Some pubs and restaurants re-open

Hockley and the Lace Market at around 6:30pm.

Only obvious problem looking from outside was the lack of social distancing whilst queuing for Wetherspoons.
Not all the pubs and not all the restaurants are open.
Do want the opening of places of entertainment to succeed.  

No idea what the impact on public health will be.
Some predictions of new surges in this first wave have arguably not come to pass (e.g. V.E. Day, mass transport in trains to and around London, the Bournemouth seaside throng), but I don’t know.
Nor do we know what has triggered a surge in Leicester.

So much green investment needed

A £5 billion investment programme announced by Conservatives in Government to help the economy grow out of the public health emergency recession might only be enough to fill half the potholes in Britain.
Oh dear! More new roads – just as we should realise that the degree of commuting we came to accept was no longer needed.
Oh dear! A jet-zero aircraft – electric powered airplanes for regional flights – just as we find that Rolls-Royce and others have ditched a recent initiative (“a Rolls-Royce-Airbus collaboration called the E-Fan X, was quietly canned during lockdown“).

A special part of the river Severn, just upsteam of Ironbridge – _we love this place Oh God.; merged with a sewage treatment plant in Notts.
Read the Guardian analysis here

We should be investing in a greener future.
Reduce the amount of clean water lost through broken pipes.
More overflow tanks to capture excess waste water that is instead being allowed to flow into rivers during the more frequent periods of heavy rain.
More anaerobic digestions plants to convert sewage and other waste found in drain water into gas and compost.

Read the Guardian analysis here

The Guardian has reported on just how much waste is being dumped by the water companies into our rivers. In Shropshire, Severn Trent have just been prosecuted for allowing waste water to be tipped into a river (fine £800k).
These incidents are happening more frequently because of the extremes in our climate changed weather systems but there is insufficient political concern and clout to drive green investment that would retain more cleaned water, reduce toxins getting into our rivers and provide gas & compost from waste.

Wider testing for Covid-19 shows much higher numbers

(c) Financial Times

“Until today, only Pillar 1 figures have been published at a local level.”
In the week running up to 21 June, 35 people in Nottingham have tested positive for Covid-19, not 3.
We only know, cos what has triggered the lockdown in Leicester has prompted the results of tests from drive-in testing and and tests taken by people at home and returned in the post has been published.

Guardian graphic. Source: Public Health England. Weekly rate of coronavirus cases per 100,000 population, tested under both Pillar 1 and 2, for week ending 21 June

And you just want to scream!
After all the foul-ups we’ve suffered in Britain, we now find out about the concept of Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 testing, and that we were only being given the results for Pillar 1.
We laughed when Donald Trump said the only reason the virus has grown is cos of the higher number of tests, but it appears the Conservatives in Government had drawn the same conclusion, and kept the results secret.

What now appears to be the vectors are young people carrying the virus, and workers in factories / enclosed spaces. And it is the scale of factory working that is so different in Leicester from Nottingham. For our 35 cases, Leicester has suffered 497 (rather than the published 33).

Now is this a second wave? I think not, cos I thought a second wave is associated with a mutation in the virus, such as happened with the 1918 influenza, which affected different people in. a different way.
Is what’s happening in the United States the second wave? The Mayor of New York has said No – this is not getting on top of the first wave in the first place.

Nottingham City Local Outbreak Control Plan

On Monday, Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council published a report on how they will manage a local lockdown if one is required.

This can be a tad frightening.
So can news that a new type of influenza is being spread amongst pigs. We have yet to hear though that it has spread to humans and we don’t know how dangerous it will be if and when it does. Point being is that this development of a virus amongst pigs is something we’ve been living with for some significant time – the spread of a Coronavirus has been different.

On face mask wearing, a consensus has developed – what covering your mouth and nose does most is to mitigate against coughs and sneezes spreading the disease. Wearing a mask on public transport is a way of showing people that you care for their welfare as well as your own – not a denial of your rights of free movement.

There is more suggestions that the disease spreads when people are attending events in larger numbers. An example of this would be people going to mosques, temples, synagogues and churches. However, this would not explain recent growths in the number of cases, cos place of worship in Britain have been closed.

We wait to see the fall-out of the 500,000 (check) people who visited Bournemouth on the hot Saturday. Despite the long-distance photos suggesting otherwise, what I saw was people on the beach staying apart in their own bubbles; what seemed most unmanageable was staying apart in. shops etc. and common facilities such as toilets. For all that, “British common sense” should have told people t was dangerous – instead the government had to close the beaches down and it was bizarre to see the Prime Minister having to tell people to obey the public safety advice that his own key advisor had ignored and he had covered for. Indeed Johnson had been “so flippant the previous week in urging MPs of seaside towns to ‘show some guts'”.

Nor did Johnson act quickly on Leicester. Notable, that one Leicester man responded to the new lockdown by organising a pub crawl of Nottingham using Twitter booking 2 coaches in response to demand. The man has since cancelled the bookings, organising a mini-bus instead, saying he might have gone a bot over the top.

All of which is casting fresh doubt on relaxing the lockdown, and the emphasis being given to schools re-opening in September today – not wrong so much, as not the real story.

Meadows ward monthly report 14

A further full month of a degree of lockdown. Everything else remains reduced in significance by the public health emergency.  Possibly a week now in Nottingham since a new case of Covid-19 and getting towards a further relaxation of the lock down on July 4th, but there are concerns over an outbreak in Leicester and growing cases in the USA – not a second wave, but still dealing with seeing the first wave.

Nationally, more British people have died whilst having contracted Covid-19 than died in The Blitz (1940-41); 4 from The Meadows and the city centre.

Mantra still is follow the revised government advice, which local people have been pretty good about. Some exceptions – notably the prolonged barbecue party on Victoria Embankment.

Arkwright Park, Mundella Park and The Green “have been given a a nice grass cut, bins emptied, de-weeded ready for the parks to be reopened.” – Meadows Public Realm tweet.

Further to progress reports published at the end of May and the middle of June, can say – 
– congratulations to Greenfields on their Ofsted report;
– have explored plans for 319 flats off Crocus Street; and are exploring new plans for 522 students to live off Traffic Street and to convert Crocus Mill into apartments;
– possible improvements to open space across the ward;
– The Greener Meadows bid hears news soon from the Lottery fund;
– new temporary measures to improve walking and cycling;

Major problems of the city are now the finances – the city council has been sold short by the Gov’t over promises to stand shoulder to shoulder with us – and Broadmarsh now that joint owners Intu have gone into administration. Collin Street is still to be closed to traffic in August, but we must defend the value of the priority bus routes serving destinations south of the city centre including The Meadows.

134 cases logged since 3rd May, 2019, from around 56 new clients, collected from phone calls, e-mails, Facebook posts etc.  

Culture and events – 
Films on TV: The Program;
TV: The Salisbury Poisonings.
And the new pastime – following the fortunes of wildfowl families as they are hatched and grow up.  

Salop finished 15th in the third tier.

Oh, and Lionel Richie is coming to The Meadows in June 2021.

Travellers pitch up near Victoria Embankment

Pleased that a resident took the trouble to tell the City Council, cos then the necessary visits, discussions and actions can be taken.
The travellers left late on Sunday evening.

From Nottingham Post article

I know it’s typical practice, but the use of pen names without proper name and street address as was once commonly expected of letter writers on the Nottingham Post web-site leads to provocation and lack of enlightenment.

Trump has endorsed concentration camps in China

Outrage mounts over report Russia offered bounties to Afghanistan militants for killing US soldiers

In just how many ways must the traditional American conservative now be disappointed by Trump!  
This latest – 
– refusing to stand up to Putin over allegations of awarding bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan:
and then, according to Bolton – 
– encouraging Xi and China when building concentration camps for religious minorities; endorsing concentration camps; 
– driving for regime change in Venezuela “it’s part of the United States”, but then not seeing it through (persuaded by Putin to re-think);
– wrecking the nuclear deal with Iran negotiated by Obama without replacing it with something stronger – he had no plan;
– not making North Korea give up its new nuclear weapons (he had no plan), when its leader was in a weak position;
– prepared to do deals with Ukraine and China (buying food from the mid-west) to help him win against Clinton and Biden (rather than addressing structural problems with the trade, and causing huge global trade issues);
and beyond the political, against according to Bolton –
– not knowing Finland was not part of Russia;
– not knowing the United Kingdom is a nuclear power. 


Greenfields Community School is a special place

From an Ofsted report following an inspection on the 3rd and 4th of March –

“Many pupils and staff told us how proud they feel of the school. They call Greenfields ‘a special place’. Staff encourage pupils to develop their talents and interests. For example, all pupils in Year 4 learn to play the clarinet. Others enjoy being part of the school band or the ‘mini-police’.
“Pupils often go outside to learn about nature. They grow a lot of produce in the school garden and view wildlife at close quarters. The outdoor spaces are very well developed. This has been recognised through winning the Nottingham in Bloom and East Midlands in Bloom ‘best school grounds’ awards.
“Pupils behave well around school. Pupils told us that they understand what is meant by bullying. They say staff listen and help if they have any worries. Some pupils do not attend school as regularly as they should.
“In lessons, pupils pay attention because they want to do well. We saw pupils of all ages cooperating well when we visited lessons in a range of subjects. They respond well to teachers’ expectations because relationships are warm and supportive. Pupils achieve well in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of Year 6.”