on the street.


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Labour retain control of Nottingham City Council

Nottingham Post cover page photo capturing the moment Labour won Park ward, that had seemed designed so that Labour couldn’t win it.

Labour won 50 seats.
Nottingham City Council has published the list of 2019-2023 councillors.
The new Castle ward was unpredictable. The safe Conservative Wollaton West ward was all Labour this time, and resoundingly so.
The Conservatives therefore only returned 2 Councillors from the Clifton West ward which seemed designed for them.
But losing the Clifton Estate for the first time in its history will trouble us.

Most of the new Labour Group; the Meadows contingent were mainly ill and had to go home early; I’d worn myself out taking photos and combined with the after effects of a cold, was way too miserable. La de da.

20 of the new Labour Councillors are new.

27 are the 50 Labour Councillors are women, the first time women have been in the majority.
The council has a majority too, with one woman councillor from the Independents.

Labour win Meadows ward

A 46% share majority, nearly a thousand votes, on a 33% turnout (around 4 points above the city average).
The Conservatives came last.

Celebrated the nature of the win in my speech, but also pointed out how badly the Conservatives had cone across the city, and it was time they spoke up for Nottingham rather than supporting the direction of government money to Surrey.

Eunice, Terry, Jane, Nicola, Sue, myself and Lilian,

Also thanked the many helpers, organised by Terry and Eunice Regan.