Nottingham City WI Garden Party

IMG_7907mb1145h Barker Gate Rest Gardens wi event
Nottingham City WI have planted 2,000 flowers in Barker Gate Rest Gardens and held a garden party in the renewed gardens, with properly made and served cups of tea, cakes and specialist ice creams.
Meanwhile a promotional event for Independent shops in Nottingham was held.
Photos available.


Jean Pennington

Jean Pennington’s ashes have been interred with her husband John’s, in the Garden of Remembrance at St.Mary’s Church in Nottingham.
IMG_5151 (2) StMarys church John and Jean Pennington headstone ab1144h

Jean was a teacher who took a year off to be the Sheriff of Nottingham’s Lady in 1982-3.
She and her family lived for a few years in The Meadows at the All Faith’s Rectory.
Passed a Math degree at Manchester University.
Screenshot (37) Jean Pennington life montage ab0613h.png
Privileged to see a library of photos showing a life lived to the full after the service.
Stephen, Phillip, Andrew and Janet attended along with the grandchildren, and many friends.


County House

County House montage Screenshot (26) ab0214h
A grade 1 listed building on High Pavement, opposite Galleries of Justice (prev. Shire Hall), in a disastrous state as for a period, the roof was not keeping the water (nor the pigeons) out.
The latest owner now wants to repair it and renew it – to provide a restaurant, a private members club and some accommodation.
The planning application is currently under public consultation.

Kings Place

Kings Place, off Stoney Street, of which I’d report –
1. it hosted an office for law in the city at the time of the Luddites;
2. it serves the Stoney Street car park, which suffered a fire in August, which seems to be attributed to the electrical system of a parked car;
3. the yellow lines were worn out, so people parked ther cars there , which has been fixed.

Streets paved with gold

WP_20170821_15_54_28_Pro aa0449h york stone
The Yorkstone on Barker Gate looks special in the sunlight after cleaning.
So bright at times, that you wonder whether the phrase came not from the story of Dick Whittington, or whether it wasn’t just a euphanism for making a living is easy, but just the use of Yorkstone.
The photo shows the difference between cleaned and uncleaned stone, highlighted by a local resident’s dog.