Bridge ward monthly report 68

MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v170531 1715 aa1764hA bit of a struggle to keep up with posting stories during a General Election campaign.
Main story is the attack on Manchester, for which both a minute’s silence and a vigil was held.
Big welcome for the new play equipment on The Green; bins and goalposts to follow.
A series of improvements planned for Queens Walk Rec.
Big issue is dealing at various locations across The Meadows.
Some consultation needed on extension of parking permits and need to review Robin hood Way to give pedestrians greater confidence for crossing the road.
Improvements planned for Meadows Library in June.

Bridge ward monthly report 67

The new residents parking permits scheme for the New Meadows is settling in,  but there has been an impact on Robin Hood Way and some further changes to protect bus stands and pedestrian crossing points may be needed.
The construction of the play equipment for The Green has started.
The new council housing in the New Meadows is still being finished, and the new housing for Arkwright Walk is still to start.
An application for new housing off Wilford Crescent East was withdrawn from the April planning committee.
Bollards in the city centre have been introduced to make Lace Market streets more pleasant for pedestrians.

Approx. 1920 matters from approx. 800 clients logged since Oct. 21st 2011.

Bridge ward monthly report 66

Daffodils celebrating the end of a winter that never was.
Residents of Lamcote Grove celebrating the return of their street.
Friends of Ireland celebrating St.Patrick’s Day.

Some ups; and
some downs.
The burning of the bandstand on Victoria Embankment.
The complete distraction of the whole country from the real issues as a letter is sent to start the negotiations to withdraw the UK from the European Union.
A national budget that fell apart within a week.
Cuts to the council’s budget; and cuts to schools.

Commemorations too. Martin McGuinness, the commander of the (Provisional) IRA in Derry who became a chuckle brother alongside Ian Paisley. Professor Peter Mansfield who lead the development of NMR body scanning. Caroline Harper – the first woman Nottingham City councillor.

And for four people killed by a man using a car and two knives for weapons on Westminster Bridge and in the yard outside of Parliament.  Horrendous.

Showing “I, Daniel Blake” in The Meadows – a reminder of how we are going backwards; and a number of Police operations trying to stop the rot on drug-dealing.

Approx. 1888 matters from approx. 787 clients logged since Oct. 21st 2011.

Bridge ward monthly report 64

Trump is President of the USA and we’ve already had our first protests. Holocaust Memorial Day focussed on the genocide of the Jews – Trump didn’t mention it.  The Meadows also celebrated Chinese New Year.
Nationally, more chaos for the government over their plans for Brexit, and cuts to school budgets that have passed under the radar.
Arkwright Walk is back as a wide street after 50 years, proposed flats now have planning permissions and a bus route with 3 sets of bus stops is viable.  The new NCT Navy 49 was introduced and the electric Centrelink services to Queens Drive park & ride began.

Still the next big change to The Meadows will be the introduction of parking permits for residents, for many more streets in the New Meadows.
Current implementation date is 6th February though seems likely to slip.

The Green play localtions ab0535h.pngRecommendations for the location of the play equipment for The Green are now agreed, but maybe we might  add some goalposts.

ASB issues continue, and there’s a current concern about abuse of the playfields on Victoria Embankment.

Planning permission has again been given to 350 flats on Crocus Street, but this time with more references to the crocus, symbol of The Meadows.

In the city centre, the Big Wheel is back.

Approx 1842 matters have been raised for tracking since 2011..

Bridge ward monthly report 63

It’s been a melodramatic Festive Period in The Meadows, from the success of the Christmas Tree switch-on (we plan for a bigger event this year) to a break-in to the Co-Op on Christmas Day, some car accidents on Meadows Way and Wilford Grove.

Have been saying for some time that we are concerned about fewer secure jobs, more agency working, more low-hour contracts and fewer people receiving social security, tied in with more youngsters being turned away from mainstream schools might develop into something we’ve seen before and one aspect of this appears to be a number of locations where people are now reporting concerns about drug dealing and drug taking.
Poorer mental health services might also be leading to more time taken up in A&E etc. and even more suicides – 2 suspected in The Meadows in recent weeks.

Recognition in the New Year’s Honours and BBC Sports Personality of the Year (!) (community award) for boxing coach Marcellus Baz, who runs one of his clubs from Portland Leisure Centre.  However, we are asking for proper proposals and proper finances before considering anything in the former eastern half of the Co-op supermarket (and for which we already have an expression of interest from another worthy cause).

The next big change to The Meadows will be the introduction of parking permits for residents, for many more streets in the New Meadows.
Current implementation date is 6th February and a lot of commuters, and some football fans are going to be taken aback by the change.  Whilst good news for residents, we are already checking for possible knock-on consequences.

We’ve decided to ask for the removal of skips for clothes from the SW car park at Bridgeway – badly managed and the charities are unresponsive to requests for action.

A heritage board for Carrington Street has been set up; 2 local residents have joined.

Aprrox 1815 matters have been raised for tracking since 2011..