Travellers pitch up near Victoria Embankment

Pleased that a resident took the trouble to tell the City Council, cos then the necessary visits, discussions and actions can be taken.
The travellers left late on Sunday evening.

From Nottingham Post article

I know it’s typical practice, but the use of pen names without proper name and street address as was once commonly expected of letter writers on the Nottingham Post web-site leads to provocation and lack of enlightenment.

Greenfields Community School is a special place

From an Ofsted report following an inspection on the 3rd and 4th of March –

“Many pupils and staff told us how proud they feel of the school. They call Greenfields ‘a special place’. Staff encourage pupils to develop their talents and interests. For example, all pupils in Year 4 learn to play the clarinet. Others enjoy being part of the school band or the ‘mini-police’.
“Pupils often go outside to learn about nature. They grow a lot of produce in the school garden and view wildlife at close quarters. The outdoor spaces are very well developed. This has been recognised through winning the Nottingham in Bloom and East Midlands in Bloom ‘best school grounds’ awards.
“Pupils behave well around school. Pupils told us that they understand what is meant by bullying. They say staff listen and help if they have any worries. Some pupils do not attend school as regularly as they should.
“In lessons, pupils pay attention because they want to do well. We saw pupils of all ages cooperating well when we visited lessons in a range of subjects. They respond well to teachers’ expectations because relationships are warm and supportive. Pupils achieve well in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of Year 6.”

522 Student Rooms applied for on car park site off Traffic Street

View along Waterway Street West

Erection of two part 3, part 5 and part 6 storey buildings comprising of student accommodation along with associated access, ancillary communal facilities and flexible cafe /event space (use class A3
Car Park, South Side, Traffic Street, The Meadows, Nottingham.

“The Traffic Street Project is a proposed student residential development in Nottingham consisting of two buildings of up to 6 floors. The proposal is to create 62 shared cluster flats and 163 studios having a total of 522 rooms, to meet the needs of a growing student population, reduce the usage of the general housing stock for student housing in multiple occupation (HMOs), and further the City’s ambitions for the Southside regeneration.”

Not sure the developers want to stick with “The Traffic Street project”

Looking across the south of Nottingham

Numbers of deaths involving Covid-19 by broad neighbourhoods is available on an interactive map is on-line.

Up until the end of May, 4 people in the 2 ONS areas covering The Meadows (and reflecting the boundaries of the previous Bridge ward) have died whilst known to have contracted Covid-19.

We know Nottingham’s per capita rate of infection and death is relatively low, even though these rates are known to be higher across the country for poorer people and for BAME people.
Looking across the neighbourhoods across the south of Nottingham city, such general patterns are less clear, probably due to the location of care homes, where so many people in Britain have died.

Calls for help via the Golden Number have become fewer, but more about the more challenging cases of people who need to be shielded.  

Planning committee – June 2020

Our first telecoms Planning committee meeting and only one item – 319 flats proximate to Arkwright Walk. And you can watch it all on YouTube – oh yes! – only 90 minutes.

Permission is granted subject to all the actions on the extensive outstanding conditions (which is by no means untypical of planning conditions), we required –
– further discussion on the support for wider work as expressed through section 106 agreement;
– extended expectations with materials and design including external material, paving materials, quality brick finishes, stronger main entrances;
– an extra test of heating and cooling, given the significant solar gain expected in large windowed sun facing apartments.

Further expectations are sought within the planning conditions already set out –
– flats respecting mansard expectation of being set back more;
– being assured of maximum opportunity being taken for solar PV arrays on the roof; and re-charging for electric cars and e-bikes;
– courtyard being properly landscaped; and proper mgmt. of the courtyard and the open space across Sheriffs Way.

Mid-month progress report – June 2020

Main concern remains the public health emergency. I recommend following government advice, but I no longer try to summarise it at the top of this web-site cos it is getting more sophisticated and nuanced (as might be expected), but also cos the Govt’s special advisor undermined the policy anyway.

The level of new cases is down in Nottingham and it turns out was relatively low anyway, for reasons unknown. Most challenging is the matter of how to expand the number of children attending school. Our local primary schools have given this a lot of consideration, and come up with slightly different approaches, which says to me that it’s best to let them work it out cos they know their situations concerning numbers attending already, availability of staff and design of their classrooms.

Main focus of discussions with the Police has been the compliance with social distancing etc., but there’s been a couple of tweets announcing an arrest for threats against staff at the Co-op and a request for help identifying a robber from an incident a few weeks back. The Police have tweeted that they’ve been patrolling The Embankment for nuisance, but I’ve been struck on my daily walks how I’ve seen quads and other nuisance vehicles on London Road and elsewhere.

The murder of George Floyd by police officers has given a new profile to racism in society. I attended the Black Lives Matter demonstration at The Forest. There’s been a subsequent concern about the nature of statues celebrating slave owners and others from the past. The Meadows can boast more outdoors free-standing works of art than the city centre, but I’ve yet to be notified of any concern about the content of any of them. Apparently, there is a check being conducted of street names. Whilst hate crime is only up slightly, concern is that it’s up at all given the “closure” of the city centre.

There has been encouragement to promote walking and cycling further as we come out of the emergency. For The Meadows, this means a temporary stop to through traffic along the Embankment – most probably through a barrier proximate to the paddling pool – and an opportunity to see what the impact would be. Trent Bridge, currently being re-painted, is also proposed to have its inside inbound lane to be concerned to a 2 way cycle lane, extending the extent of cycle priority that exists along the Embankment. I have asked about adding a bus and cycle lane from the outbound bus stop on Trent Bridge Island to half-way along the bridge, before allowing space for general traffic to adapt for both the entrance to the rowing clubs service road and the Radcliffe Road junctions.

The shopping centre chain, Intu, have been hit badly by the public health emergency and have suspended the construction of the new Broadmarsh, leading to the closure of a number of shops.

June’s Planning committee will consider the revised proposal for 310 flats between Crocus Street and Meadows Way, alongside Arkwright Street. Community reps have already met council staff over this proposal, which has not received objections during the latest consultation. A proposal for the company managing the flats to maintain the open space on Sheriff’s Way brings issues to manage.

Owners of Crocus Mill have announced an intent to convert two major buildings to accommodation – the market is slowly catching up with the emend created for accommodation for young people and students, in a society where people are living for longer and living in smaller units, with a heavy increase in private sector rents.

I have been disappointed to read of conspiracy nonsense regarding 5G telecom masts.

A revised statement for the ambition and development of open space in The Meadows and the wider ward is being updated.

All further to the May Progress report. Comments and feedback sought.


Possible investment in Open Space in the Meadows ward

Already significant investment being worked up to renew the Memorial Gardens off Victoria Embankment.
We have an aim to to generally improve the Embankment and significantly renew the Paddling pool. (Whilst we might want to change the paddling pool, we want to keep paddling cos it’s the only such offer in the city and perhaps even the conurbation.)
We may also bid for a 3G football pitch with a new football pavilion in the future. Plans are a lot vaguer than what was once developed, but given the criticism about the availability for football, it would be nice to offer more certainty for games.  

We’ve wanted to offer improvements to the green off Arkwright Walk; kids had said they’d wanted goals and when we thought we had a chance of transplanting a half-MUGA from somewhere else, residents we asked unanimously said yes.  
But it got more complicated, so now we think best approach is to get a couple of goals in relatively quickly and then to consult (more extensively) on a MUGA, refurbishing the play area, and other bits, to form part of a major bid to gear money in for thispopular area serving the east of The Meadows.

Aspects of Queens Walk Rec need refreshing too. 

Then we have to be mindful of local wildlife spots, especially to the west of The Meadows, such as along the river, Birdcage Walk and King’s Meadows. 

I’d like to see more done with Tinker’s Leen as it passes through the ward, but since it’s just a concrete trough, I’m not sure what.

The canal is reasonably tidy, although litter has got worse within the last fortnight and someone has been fishing out bits of old iron – a bicycles lawn mower, temporary traffic signs and training weights.

Proposed accommodation at Crocus Mill

Change of use to 32 self contained apartments within Use Class C3 and erection of extension to form new entrance within courtyard and associated alterations – Crocus Mills, Crocus Street, Nottingham.
If the application comes to Planning committee, it would most likely be presented in August.
Access will be from the west side, even though further development is expected on that site.