Bridge ward monthly report 42

A cold month, and kinda getting to people.

On ward work, longer daylight so more walks.
A concern about graffiti.
Progress on the construction of the tram lines continues to disappoint.

Much more to be written.

1331 issues and concerns raised for tracking, probably serving 555 clients.


Screenshot (438)b0594h Independent tv review coalition
A Channel 4 tv presentation of how the 2010 General Election started with a tv debate in which the Lib Dem leader was deemed to have done well, but ended up with fewer seats and then tried to keep Labour hooked on the idea of a possible coalition as they tried to negotiate a deal with the Conservatives.
It took some days. I remember the one political question I got from BBC Radio Derby – and I predicted a ConDem coalition, in part cos of the numbers, but cos Nick Clegg was part of the orange wing of the Lib Dems.
Gordon Brown is shown as difficult, Harriet Harman is shown as having to manage him and Peter Mandelson is shown as tribal. Some nice comedy in play.
The programme is unrealistic of course, cos the players have to explain the story in what would not be a natural way for them.
I can’t know if Paddy Ashdown’s change of mind was as decisive as the programme shows.
But the programme is too polite to Nick Clegg. He would not have been troubled about telling Gordon Brown he couldn’t stay, nor by being in coalition with the Conservatives. And we always knew he never meant it on tuition fees.

To be updated; note the Independent tv review was better than The Guardian’s.

Trent uni students with new visions for QWRG pavilion

IMG_6484b0287h QWRG ntu architecture students and MME BEST
IMG_6487b0502h QWRGP k and m with design BEST
Nottingham Trent University students have come up with designs for an expanded pavilion at the Queens Walk Recreation Ground.
Part of their architecture degree, their ideas may well be translated into reality.
Challenges include what can be done on a tight budget; what relative priority to give to catering or education; how to impress the passengers passing by on the forthcoming trams, including at night.

Celebration of NCH decent homes programme

IMG_6464b0621h Strome Court NCH event special cake
The programme to make every council house secure warm and decent, officially completed on the 31st, was celebrated at Strome Court.
Lilian Greenwood MP gave a speech.

Lilian Greenwood MP celebrates Nottingham City Homes completing their 100% decent homes programme, making homes secure, warm and decent.
… Lilian recalled how completion of the programme was under threat with the 2010 Conservative government (with a particular threat for The Meadows that also lost a £210m regeneration programme) and how tenants led the campaign to restore the money. Lilian then pledged to continuing the external insulation of homes as has been seen in Clifton estate.

UoN sports council

Invited to address the University of Nottingham sports council to explain the planning committee’s decision to defend the veteran oak trees at the expense of a new sports centre …
IMG_6438b0147h UoN sports council … but I suspect I bored them.
It’s just possible they’d worked out that the sports centre was being delivered anyway, despite the decision to defend the trees.
The 2 pertinent questions were asked – why defend these veteran trees if you don’t defend them all? did you defy the advice of your own officers?
Which kinda confirmed that they already knew enough.
Since had feedback that it was appreciated, but still suspect people are being polite.