Options for improving Queens Walk Recreation Ground

Consultation has begun for choosing between 2 options of a Multi-Use Games Area on the car park, and 3 options for an outdoor gym upon the existing half-MUGA site.
Submit your preferences online.

20181015 qwrec possible muga equipment aa0348h_Fotor
The left hand  design has a green acrylic surface, deeper goals and bent poles that act as benches.
I do wonder if the pitches couldn’t have netball lining, and tennis court linings, as well.

20181015 qwrec possible outdoor gym equipment aa0228h_FotorThere’s more equipment with the middle and right hand designs.

I have since taken the designs around Meadows Library on a Friday afternoon, and the designs that seem most popular are the ones that show a green surface and a blue surface.  But, these acrylic surfaces might not be guaranteed for very long (5 years?).

Whilst the green Muga is my preference for other reasons, the blue keep-fit equipment offers less kit.  So please join in, and please take the opportunity to review it properly.

Arkwright Walk Green.
It is still my hope that we can re-use the half-MUGA from QWRec on Arkwright Walk (at an additional cost of £10,000).  When we asked neighbours on the 30th July, public response was 8-nothing for using the equipment there, but we will want to ask people again.


Parks and open spaces issues – February 2018

Most urgent issue is the use and abuse of the Embankment by car drivers; so will look at 2 extra bollards to the south of the former pub,  and fencing off the car park on the north-east corner (the former tennis courts).

ASB has brought problems to The Embankment – drug litter under the Old Toll Bridge, damage to the undercroft of The Memorial, and the presumed accidental fire in the bandstand.
The suggestion to cage off under the arches is not supported – expensive, not a solution, and prone to trap litter from the river when it runs high.
Planning application to upgrade the bandstand as it is repaired is approved; it will be more secure, not have a hidden entrance and will have better power supply and equipment to hold better events in the future;  the power supply will see a trench down through the park in the Spring.
Works to strengthen the undercroft with an artistic design is in hand.
Repairs to the Memorial are also planned following the theft of lead from the roof.
The gates need some repair and re-painting and there’s some intrigue as to what colours the gates have been painted over time.

Front page news in December, a proposal to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 with a memorial in the Memorial Gardens on the circular lawn nearest to the bandstand, carrying the names of all the fallen.

There are still plans to repair the Queen Victoria statue and historical aspects of the gardens, Memorial and the Embankment.

Lighting along the north end of the Embankment is being renewed with LED lighting at no expense to the council.

Leaks in the paddling pool continue to need to be checked and major works may be needed sometime in the future; a surprise is that some people are asking for a lido (wow).

Although the football pavilion had a £15k upgrade not long ago, some more major may be needed.  a 3G football pitch nearby is still one of the option for a such a pitch in Nottingham, but the ideas of a new glass pavilion and a pitch much near the paddling pool has gone –  the Lottery couldn’t be persuaded.

A surprise of the arrival of horses, and a horse riding club.  Don’t imagine it’s forbidden but there is anxiety should the club start riding across playing fields.

A lot of the development ideas for open spaces & parks are considered at Area 8 committee (see section 106 report) this month.

This includes a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) for the Queens Walk Recreation Ground.

Pleased to see smaller spaces being improved too (Barker Gate, Bellar GateCliff Road) ; although works to re-invigorate the Meadows Cottage Garden are waiting for the better weather.  Snagging works on tram route are still taking place and an extra bollard to protect the grass next to the wooden Queen Victoria is needed.