AMCG Tapestry and visit from South Korea

IMG_7758mb1833h AMCG South Korea delegateion and new tapestry

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Mel Read’s plastic bags football XI’s review of England beating Tunisia

Mel Read’s plastic bags football XI are back.
And they say –
“We were so critical of Harry Kane 2 years ago.  But used in the box at set-pieces today, he scored twice; the first simple enough; the second was top-class, as he used the time waiting for the ball to sell the keeper a dummy – a top-class finish for the second.
“England’s shots at goal from free-kicks were woeful; but the corner kicks have been worked on, generated 2 goals, and with a bit of luck might have generated a penalty kick.
“Beyond obvious criticisms of Lingard (missing sitters and even prompting Rashford to step-over a goal chance only for him to be tackled), England were reported as stale for much of the second-half – ‘bemusement when facing sides who are sitting back’ – Henderson’s defence minded saw build-up play reversed and slowed down.  Despite what others say, Dier should be tried for the Panama game.
“Also to be improved is the control and passing of Henderson and the back 3 (often passing behind each other), which was less than effective even during what is said to be England’s best patch.
“Man of the Match – Trippier.”
Biggest criticism is reserved for the BBC commentary team
“Twenty minutes in, they were crowing about England’s start being the best of any team.  Approaching half-time, after the Tunisian goal, they were crass enough and arrogant enough to believe they’d changed the course of the match.  Relentless wailing for most of the second half without really explaining development, with plenty of panic stirred in.”

Conservation Area suggestion for the Old Meadows

OMTRA and community activists are exploring the idea of a conservation of the Old Meadows with City Council officers.

Objectives might include –
– celebrate and protect the older brick faced houses, and their fixings;
– protect the rooves;
– protect the Bulwell stone front walls;
– offer more protection against poor quality rear / lean-to extensions.
Next stage is to write a first bid up and consult with local residents, perhaps in October.

Mel Read’s plastic bags football XI’s assessment of England

Mel Read’s plastic bags football XI are back.
And they say –
“Nobody can hype England anymore; they’re reduced to ridiculously early wishes for good luck.  And the one firm outcome from 2014 – “that England used young players this time sets us up well for the future” – is somewhat destroyed by only 4 (check) members of the last 23 playing squad making it this time.
(On the other hand, 7 of the starting line-up may well have started against Iceland in 2016.)
“The history is straight forward.  An unerring trait of fielding teams whose players who let the ball bounce off them.  A bemusement when facing sides who are sitting back.  Leading to generally not winning the first game in any tournament.  And if we do get going, losing on penalties or goalkeeper mistakes.
“One trait – struggling to qualify to get to tournaments – has got better since 2008.
“A BBCtv documentary on the England Manager job – “The Impossible Job” – promulgated the idea that the press are to blame, and whilst we hate the football press, we would remind people that tv pundits carry some responsibility, and would venture the England team’s repeated inability to tackle the obvious challenges, matched with sometimes not having the players (e.g. lack of the best centre-halves in 2010).
The main fear this time is that our players are generally not good enough, combined with them being young.
“Still there is an appreciation of Gareth Southgate’s team, of a better focus on possession and of the favoured formation; (changed from that depicted in 2016 by us).
“Matched by an expectation that England can’t get past Brazil or Germany in the quarter-final.”

The Plastic Bags predict “a simple win for England, but only because Harry Kane will turn up at the tournament this time and score one of his 18 yard specials halfway through the first half“.

Adding value to refereeing and football

227px-2018_FIFA_World_Cup.svgSuggestions to improve the tournament.
1. Find a way to let officials check TV replays if they sense straight away that a decision was missed or called wrong.” – 13th July, 2014.
Cos you just get sick of World Cup highlights compendiums that are about bad decisions.
The first results of VAR are largely positive.  Yes, more penalty kicks (kinda bad), but what will come from that, with time, is less foul play in the penalty box.
french forward dives for penaltyOne VAR mistake on the third day – I think the Australian full-back’s reach and push away of the ball legitimized a tackle which was given as a penalty.
What VAR can’t yet fully crack is diving, and oh for some action on aggressive appeals for a decision from the referee and on time-wasting.

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