Bridge ward monthly report 34

News in July has been dominated by Israel’s attack in Palestine, including strikes against UN schools.
Elsewhere claims that the economy has reached pre-recession levels overlook the growth being in the South-East, the number of people having increased and typical incomes down 5%. We can do better.
The capital programmes announced are a slice of what we used to get or was planned. But there is a chance to give cyclist and pedestrians higher priority in the city centre in the future, an ambition given sharper focus by the death of a woman cyclist following a collision with a lorry.
The intention to close the Meadows Police station was confirmed. The announcement of the closure of the Wilford Grove surgery after 110 years unexpected and being campaigned against.
Hot sunny weather meant lots of walking and lots of issues reported; casework leaped.
A fuller text report is available.

Meadows Regeneration update

A long statement on the regeneration of the Meadows has been produced in response to questions from both the Meadows Partnership Trust and members of the public.

Extract from Meadows Local Plan published in September, and available at Properties at the north of Arkwright Walk have since been added to the scheme.

Wilford Grove surgery

IMG_3796b0188h Wilford Grove Surgery sign

A report to the Council’s Health scrutiny panel on the closure of the closure of the Wilford Grove GP surgery has been pulled when it became clear that an assertion that there had been no community protest had only been because the community had not been told.

A community campaigner says the practice’s Patient Group was only told on 23rd July, after the report had been published.

The announcement follows a new Doctor taking the practice over only 4 months ago.

The campaigner says “how there could have been such a change in the four months that the Doctor has run the surgery?

IMG_3795b0466h Wilford Grove Surgery
“This property has been a Doctors Surgery since 1904 and has served the local community well. As a patient of over sixty years I am more than satisfied with the facilities, cleanliness and overall upkeep of the surgery and friendliness of the staff. I feel that myself and my family have always received professional service and that I have been made to feel welcome at the surgery. There is full disabled access at this surgery and downstairs treatment rooms available, i.e. disabled ramp, toilet with wheelchair access on the ground floor and wide doorways to all rooms.

“Wilford Grove Surgery offers flexible appointment times and I have always found that I have been able to get through on the telephone promptly. My daughter, who works full time, also appreciates having access to late night and early morning appointments at this practice with the ability to book in advance.

“There is a nurse at this surgery, 2 health care assistants and receptionists. Blood tests are also available. With regard to accessing this surgery, this is situated on a well lit main bus route, with buses every 10 minutes, and the bus stops are next to the surgery.”

Riverside Festival parking

Screenshot (131)b0652h Riverside parking diagram Meadows Screenshot (132)b0503h Riverside parking diagram zoomed in
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Over 100,000 people are set to attend the Riverside Festival from Friday to Sunday, with peak crowds expected for the fireworks show at 10:30 on Saturday night. The diagrams show the special street parking arrangements in nearby residential streets and I am asking officers to do what they can to deter visitors from parking in residential areas.

The kids are alright

20140726-210546-75946672.jpgHaving found a quiet corner at the community BBQ, I’d just finished my cheeseburger when kids arrived, wanting to know what I was doing (they’d recognised me from official school visits).
“Waiting to be asked any questions” I wittily replied. It flew over their heads.
Recovering, and knowing there’d been burgers and curry available, I asked the year 5 Pakistani girl “had she had the curry?”
“Am I supposed to be offended by that?” came the retort.

Great chat, great interest and great posing. The kids are alright.
Photos only posted in low resolution.

Commonwealth games artichokes

Striking, but unfamiliar, many guessing that these giant plants are thistles, invoking Scotland staging the current commonwealth games.
Miss F, local constituent, explained they were artichokes, before telling me how I ought to be doing better on community concerns, including commuters parking on residents streets.
Commuters continuing to park, despite local firms providing free park and ride alternatives, and recent increases in damage to local vehicles.

P.S. and now it’s been pointed out that artichokes are merely members of the thistle family.