Bridge ward monthly report 32

20140531-014236-6156834.jpgHighlights of the month included –
· the new sculpture on Queens Walk,
· the AMCG Spring event,
· Lilian Greenwood MP speaking at OMTRA and visiting Queens Walk & MAG,
· talking at the Meadows Youth Club,
· the 95 volunteers improving the Memorial Gardens,
· the Milk Race,
· voting;
Challenges included –
· proposal to close Meadows Police Station.
Fuller notes available.
Photo shows Appitrak machine laying concrete bed for outbound track to Beeston on Meadows Way West yesterday.

UKIP voters least likely to try food from other countries, but risk going hungry for a bit

… so that’s no spag bol, chile con carne, lasagne, macaroni cheese, stir fry, curry, chicken tikka masala, pizza, baked beans or of course, fish & chips (Jewish and Belgian don’tcha know).
I don’t think so.
Still as spurious as these opinion surveys are, was kinda pleased to find Labour supporters using social media the most.

Don’t believe the hype

Missed the England – Peru match on TV last night, save for the last ten seconds, then it was the adverts; and, the Vauxhall advert is again just embarassing. Imagine how we’d laugh if the Germans did a similar promo; and then call anyone who refused to do anything about it an appeaser.
Surely this stuff doesn’t work.
I’m certainly never using Head & Shoulders again – damn the consequences – and Joe Hart’s from west Shropshire.
Haven’t seen too many England replica shirts around, maybe cos at £90 a time, some perspective has been introduced.
Radio 5 match commentators do enough to make it plain we can’t win, but then the presenters start to build it up again.
Still, I am pleased we’re going.
20140531-230954-83394059.jpgCos they’ve just showed England v Poland from 1973, as part of a remember the year programme, when Norman Hunter stood on the ball. I remember the pain that night.

Michael Payne for Newark

20140529-225038-82238708.jpg 20140529-225050-82250318.jpg
Meeting Labour supporters in Newark with Michael Payne.
Met one lady who was anxious for her son’s lack of job opportunities; hence the need to tackle to abuse of the labour market.
Campaigning with a range of friends from Notts, old and new.
Had some fun with a Tory Minister leafleting on his own. Good spirited. Certainly no need to mention he was wearing orange trainers.
Labour’s campaign headquarters.

The iconic Newark Castle.

20140529-230412-83052432.jpg 20140529-230421-83061431.jpg
And at the end of the session, time at Newark Castle station to watch the freight trains.

Notts TV starts broadcasting

20140527-162840-59320478.jpg First programme … Mass Bolero.
A tough challenge to make a local TV channel succeed.
“Ey up” (me duck) is the catchphrase, along with “Int Notts mint”.
Blue is its corporate colour, which is a tad surprising giving Nottingham is so associated with green.
Second programme, Riverside bakery in Bridge ward.
See Notts TV on Freeview channel 8.

Hindsight is a debatable thing

20140526-121016-43816735.jpgNow I know why I’ve been upbeat since Thursday, whilst others weren’t.
Yep, Nottingham’s result was better for Labour than most places in the country, and, in my opinion, Bridge ward (city centre and The Meadows) was better still.
In Nottingham, we’ve boosted our share of the votes by 13.1% when UKIP increased theirs by 12.1%.
20140526-121118-43878807.jpgBreaking it down –
1. Labour did best in Nottingham, both coming first again, and boosting its share of the vote the most;
2. UKIP came from 3rd to 2nd;
3. Conservatives 3rd from 2nd; they lost a third of their share;
4. The Greens came from 5th to 4th; (small increase, reminding us that they get these kind of shares in European elections);
5. Lib Dems fell from 4th to 5th; (losing almost two-thirds of their vote);
6. BNP still 6th, but losing almost two-thirds of their vote; also English Democrats lost half their share.
Nottingham’s registration was up, our turnout was up and there was a leap in postal voting, a leap which might have been matched on the day but for five hours of rain between 3 in the afternoon and 8 in the evening.
Penny Griggs features in the N Post photo. My thanks to the Nottingham Post for the graphics of the Nottingham result.

The BBC politics presenters are missing the point and the politicians answering the questions are joining in.