Planning committee – September 2018

20180919k ab0333h Glapton Road the Meadows unauthorised building by NH_FotorAll the effort to get things right via the planning system and this extension appears on Glapton Road, in a manner alarming to local residents and without planning permission.

The relevant officer has advised “I have written to the owner today to advise that a planning application is required for the unauthorised structure.  I have … advised works cease …”

Meanwhile, at Planning committee, the Vantage building project for student flats has been improved and approved.  It’s lower than before, but it will still obscure the view of the Castle from Kirkewhite Walk as it runs alongside Queens Walk Rec.  (I asked for the matter to be fully considered before the committee met.). (See N Post report).

The office block for Station Street has also been approved after improvements to the design submitted last month – with more use of “stone” and more decoration to the front.  (I thought more work was still needed, but hey.) (See N Post report.)


Restoration of Birkin Building

IMG_9272mc0775h montage Birkin building restoration
Broadway, Lace Market.
Heritage funding is meeting part of the cost.
The brick, stone, curves and decoration are combined to make a beautiful building over 100 years ago.
Main part of the weathering of the building is the wind.
There are signs of poor maintenance, and examples of repairs such as rendering with painted brick patterns.
3 parapets(?) have had balconies removed from the top of them.

Planning committee – August 2018

Two buildings on Station Street with distinguished fronts are proposed to be replaced with an office block.  The Civic Society and English Heritage expressed strong concerns.
It is hard to see how for instance how a hotel with Victorian standards on room heights can be re-used for the need of a modern office with expectations for higher floors and open plans.
And the device of a dark glass building to create a space between an old building and a new block is plausible.
But looking at the buildings either side, you see decoration, stronger eaves, stronger features on the floor levels.
The colonnade could define the building into thirds, and the window pattern almost reflects that although the brick pillars above the middle 2 columns are not aligned – hence the remark “bar-code windows”.
The graphics for the new building also suggested that it stood forward from the line of other buildings, which was hard to understand cos the plans show it all in line, but if it’s gonna be prominent in a street with high quality frontages, it should pay them more respect.
I’ve written this piece cos the summary of my objections published by the N Post are a tad too crude.  (And, this is not a complaint about the journalist.)
But the Planning committee worked hard to put its concerns in perspective.