Planning committee – June 2019

My first meeting as Chair.
Started with a tribute to Chris Gibson who chaired the committee for 16 years and the committee achieved – making decisions, whilst knowing there will be constructive criticism.
A long debate on an office block proposed for Crocus Place, next to the tram ramp and Crocus Square.
More to be written.
Note, Nottingham Express Transit have recently installed 5 trees – 3 oaks and 2 planes – in Crocus Square, but we are still to explore whether more features are needed in the square.
A very different house on a tight spot on Devonshire Crescent was approved in principle, but colour, materials choice and windows was referred back.

Planning committee – March 2019

From a Nottingham Post article on proposal for 422 student flats accommodation between Mansfield Street and York Road.
The accommodation is needed, but the rear views are a tad monolithic.
Councillor Mike Edwards, who represents the Bridge ward for Labour, added: “The tops of the buildings are just blocks with straight lines, and it’s just not good enough.
“We need some approach that makes the tops of the building more interesting.
“I don’t want to send a signal to say we don’t support this, but I do want to send a signal that says the top of these buildings needs to be better.”

Chainey Place

150 new homes on the final part of the Hicking Buildings site and re-using the front wall of a Victorian warehouse.
Known previously as Hicking Buildings phase 3, Chainey Place draws its name from how the area, once very boggy, was bridged by walkways held together by chains.
The building had few complaints at the Planning committee cos of the care taken to re-use existing attractive wall, use of bricks for decoration, a strong main entrance and a curved corner where the building will be most prominent – on the corner of the Crocus Street and London Road junction.
Although quoted as having no complaints, I did ask for section 106 money to be made available to place a half multi-use games area and a separate goal on the green off Arkwright Walk.