new ‘Nottingham Energy Tariff’

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Nottingham City Councillor Alan Clark reports that –
On Friday 8th March, he’ll be launching the new ‘Nottingham Energy Tariff’, a new web-based tool that will help residents easily switch their gas and electricity suppliers.
The “Tariff” aims to help by searching all the available tariffs online and produces a result that is tailored to an individuals specific needs – based upon their existing energy usage, address, time they have been signed up by their current providers and whether or not they have pre-payment meters or smart meters.
The City Council has teamed up with Energylinx and Nottingham Energy Partnership to deliver this and Energylinx state that changing both gas and electricity suppliers will, on average, save households £200 per year. Alan believes that this represents the quickest and best way for residents to make their energy more affordable and get a deal most suited to their own requirements.
Evidence suggests that 60% of people have never switched suppliers. It’ll be easy to switch and you can either:

    Do it on-line at
    Do it on by phone by calling free (from a landline) on 0800 310 2333.
    Or by attending one of our switching events, for example – Meadows Library, Wednesday March 13, 2pm – 6pm

And, if you prefer, you can also get a trained person to visit you at home, equipped with a laptop, to personally provide advice and switch. To make an appointment, residents should call 0300 688 0808