Meadows parks updates – February 2019

Queens Walk Rec – the half muga is to be removed week commencing March 4th and external funding confirmed for a multi-use games area and for a keep fit sports equipment, with works to start week commencing March 18th.

Arkwright Walk Green – £9k of s106 money to finance a half-muga and a goal is secured.

The bandstand has been equipped to be able to support better events and will be opened in April.
The rails that allow the doors to slide needed more works than anticipated and the late discovery meant the weather was too damp once the rendering of the ceiling over the stage was scheduled to be done. 

Memorial works – the Roll of Honour memorial will be opened in late June. Construction of the foundations has begun.

Memorial Gardens – submission for up to £1m from Heritage Lottery Fund for renewal of Memorial and its Gardens has been approved by HLF approved for a fuller submission.

Paddling pool renewal – are worried that the fundamental fabric of the existing pool will fail and it will need a complete re-instatement; the first “blue sky” ideas are being worked on for perhaps 5 years time with perhaps a budget of £1 million – scope to do lots of new stuff, but keeping paddling on the Victoria Embankment Pavilions.
The city council wants the cricket pavilion to be used during the football season. 
Having sought to adopt a local football club as a partner for using the cricket pavilion for football in the winter, we decided just to rent out the pavilion this winter, and after holding discussions with at least 3 clubs, were surprised when none of them took up the offer. New efforts are being made. 

Flappable traffic regulation order signs are still to be implemented along traffic routes around the Victoria Embankment when events or on.

A little too excited

So you’re starting the new campaign season in your ward and you want a sign?
Yep. Rainbow, with the tram introduced within the last 4 years.  

Oh and met a former member of the Militant tendency who all these years on is buying his first house and kinda feels he has moved on, but then says he’s sticking with Labour. 
And loads of households we’ve not found in before, and they’re all Labour. And one against anti-Semitism in the current politics – too right.  

And then someone who’s not only heard of hydroponics, but has a mate who tried it (in Long Eaton) and – downside – decided it doesn’t work. La de da. (But he liked that we’d campaigned against the CO2 towers.) And the point is – within 24 hours I’ve pitched a new green initiative on the doorstep to people who have heard of it, twice.  
And then meeting someone who thinks the Labour MPs who’ve left Labour should stand down and run again. But the peach being that last time I’d met him, he was a Conservative.  

So, on tonight’s results, a 400 majority at the next General Election and £5,000 in donations … er, I might just have got a little too excited … rose-coloured spectacles etc.
But a nice start to the new season and some great conversations on the doorstep.  
Come along and join us.

Free car parking at Bridgeway Centre

Yet again, I’ve been selected for a Conservative party advert via Facebook. What have I done to deserve this?

No doubt Facebook friends can tell me on the validity of their proposal for free parking in Hucknall to support their High Street.  

Gedling Labour Cllr make a big fuss over what they provide. We have free parking in The Meadows for our shopping centre. It’s so popular that commuters from offices 6 blocks away or more are taking advantage.  

But I would be intrigued to know – 
– how much would this subsidy cost? 
– how do they know that only shoppers will benefit?
– are private suppliers of parking going to be asked to provide the same benefit?
– have they thought about subsidising public transport to bring shoppers in?

I’m surprised that the evidence for the success of free car parking is – “We saw over the ** Christmas period ** … how busy Hucknall High Street was.” Er, OK, I wonder if there were any special circumstances?
But the reason I wanted to comment on this is – 
— maybe the High Street would be more successful if AMAZON etc. PAID PROPER TAXES.
— maybe local cafes would fare better if cafe chains PAID FAIR TAXES, and weren’t about to get 2% off Corporation tax – something that could be worth £60m a year to Nottingham if it was given to local gov’t.  

Time for the Conservative government and Conservative MPs (such as the one in the video) to stand up properly for local businesses.

Meanwhile, how to manage Bridgeway Shopping Centre? Too many people are using the car parks for work, including people walking to major offices some six blocks away and more.
We want to entourage quick visits to the centre for people to use the shops and the medical centre. So that means enforcement on everyone else. Requiring everybody to collect a ticket, paying or not, deters visitors, and there are easier ways to enforce. RINGGO requires people to display a permit or register their presence using an app on their mobile phone – and there are 25 million people registered, and 95% of car drivers have a mobile phone. Suggesting a free stay for 3 hours, to cover those visiting the (busy) hairdressers. For those who find the technology difficult, the offer of being able to register the car at the medical centre.
We’d probably look at people being able to park again at the centre some 5 hours after a first visit.
People could still pay, so the rates need to reflect parking spaces nearby such as on Crocus Street, and the workplace parking levy.
Finally, we had a mix-up on parking spaces for businesses and shops. We wanted to prioritise the ability to load and unload. But the solution for loading meant a loss of space for employee parking. So we’ll be exploring how each shop can have a free permit and how they can share permits and pay for others. The precise proposal has not been worked out cos we want a meeting. with the businesses.