Nottingham City Homes report – August 2019

From Nottingham City Homes (NCH) –

Meadows News

Masson House market rent properties
The NCH Masson House development on Arkwright Walk is now completely finished and let to market rent tenants.

Clifton Miner’s Welfare site
There will be 20 homes on this site, owned by Nottingham City Council and managed by NCH. Work is now underway, and the site is a Considerate Constructors’ Ultrasite, showcasing the very best in site management.

Meadows police station site
NCH is creating a flagship scheme of 21 premium apartments for market rent. The scheme will be owned and managed by NCH. Start on site to be confirmed.

Painting upgrades
NCH are painting exterior panels and balconies to improve the streetscape and enhance the environment on Oxbow Close, Osier Road, Willowbrook Court, and Sandays Close, near Queens Walk. We have also painted communal areas, bin stores, woodwork and front entrance porches and outside stores in this area.

Fencing in the Meadows
The final planning stages of the major fencing programme for The Meadows is now being agreed in conjunction with ward councillors. When the finer details have been agreed, we will programme in the works and consult with residents.


McKee mural for the Meadows

Artist Pete McKee is painting a mural on the side of Lothmore Court, next to The Meadows tram stop, to commemorate 100 years of social housing. The works are scheduled to take place in mid to late August and will take a couple of days to complete, after which there will be a celebration with the residents to allow them the opportunity to meet the artist himself. The mural is being created pro bono of part of McKee’s hugely popular recent pop-up at Rough Trade, and references the Old Meadows wash house, the last to close in the country, and a memory beloved to many of The Meadows’ older residents.

Across the city

Homes and Places book – new edition to mark 100 years of council housing
As part of the celebrations to mark 100 years of council housing this year, NCH have published a new edition of our book, Homes and Places, a History of Nottingham’s Council Houses.

100 years of council housing exhibition and trees
As part of the celebrations to mark 100 years of council housing this year, NCH have developed a pop-up exhibition based on our book, Homes and Places, a History of Nottingham’s Council Houses.

NCH are also going to be plating 100 trees, 10 each in 10 locations across the city.

Properties for homeless people
We’re buying and refurbishing properties across the city to provide temporary accommodation for homeless families and avoid them having to go into B&B accommodation. We’ve completed 10 properties this financial year, and a further five are due to be completed over the summer.

The Big Birthday Bash – NCH Fun Day 2019
This year’s Tenant Fun Day on 14 September at the Bulwell Academy is themed the Big Birthday Bash, and runs from 12 noon to 4pm. This year will be all about celebrating 100 years of council housing; contributors include Homelink, mutual exchanges, Just Grow and green initiatives, the Nottingham Playhouse, Read On Nottingham, a DJ, a Bouncy castle, glow in the dark sports and more. There’s a free lunch for all attendees, and we’re hoping to beat last year’s record attendance of almost 2,000 All are welcome – hope to see you there.

Homelink Housing Options surgeries
HomeLink is the system by which people can join the waiting list for housing, and bid on properties across the city. We run surgeries for people wanting to join the housing register; at the surgeries, people can access support with joining the waiting list, and advice on their housing options. There’s a surgery at Loxley House on Wednesday 11 September from 10am to 3pm; please encourage constituents to attend if they are seeking housing or if the have any questions about the allocations policy consultation.

Damp and mould works
Reports of damp and mould are at their lowest levels now summer has finally arrived. Appointments for site surveys continue to trickle through on a daily basis and it is expected that this low level of appointments will continue throughout the summer months. Proactive surveys are continuing, and we continue to give residents advice on ways to control condensation and mould within the home. Improvement works such as installing or upgrading extractor fans are identified and included for priority attention as required.

Maintaining Decency
NCH will spend £¼billion over the next five years on our Asset Management programme, including maintaining Decent Homes standards in all the homes we manage – the scope of works will include:

  • Replacement of or alterations to kitchens
  • Replacement of or alteration to bathrooms, including level access showers
  • Aids and adaptations as required
  • Whole or partial electrical upgrades
  • Whole or partial heating upgrades.

Garden tool loan scheme
Keeping gardens tidy over the summer is important. The NCH garden tool loan scheme continues to expand, with over 60 NCH residents now registered. Any residents who are interested in the scheme can contact their housing patch manager for more details – information about housing patch managers is available on the NCH website.

Building new council housing in west Meadows

Third part of Lilian Greenwood’s tour of The Meadows, joining Nottingham City Homes’ Chief Executive, Nick Murphy, to see their new council housing under construction.
The first of the 55 properties could be available in October, whilst the remainder are finished by end of April – delayed some months by the discovery of a gas mains being in a different location to that plotted.
The radiators in the properties are small – cos they are so well insulated.  And the equivalent of a 60W for the landing is provided by light pipe sitting within chimeys that provide a more traditional skyline for the terraced houses in Bosworth Walk. Those properties are also geared up for adaptations (e.g. – wiring for a stairlift in place) should they be needed.
Some improvements to some surrounding properties will also be d0ne to set the new housing off to advantage.

Mystery concrete block removed and council housing sites being made ready

IMG_7836b0385hNW Cromarty Court cleared for building 11856396_10153094529636305_1965121896327698260_o
A chance to check progress on the sites where council housing is set to be built.
Cromarty Court (viewed here from Crammond Close) has been vacant for at least 10 years.
IMG_7839b0656hNW Crammond Close res LGMP 11884959_10153094529531305_604479233114860828_o
Lilian Greenwood MP and Cllr Nicola Heaton checked on a range of issues with residents of Crammond Close, using a survey.
IMG_7841b0668hNW Meadows Police Station and Saffron Close 11934502_10153094529511305_7142292352246333434_o
A view of the cleared site on Saffron Gardens.
The future of the Meadows Police Station, once a local base for patrols is established, is not confirmed, but could well be demolition for more housing.
IMG_7844b0544hNW Crammond Close LGMP res 11882296_10153094529476305_7380427826356286402_o
A resident who once challenged me on my lack of action on a complaint in front of the press! (She didn’t know they were there.)
IMG_7849b0345hNW The Green concrete removed 11921856_10153094529456305_3905031578910218422_o
A concrete block has been removed from The Green, following a request made of Nottingham City Homes as we were doing a ward walk in July.
WP_20150723_12_08_24_Prob0204h The Green ward walk
Not sure we found out what its purpose was.
IMG_7851b0267hNW Tarbert Close construction starts 11052469_10153094529386305_7674024470659061335_o
Tarbert Close being readied for the construction of new council housing …
IMG_7855b0208hNW Bosworth View construction starts 11951718_10153094529321305_1164435060937605953_o
… as is Bosworth Walk.

Demolition of Q blocks in the west Meadows

Demolition works are being prepared on Saffron Gardens and Beardsley Gardens, with actual demolition starting next week.
Scheduled to start in the first week in July for Middle Furlong Gardens and the first week in August for Blackstone Walk and Manifold Gardens.
Saffron Gardens properties are fenced off and demolition is due to finish on 31st August.
Beardsley Gardens properties are also fenced off but demolition finishes earlier on 17th August.
Middle Furlong Gardens properties demolition starts on the 6th July and should also finish on 17th August.
Blackstone Walk and Manifold Gardens properties due for demolition – starts 3rd August and finishes on 19th October.
No doubt, the dates are subject to events.
Construction of new council housing meanwhile begins on 17th July, and the whole programme takes (from memory) 18 months.