Tories re-run old poll tax argument

20130131-123404 AM.jpgAnd still they argue that people have to pay to value a service, seemingly forgetting that that’s not the argument if you treasure the NHS. By requiring poor people to contribute towards Council Tax, and saying only paying means you value the services provided, they risk a repeat of the injustice and disruption of the Poll Tax.
Note however, that they have chosen not to apply that idea to older people.
This was covered by BBC Newsnight tonight, who exemplified the story wih Nottingham’s figures – see below..

20130131-123318 AM.jpg

20130131-123327 AM.jpg

20130131-123340 AM.jpg
Eric Pickles has condemned such coverage by Newsnight and regional tv stations, saying
Labour councils protesting against the cuts have “a backing group of gullible and unquestioning BBC regional reporting”.