Sometimes Always Never

Clever people in a family who have lost the ability to converse, caused by a son who ran away after an argument over a game of Scrabble. The second son feels shunned.
A mystery drama, and it’s pleasant enough, but again a film that generates tension through inadequate dialogue – even if that is part of the story. .
Bill Nighy doesn’t play Bill Nighy, but Alexei Sayle in his 2 minutes, does play Alexei Sayle. (Alright there, our ‘Lexie.)
Wiki. Guardian – 4 stars.



I accepted the notion of everyone forgetting the Beatles cos of a solar flare phenomenon; but was less sure about the pre-Beatles romance – Richard Curtis trying to bring “Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da”, Lowestoft and stammering in front of a loved one back into fashion.
Outside of the “Love Actually” element, the film is fine, it’s nice to hear the music in an equipped theatre (people happily sat through the credits) and the Ed Sheehan character is quite good too – is he based on anyone?
Wiki. Guardian.

Support The Girls

The general manager of a bar / restaurant staffed by young women in cropped shirts and shorts has the day of days (see wiki) leading to her dismissal and then her staff taking revenge for her.
The dialogue is a tad quick and the problems sometimes hard to understand (or perhaps hear), so the plot is a tad depressing rather than funny – not one laugh at the showing I attended – so perhaps a worthwhile drama rather than a comedy.
(In describing what constitutes good comedy, I’ve hear that it’s not cruel, but sympathetic, empathetic, and shows engagement, and the ability to see yourself in the position of all the characters. Oh, and there should be 6 laugh out loud moments.)
The ire shown is vented more at the owner and the husband rather than as The Guardian suggests, the clientele. And sadly, no sense of formal rights at the workplace – instead staff end up screaming from a rooftop.

Design for Living

An early ’30s Noel Coward play which wasn’t played in Britain until 1939 cos of concern about British censors.
Cos it focussed on a 2 men and a woman who all love each other.
Billed as a comedy, but hard to pull off when 3 of the 6 scenes feature the hurt of 3 different partners being dumped – and not without some cruelty.
Unfamiliarity with the story and the accents (yep, and I’m not always interested in the fate of the upper class) means you have to listen – and when a joke was dropped in about the cleaner’s 2nd husband having moved away to Nottingham, which was a fate much the same as the 1st husband who had died, some of the audience tittered, but the rest of us were trying to work out whether Coward had written the line and why (but he hadn’t).
Produced by Nottingham Lace Market.
Wiki. Nottingham Post. Original script.

Sunset (movie)

Beautiful sets and photography; high quality sound (although a tad distracting). A distinctive approach to framing the lead actor.
But awful.
A mystery drama, but a mystery mainly cos the dialogue consists of people not having conversations and not answering others’ questions.
Apparently to enjoy it you have let go of such basics. Yeah, right, Pretentious City, Arizona. Irritating.
Worse, the lead actor is constrained in her emotions – she’s pretty much always staring strength past the camera. All she’s allowed to do is be told not to do something; behave like she will heed the advice; and then do it anyway. Irritating.
Then as a critique of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in decay, it fails cos it doesn’t tell that story. Bewildering.
For all this, I blame the director.
A rare film – cos it’s very rare I can’t recommend a film to anyone.
Its only achievement is to expose movie reviewers who can’t see the obvious.


Diamantino Matamouros is a star Portuguese centre-forward played by Carloto Cotta playing Cristian Ronaldo playing James Bond playing Forrest Gump loving a kitten called Mittens.
A Portuguese spy played by Cleo Tavares playing Jinx combating a modern Dr. Strangelove using a hormone replacing scientist located in a version of Cornwall’s Garden of Eden. Yep, the film draws heavily – or mickey-takes – “Die Another Day”.
All supported by Cinderella twin sisters.

Meant as a comedy and drama, but perhaps losing the funny side through having to read the sub-titles of frequent narration and not knowing when the tone is conveying irony.
I thought the shirt sponsor Givova might be a hoax (give over), and that the shirt number “00” was another visual joke in a film full of memorable bits, with some soul, but perhaps a tad too long in the scenes. Special, even if the Guardian could only award 3 stars. cos it is not sufficiently telling. Wiki.

One Night in Miami

Four greats, who frequently met as friends, breaking new ground as black men in the USA

Earnest dialogue, with a bit of show biz thrown in.
The earnest discussions see these friends challenging each other on the choices they’ve made on developing their careers and their way forward, the play carries a condemning tone on the Friends of Islam.
Wiki; Guardian (2013).