Bridge ward monthly report 38

Clarifying the ambition for much more cricket at the Meadows Recreation Ground; resisting the nonsense of the claim that an Aldi on Queens Road was driven by concern for The Meadows; getting ready for a Christmas tree at Bridgeway Centre, and for 20mph speed limits across The Meadows.

National government and national politics continue to disappoint.  Unemployment in Bridge ward is set to be down a fifth in a year, but it don’t feel like it.  All that fuss about the deficit and the debt, all that austerity, and about immigration – yet Next are advertising jobs in Britain abroad before at home – whilst we’ve sought to clamp down on the international students who actually bring trade and sustain jobs.

The deficit is increasing cos more people are in low paid or low hours works.

IMG_5253b0494h big banner
When will we ever learn that the way to succeed is for all that are able to work in jobs with proper rates and proper security?

We can do better; we should do better.

In the spirit of Stella Smedley, whose adult life was devoted to the cause of the people; and in attendance of Remembrance events that help us remember why we should do better;  a local Lancaster veteran who went on 40 sorties;  a history talk that told the stories of the Nottingham goods station workers who lost their lives in WWI for a better country; and some new art that lifts one part of The Meadows.

Meanwhile, awards for local bus services and street cleaning.

Matters reported to me now at around 1200, from perhaps 500 different people; news shared in nearly 1500 posts.

Links to the November’s stories available at –

Conservatives fail their election promise on immigration

Screenshot (266)c0398h Conservatives fail own immigration promise
A solemn election pledge – part of a contract with the people – failed, and the failure remarked upon with the weak whimper by Theresa May of the people knowing the Conservatives will do more about it in the future.

But the issue always has been exploitation of all workers by agencies using foreign workers to undercut pay, terms and conditions.
Screenshot (267)c0534h Miliband hits out at jobs advertised abroad
The Daily Mirror have found the Next clothing chain advertising jobs to Polish workers weeks ahead of advertising them in Britain.

Complaints about school admissions increase

Audit committee hears that complaints about school admissions have now become the most common.

Audit Committee, November 2014
Matters of propriety checked annually and rehearsed at the Council’s Audit committee.
– an unqualified opinion issued on Nottingham City Council’s accounts for 2013/14.
– rate of complaints about service provision upheld is relatively low when compared alongside other “core cities” (principal principal authorities (oh yes)); complaints about schools admissions have now overtaken those about revenues and benefits, but no instance of maladministration in the 640 processes complained about;
– the four cases of maladministration actually concerned failing to call an ambulance quickly enough, funding a support plan for a child (check) and 2 housing matters.
– the council is collecting more feedback.
– a check on the progress of the new “Performance Management Framework” adopted by the council last April.
– a review of the council’s strategic partnerships; three out of the fourteen have some key areas of performance to work on.

Re-opening of Nottingham Midland railway station

IMG_5366b0270h Nottm Midland reopening ceremony plaque IMG_5342b0270h Nottm Midland reopening ceremony LGMP and LM
Nottingham Midland railway station was re-opened to celebrate the new interchange, made light and airy with £50 million of investment.
The Lord Mayor, Sheriff and Lilian Greenwood MP attended.
IMG_5338b0132h Nottm Midland reopening ceremony Greenfields IMG_5353b0132h Nottm Midland reopening ceremony Riverside
Kids from Meadows schools, Greenfields and Riverside, attended.
The Countess invited didn’t, after Budgie the helicopter fell ill.

NCH Chief Executive briefing

Range of issues raised.
News on the replacement council housing for the west Meadows.

The confirmed Phase 1 & 2 demolition dates are start date 1st Dec 14 completion date 2nd March 14.
The proposed Phase 1 & 2 Construction dates are 27th April 15 completion date 23rd Sept 16.

Discussed –
– projects for improving neighbourhood environments;
– using BIM technology;
– reporting NCH’s improved service returns;
– casework including decommissioning issues.

Meadows 20mph speed limits for December

IMG_5332mapb0320h Meadows 20mph speed limits IMG_5332b0320h QW Notts TV journalist
The scheme will be signing only and will be signed using larger terminal speed limit signs on the entrance and exit to the 20mph area and smaller ‘repeater’ signs on lamp columns throughout the area. Implementation of the speed limit is due to begin on Monday 1st December and expected to take approx. 3 weeks. Following the completion of the signing works the legal traffic regulation will be sealed and the 20mph speed limit brought into force.
Notts TV wanted to interview people today, but a lot of the people around, whilst supporting 20 mph for Robin Hood Way, didn’t want to go on TV.
We’re also exploring further refuges near Launder Street junction, and possibly cycle lanes.