Bridge Branch Labour Party final meeting

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Lilian Greenwood MP briefed branch members on austerity, on transport and on Brexit.
Points were raised on anti-Semitism, the impact of a knife fight on perceptions of community safety,
The branch is to divide soon as the new ward boundaries are adopted.


Fight in a car park

Two sets of young men have picked a fight in the south-western car park of Bridgeway shopping centre.
Two men were injured, with knife wounds to the neck and to the hand.
[Somewhat of a contrast to posts on social media that said 2 men had been killed.]
The fight took place just before noon on 4th April, out of sight of the obvious cameras covering the shopping centre – no doubt, no coincidence.
The car park was closed for most of the afternoon.
Police have been visiting the area in the search for witnesses.

Bridge ward monthly report 78

Slightly taken about that it snowed in Nottingham this month (first time in 6 years?) – twice.

IMG_4295 (2) Willersley Drive new housesNew NCH houses and bungalows were made available, although there is still some works to do and another check a week or so on ought to be able to see most of the remaining works done.

The first of the new housing along Arkwright Walk (pictured) has also become available.

A planning application to redevelop County House is welcomed in principle, cos the grade 1 listed building is a mess.  But, there are concerns already from neighbours about potential noise from drinking proposed for the courtyard at the rear.

Brian May on Britain 29570765_818576015018353_4428922774596124678_nThe City Council agreed its budget, with cuts of £25million, but asserted the Government’s model of financing local government is broken, as inspectors came from outside to take over the running of Conservative controlled Northamptonshire County Council.

Nottingham Labour took a second seat in the previous Conservative stronghold of Wollaton West.

2070 matters reported to me since October 2011, from probably around 863 clients.

The manslaughter of Mariam Moustafa in Nottingham city centre from an assault in the city centre in February, following a previous assault last year, is a tragedy and is begging questions.

We were sorry to lose former Nottingham City Labour councillors, Ken Williams and Marie Yuill this month.  Also former Trade Union General Secretary Brenda Dean.

Sad too that Stephen Hawking passed away, but incredibly grateful for his science, his support for the NHS and the Labour Party, and for him living so long given the disease he suffered from.

The Nottingham University Hospitals have launched a new Breast Care Research Centre and it was noticeable to see concepts used across the world in the understanding and treatment of the disease were named after Nottingham.

At times, news about the future of Britain outside the EU was pitiful.  The news of an attempted murder using a nerve agent for the first time in Britain was wrong, outrageous and astonishing.

IMG_3915 (2) Broadway Titan and Scott TracySome great local events including the St.Patrick’s Day parade and the Puppetry Festival.   Plenty of interesting films too, although my aim to become a credible film critic using a rating system of my own design fell apart as it announced that the best film of the previous 12 months had been “Paddington 2“.   La de da.

A privilege to see the naming of H.M.S. Trent, a vessel to provide coastal defence and is being “twinned” with Nottingham.

Aoption 1and now we might look forward to an attractive memorial carrying the names of the Notts fallen from WWI.

County House

County House montage Screenshot (26) ab0214h
A grade 1 listed building on High Pavement, opposite Galleries of Justice (prev. Shire Hall), in a disastrous state as for a period, the roof was not keeping the water (nor the pigeons) out.
The latest owner now wants to repair it and renew it – to provide a restaurant, a private members club and some accommodation.
The planning application is currently under public consultation.