Zen, bought with Bolt and intended as pets for the home and as company for each other.
Thought originally to be a cock, but was most probably a hen.
Featured on 2 Christmas cards cos of 2 striking poses – both completely untypical – cos budgies don’t really smile and the practice of hanging upside on a maiden’s clothes line was given up.
Died far too early at just over 2 years, from organ failure.
Hard to attribute personalities to such small animals, but the contrast with her black-eyed albino friend could be striking, and the most striking difference stayed – that Bolt will scarper whilst Zen was more relaxed.
Fond memories.

Spitfire over Sherwood Vale

Thrilling always to see a Spitfire in flight. It first flew over when I was in the house and that sound of the Merlin engine remains electric. The Spitfire was visiting the Arnot Hill fair in Arnold and banked again over our neighbourhood, those special wings in glorious profile.
I dashed outside and got an excellent view, but not a great photo. Missing it like I did, reminded me of one of the few RAF national service stories my Dad shared. He’d been given some kind of role in training people in aircraft recognition. But in a training melee set up between Meteors and Spitfires, army gunners, using cameras for weapons, had shot down the lot. The Meteor was jet-propelled, Spitfires had propellers. Years later, my Dad would still wonder how could the gunners could get it so wrong? Just maybe, it was because the gunners were as bad as me with cameras.
BTW, the Spitfire’s visit to the estate follows last year’s visit by the International Space Station. Oh yes.

Interesting snow

Today’s snow was interesting somehow. Seemed kinda stuck to grass, melted on roads, not so much slush. Created nice opportunities for photos.
Mine are linda alright but I’ve been trumped by photos taken by a West Bridgford resident, sarahlnewall, featured by the N Post and showing photos on her own web-site.

20130114-092913 PM.jpg

20130115-124700 AM.jpg

20130115-124717 AM.jpg

20130115-124740 AM.jpg 20130115-124756 AM.jpg