Recharging more electric buses at the Meadows Bus Depot

Images from N Post and Google street view

An N Post article highlights NCT’s plans to redevelop the west end of the larger of its 2 depot buildings, with a new and extra entrance from Pyatt Street.
The proposal could enable a larger electricity sub-station to re-charge more buses (and potentially do more for other Meadows development, including for green projects); and may also enable the demolition of the Gotham bus depot – for housing.
In 2011, the expectation was that the 2 main city NCT bus depots would move to the former Manvers school site and the Meadows site cleared for housing. But that plan went some years back.
Now, the Lower Parliament Street bus depot has become about servicing the double deckers and The Meadows depot about the single-deckers, some of which may become electric powered over time.
But, there may be features within the buildings worth protection, and the existing perimeter buildings blend in incredibly well with the existing streetscape – you can forget that they are there. Hard to envisage modern buildings fitting in so well.
The Civic Society have raised concerns and some constituents have protested.

NCT navy blue bus service changes

Affecting The Meadows and Clifton.

NCT are making some changes to their network in Clifton to reflect the changes in demand that they have experienced post introduction of the tram.

Service 48 will remain high frequency with a ‘turn up & go’ headway albeit running every 10 minutes during the Monday to Saturday daytime period rather than every 7/8 minutes as currently. Evening and Sunday frequencies are unchanged.

Service 1 maintains a peak frequency of every 15 minutes but this is reduced to every 30 minutes during the off-peak period. On Saturdays the daytime frequency is reduced to every 30 minutes, with all buses operating the full route between Nottingham and Loughborough. However, during NTU term time ‘Clifton short’ workings will be operated to enable the Saturday frequency on service 1 to be enhanced to every 15 minutes between Clifton (the Dip) and City.

NCT  are pleased with the number of passengers using service 3 now that it is diverted via Ruddington but there is still room for improvement! The biggest issue they have had on this route is keeping to time and we have unfortunately had to reduce the Sunday service to Ruddington – City only simply because we could not keep the service to schedule by running it as far as Clifton.

NCT win best UK bus operator again

141013 NCT bus with neighbour fbb0454
Chair of NCT, Cllr. Brian Parbutt, announces –
“Nottingham City Transport [have] won UK Bus Operator of the Year 2014.
“NCT driver Les Roome wins award for Top National Bus Driver.
“Well done to everyone at NCT for all their hard work.”

NCT say –
Nottingham City Transport particularly impressed this year’s judges with ‘its commitment to upgrading and improving commercial services and recent first class rating for staff training.”
Nottingham City Transport Managing Director, Mark Fowles, is particularly delighted with the Top City Operator win and the main prize of Bus Operator of Year.
“Nottingham is undergoing tremendous changes to its infrastructure, so helping people travel in and around the city quickly, efficiently and reliably has never been more challenging,” says Mark Fowles. “To win this award – which involved being assessed by independent mystery travellers for our service over the last 12-18 months, and has seen us beat tough competition from superb bus companies across the whole country – is incredibly satisfying and a testament to the fantastic efforts of every member of the team at Nottingham City Transport. To say I’m proud is somewhat of an understatement!”

Photo features Sharon, a neighbour, and a fan of forties and fifties fashion, who has just been an extra at the filming of the new Dad’s Army.

NCT 11 – use it

NCT have increased bus fares after a 2 year gap.
Their buy in advance schemes are generally unchanged, but the all-day ticket goes up 10p to £3.50 and the Kangeroo ticket goes up 20p to £4.20.
A summary of the changes to services are shown below:
· Navy Line 1 – revised timetable on all days, including later bus to/from Loughborough
· Green Line 11 – revised evening timetable on all days, with buses every 45 minutes late evening; only service running through the Old Meadows; underlines need for these commercial service to be used to sustain them;
· Maroon Line 14 – service withdrawn due to low levels of usage; in the last 2 years fewer people have been traveling on these routes and they’ve reached the point where the amount of revenue they take doesn’t cover the costs of running them; 14 served Castle Boulevard and Castle Marina;
See for more information.

Some sentimentality over the no. 14 – the bus my former co-Councillor Mo Munir first drove when he came to Nottingham.