Aquaponics and criticisms of cars

IMG_7807mb0697h Uni of Nottm architecture and built env degree show
Degree show of Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Nottingham.
less projects based on bridge ward, but the ne that did gently eradicated the listed buildings south of the railway station. Er,…
Still, a couple of boards showing arguments against cars dominating transport and some material on aquaponics.


Nottingham Emmanuel school visit

IMG_7784mb1580h Nottingham Emmanuel School
To start the montage, I wanted to include a photo of the Wilford Meadows school that preceded this new school.  And I couldn’t find one – so what does that say?
Cos, as chair of Elliott Durham, along with Margaret Glen-Bott, we were 3 schools united by challenging circumstances.  But that was a while ago, and the world has changed.
Most emphatically, the campus.
I’ll certainly tell planning committee about these school buildings.  Curved and circular and faced variously in brick, tiles and wood.  Made me proud of the investment in schools we did make when we ran the country..
Clean and big and functional and decorated inside.
Serving loads of kids from The Meadows and growing in popularity.
Orderly and confident inside the walls.  Calm and focussed classrooms.
A chance perhaps to do more with the school on projects like improving The Embankment and the Memorial that the school faces. Maybe even some “customer focus” work for Councillors, like we did with Greenfields pupils some years back.

Conservation Area suggestion for the Old Meadows

OMTRA and community activists are exploring the idea of a conservation of the Old Meadows with City Council officers.

Objectives might include –
– celebrate and protect the older brick faced houses, and their fixings;
– protect the rooves;
– protect the Bulwell stone front walls;
– offer more protection against poor quality rear / lean-to extensions.
Next stage is to write a first bid up and consult with local residents, perhaps in October.

Nottinghamshire Local Pension Board – June 2018

Taking a strategic, or an over, view of the local pension scheme that serves staff at the city council, county council, Nottingham Trent University and many schools.
The fund had assets worth £260 million (as of 31st March 2017).  To lower costs, the fund is part of 1 of 10 pools of funds – the LGPS Central pool – worth £34 billion (it includes West Midlands).
The fund’s investment strategy is – 65% equity, 15% property, 17.5% bonds, 2.5% cash.
The Board started 3 years ago and consists of 4 reps of scheme members and 4 employer reps.
WP_20180614_14_06_22_Pro (3) pension fund service ab0600hPerception today was that more staff may be needed to process the transactions and the queries.