Forest avoid relegation to the third tier

WP_20170507_12_43_34_Pro ab0465h city ground penalty to Forest

Twenty minutes in and it looked grim.  Ipswich were comfortable. Forest’s midfield didn’t know how to get the ball up the field.  Blackburn were 2-0 up elsewhere and 2 points above Forest.  Birmingham were winning away too.  Ipswich fans sang “Que Sera, … you’re going to Shrewsbury!”
Towards the end of the first half, Forest developed quick attacks, one of which led to a Forest player being fouled in the box, and their no. 9 comfortably converted the penalty kick.  Now Forest were safe by a goal difference of 1.  But if another was needed, it was not clear how it would come.
Second half and Forest were much better, keeping the ball in the Ipswich half.  And finally a shot from 30 years looked the business and was behind the Ipswich keeper’s long dive.  And Blackburn had conceded a goal.  Comfort enough for the No. 9 to miss a second penalty, though he made up which an individual driving run and smash.
Now the sell-out crowd waited for the final whistle, to both celebrate on the pitch and wave a “Fawaz out” banner.

Salop finish 18th and 2 points clear

20170430 english tier 3 table bottom ab0206h

In the end, survival was enough. (Table by ESPN FC.)
A new manager, after the previous manager arranged his own departure in quite a dignified way, whilst we were some points behind the rest at the bottom.
Elsewhere, Arsenal fans’ arrangement of a St.Totteringham’s day for the first time in 20 years when Arsenal were to finish below them in the league seemed a bit of a mistake.
Notts Co. have survived in the Football League, but Notts County Ladies have folded.
Finally, Nottingham Forest are only just safe with one game to go.  I’m desperate for a Forest vs Salop match, but not in the third tier.  Please, Forest.

Super Whalley

WP_20170417_16_53_13_Pro ab0233h Salop attack at Northampton
Pressure for relegation threatened Salop.
But better play than home to Walsall and a surprise to go behind.
Distress at 2 Northampton forwards who seemed to run into clashes and be the first to hit the ground.
Second half, and Salop winger Whalley decides to run and run at the full-back, who I think had committed six fouls before he got his second yellow card.  This during a purple patch and when Whalley hit a sharp inswinging cross from the corner of the box, it had goal written all over it – Sadler rose to nod in from 3 feet.
It seemed then only a matter fo time before a winning goal, but Salop struggled to control the ball and keep it down, and even though a second Cobbler got a second yellow for repeated fouls, time had run out.
Results elsewhere all went Salop’s way so now 3 points clear of the drop – can the escape be made at the next home game?
Bizarrest thing of the day: Salop fans adapting the Supertramp song – “Logical” – as a tribute to Shaun Whalley.

Panthers hold out for 47 minutes to win 5-2

WP_20170401_19_29_51_Pro (2)
First ice hockey game.
Four nil to GMB Nottingham Panthers against Sheffield Steelers after 12 minutes seems very one-sided.
4-1 after second half.
Panthers been concentrating on keeping players between the ball and the goal.
Nottingham’s goalkeeper has had less to save but has stopped a number of daisy-cutters.

Went on a last minute whim when I heard the end of season cup quarter-final against rivals from Sheffield was not sold out – I suspect cos of late organisation.
4-0 after 12 minutes completely threw me – it was like easy when no-one suggested it would be.   Lots of noise.
Then it was kind of 47 and 3/4 minutes Steelers moving it around and GMB Panthers defending – and only conceding when they were one player down.
BTW, always referred to as the GMB Panthers – which is great.
A lot less violent than I was led to believe.
The woman next to me had predicted dirty tricks in the second half and outright violence in the third, but, really it was more like tea and cucumber sandwiches from the 1930s.  Indeed, “what’s happened, have they changed the rules?”, and “it’s like Celebrity on Ice!”
A player’s inability to control stands out much more than in football.
Then with 15 seconds to go, a charge up the wing, a hook back and a smash in on the angle from the other side and it was 5-2 – quite a finale.
No surprise that player of the match went to the goalkeeper.  Now GMB Panthers have to hold out with their three goal lead in Sheffield in the second leg.
And thanks to colleagues for biting on the football terminology used above.

For a proper write-up, check out the Nottingham Post.