Notts win T20


Excellent listening on BBC Radio 5 live extra.
Well done Notts!


Bridge ward monthly report 71

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New Meadows based troupes in the Carnival and a mini road network for kiddies to learn bicycle riding and road safety.   A spider conference and the European Squash championships – squash came home.
A Radio Nottingham show, reflecting on the disappointment that came with the first Forest vs Salop match and on the failure to do enough with Nottingham history stories, including the Battle of Mapperley Hills.
Celebrations of independence for Jamaica, India and Pakistan, though with a smack of imperialist condescension.
Rain spoiling the Salop match, but serious damage being done elsewhere – in the USA who’ve ignored Al Gore, his movie and his sequel, and in south Asia.
Political news from the USA was worse – including the condoning of a terrorist attack by The President.  So we remember Heather Heyer.  And in Nottingham, we remembered Alan Clark and Kate Rush too.
Certain intractable issues in The Meadows are still being tackled – many reviewed during a visit by Lilian Greenwood MP.
A site visit to St.Peter’s.
The Lace Market had a mixed time, a scrubbed street, renewed rest gardens and a car park fire.  Sorrow over the demolished Black Boy Hotel.
An eventful and emotional August.

Diana Spencer 20 years on

Flowers were left on the steps of The Council House and it reminded me of the full council meeting that took place on the Monday after the accident, and how some fellow Councillors were stunned by the news that the driver was drunk at the wheel and then I protested cos only one book of condolence was put out in reception and the queues to sign it were terribly long – and I just didn’t think it was neccessary.
I wrote to my branch on the 10th and expressed a fuller view, parts of which I regret a bit.  Including calling for a republic – really, we kinda are already, and although it’s annoying Prince Charles doesn’t get it.  Too keen to give Tony Blair some credit – I hated his remarks on the Sunday morning.  I felt what it brought on was to be Britain at its worst – gushing over a celebrity death.

I wasn’t looking

More than 40 million people have been affected by devastating floods and landslides in South Asia, UN humanitarian agencies have said.
Torrential monsoon rains have killed at least 1,200 people and left millions fleeing their homes in India, Bangladesh and Nepal over the last fortnight.
Governments and aid agencies are working to bring clean water, food, shelter and medical aid to people affected as tens of thousands of homes, schools and hospitals have been destroyed.

From the Independent.

Guardian web-=pages shows how the west is looking at the USA when the scale of death elsehwere is massively higher.