Bridge Ward Monthly Report 19

Loads gone on and quite a long compilation of news is available.

Major developments –
· mega-surgery held to support people through benefits changes;
· Riverside school to be doubled in size;
· Greenfields School judged to be outstanding;
· orange recycling bag scheme starts for flats;
· first tram rails laid;
· progress on safer walking with one junction narrowed and a handrail installed and a significant ponding problem fixed;

Progress is being made on Bridgeway Shopping Centre lighting, the Victoria Embankment masterplan and the management of Portland Leisure Centre, but news is not publicly available yet.

The statement on the regeneration of The Meadows and the decommissioning of Q-block maisonettes and flats has been updated.

Crime is down significantly again in the last year. Some concern regarding graffiti.

Lots going on in the arts too.

514 matters have been logged for chasing (drawing from conversations, comments at meetings, phone calls, letters, e-mails, Facebook and public comment) since October 20th, 2011, as of 30th April.

The full report is available at –

EMTRA re-launch

East Meadows Tenants and Residents Association have taken their first steps in reforming and holding meetings.
20130430-111333 PM.jpg

Ed Miliband’s Alternative Queens Speech

Ed Miliband is today setting out six of the key economic Bills that would appear in a Labour Queen’s Speech next week: a One Nation programme with new ideas to begin turning Britain’s economy around.

Labour’s economic plans include:

• A Jobs Bill to put in place a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee.
• A Finance Bill that would kick-start our economy and help make work pay with a 10p rate of tax.
• A Consumers Bill to tackle rip-off energy bills and train fares.
• A Banking Bill that backs British business with a real British Investment Bank and new regional banks.
• A Housing Bill that would take action against rogue landlords and extortionate fees in the private rented sector.
• An Immigration Bill with economic measures that put an end to workers having their wages undercut illegally by employers exploiting migrant labour.

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