Planning committee January 2016

20160120ab0301h CGI proposed Eastcroft incinerator with third line
Planning committee considered a renewed application for the expansion of the Eastcroft incinerator.
The application was agreed.
I took no part, in the main cos I’ve explained the case for the incinerator with activists at previous Green Festivals so often, that I doubted that assurances of having an “open mind” when considering the application would cut any ice.
Incineration (with heat taken as steam to turbines and district heating schemes, metal being taken for further processing and ash for landfill) ranks higher than landfill on the re-use, recycle waste pyramid.

20160120ha0448h 90_VS_LL_003 New Cedars facilities
The other application for new care facilities at the Cedars hospital site in Sherwood was very interesting for the curves lines in one of the new main buildings.
Justified, because creating a beautiful place is part of helping people get well.
Striking colours in the wood pulp tile finish.

Lilian visits London Road Heat Station

Lilian Greenwood MP visited London Road Heat Station this morning to learn about the plant that takes steam from the waste incinerator to drive turbines to generate electricity and then mixes the exhaust steam with existing hot water to feed a district heating system serving businesses in the city centre and 5,000 homes.

20130628-024815 PM.jpg
In the control room.
20130628-024823 PM.jpg

20130628-024833 PM.jpg

20130628-024840 PM.jpg 20130628-024845 PM.jpg 20130628-024851 PM.jpg 20130628-024858 PM.jpg
Plant components in gold, green, red and taupe.