Bridge ward monthly report 48

MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v151001 0928 a1754h
1459 matters raised.

Tram passenger numbers are good but ng2 workers are not switching and West Bridgford office workers have taken to using Victoria Embankment as a free car park. So we are consulting on charging for over 2 hours on the park and we are planning to consulting over parking permits for most of the New Meadows and charging for Meadows Way West.

Robin Hood marathon races 2015

IMG_8558cc0769h marathon compilation
Amazing – the sound of thousands of footsteps charging towards you at the start of the race; the anticipation of the fourth phase walking up to the start line; the spectacle of thousands of families running the mini-marathon.
Less happy, the sounds 2 hours in of runners approaching 12 miles and running up to Midland station – ‘I have nothing left to give’.
Or 4 hours in, of those on the full marathon climbing up Hollowstone with eight miles and 2 hours walking still to go – ‘I thought Nottingham was flat’.
A joy nevertheless to look out for friends in the race.
Good for them that the mist flowing in from the Trent provided good running conditions at the beginning, although the sun and the heat did get to be too much later on.
Congratulations to Alex, Rebecca, Ravi, John and Peter.
And thanks to the volunteers, including those from The Meadows.

Something special is possible

Two weeks on …
20150925b0602h UK Polling report extract Ipsos MORI poll
…and proclamations that Jeremy Corbyn was popular have been met with polls of the most unpopular new party leader since beyond Michael Foot …
20150923b0588h tweet yougov on public perceptions
… his keenest supporters are hugely out of step with public opinion …
20150922b0407h Luke Akehurst article extract on Corby concenssion
… the man of principle has had to give concessions to build any kind of shadow cabinet …
… explain that he didn’t sing the national anthem cos of any kind of principle ….
… his strongest ally has had to apologise for remarks made about the IRA fifteen years ago …
… his strongest ally is talking of working within certain Conservative financial policy constraints …
… his strongest supporters – who were once for free speaking of opinions, now resent it and are already quick to accuse others of treachery …
20150920b0501h fb entry Corbyn
… and yet this is still nowhere near over.

Cos radical messages, such as –
– that to be strong again, we need to expand,
– that social security needs to be stronger,
– that to have opportunity for all, the labour markets have to support local people,
– that we need more homes, and fairer rents and landlords,
– that for the environment, we need to procure locally, and sustainably;
– that to make young people free again, we have to lift the burdens laid in recent times;
these radical messages stand true.
Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell may not be the best messengers, but they are in very special position to do something very special, and something that is right.

the European Refugee Crisis and Syria

Striking video –
Shown at Nott’m East Labour meeting tonight.
Couple of quibbles – incl. omission of 5 year drought contributing to the cause of Syria instability – but a simple and thought provoking explanation of the European Refugee Crisis and Syria.
Thought Question Time didn’t do enough to show how the issue of any potential burden should and could be seen in perspective.
WP_20150925_20_25_21_Prod1347h NELP refugee poss policy compilation
Some ideas for a better policy for Britain was floated.