Steam engines in Shrewsbury during the 1960s

“In this video we take a look at movements around Shrewsbury Station in the mid 1960s as steam was coming to an end. All credits for this video must go to Michael Clemens of B&R Videos who once again kindly gave me permission to use these clips that were filmed by his late father Jim Clemens, who did such a superb job recording these scenes which were taken from the DVD Steaming Through Shropshire Pt 1. Enjoy.”

Video can be found in youtube under “1960’s trains at Shrewsbury”.
Now given my Dad drove these engines, you can bet I spent the whole 12 minutes 42 seconds looking for him, but the focus here is the engines and the only thing you can make out about the drivers are the pale blue denim jackets.
Other surprises is that the black engines and the maroon carriages don’t always sparkle and it was a bit dirtier than I’d been led to believe. (And check out the recent visit of a steam engine to Salop.)
They also seemed very comfortable reversing – in this video seemingly more than going forward.
You sense that diesels were smoother as well as cleaner (look out for the cab videos), although I sometimes wondered if they’d kept steam for Wales, whether it might have sustained an interest for tourists. Sometimes.


Michael Sheen meets Women for Women’s Sake

Thanks to @michaelsheen
for meeting Women for Women’s Sake who were launching a new campaign to help women in financial difficulties in #Aspley #Nottingham, with Cllr Carole McCulloch.

Actor who played Brian Clough was in Nottingham to meet Women for Women’s Sake, a group of women tackling poverty, and starting a new initiative today.
Michael has founded the End High Cost Credit Alliance.
To be featured in The Mirror newspaper.
Full res. photos available on Facebook.

Meadows surprise on safest places in Nottingham

And it is a surprise cos I’d been raising all kind of alarms at the Police Panel.
The Nottingham Post have drawn claims from a survey, but omitted to include the figures for The Meadows.
With a history of ‘drug dealing’ and ‘gang syndicates’, The Meadows has seen dramatic reductions in crime and is now one of the safest places to live in the city.

The drug dealing had been blatant, a phone box (now removed) had become a focus to the trade and there was spate of stabbings between what appeared to be the dealings.
The stabbings have stopped since June – after the public meeting we’d called – and it has felt better.
But we are still concerned about the health and welfare of people on the street.


Changed to @MeadowsCllrMike from @BridgeCllrMike

Have changed my twitter handle.
Surprised I published as many as 10 tweets a month.
It’s partly cos I tend only to tweet my own material.
Then I tend to want to process a photo before tweeting, so Twitter is not a very instant media for me.

The web-site is trickier.
Many of the existing stories have “Bridge ward” embedded in their url so I need to learn how to convert the site.

BR steam engine 34052 at Shrewsbury railway station

Arriving at Salop, as I was waiting for a train to Brum, this BR steam engine arrived, pulling a Pullman collection of carriages.  
A tad emotional cos my Dad was a locomotive engineer, though starting with the LMS part of BR, and serving from Salop, I think it is unlikely he would have driven this engine. (Advice welcome.). 

From wikipedia – 
“Steam locomotives that comprised the Bulleid light pacifics, the West Country and Battle of Britain classes of locomotives that ran on the British Southern Railway network …”

Fuller res photos available.