Rest easy

In second appearance in the paper, The N Post journalist had tried to build up some worries ….
but Keri Usherwood has sent a message of assurance.

@Nottingham_Post Rest easy. Robin Hood very much a part of the plans to tell our story through 1,000 years of history. #robinhood

Further reading from the Nottingham Post here –
Backseat for Robin Hood in bid for Lottery funding for Nottingham Castle
A REVAMP of Nottingham Castle needs to focus more on factual history than the legend of Robin Hood. That was the message at a public meeting to discuss a £14m bid for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.
20131127-231359.jpg 20131127-231428.jpg
Jeremy Lewis: Robin and Reform Bill rioters – all sons of our no-nonsense city
I TOUCHED last week on some of recent history’s dafter proposals for Nottingham Castle and I will continue to resist any tomfoolery with the site’s somewhat unspectacular appearance. What it lacks in pointy turrets and a Disney-style cast of wholesome outlaws, medieval maidens and Sheriff’s swarthy heavies is offset by physical and historical integrity.

Post Comment: Robin Hood legend would enhance castle proposal
THE Heritage Lottery Fund may have misjudged the importance of the legend of Robin Hood to Nottingham. (No weblink)

A Case of History Repeating

So “A History of Britain” is being re-run on BBC. And “World at War” on Yesterday, which is of course, a re-run channel.
And it is good to be reminded of how much Britain was in to being part of Europe, whoops, the Roman Empire, cos of the wealth generated through trade. The Romans were everywhere of course, but not particularly interested in what is now Nottingham city centre.
The series skimped the last century, which I guess was the spec anyway, but what a shame they gave that bit of our story to Andrew Marr (made worse by giving him all of mankind next).
The World at War is terrific too but probably suffers most from being made before the full extent of Britain’s ability to read Germany’s communications was fully understood. But told a lot – so much so that The Battle of Britain only got one-third of one of the 26 episodes.
Important though. And the N Post paid tribute to a local Polish Spitfire pilot who died this week.
The longest serving British PoW has also died and yesterday, the Mirror paid tribute to the last of the Jarrow marchers. Kevin Maguire wrote

The authentic history of Britain isn’t the reign of King This and Queen That.
It is the history of protest and struggle for the right to vote, a job, a decent income, home, to join a trade union, free speech and a fair trial.

20130106-124525 PM.jpgThe latest Robin Hood movie by Ridley Scott echoed some of this. Richard the Lionheart doesn’t get the write-up he gets elsewhere, although his actual death was much more futile than shown in the movie. The movie works in protests about rights and tries to tie in with the Magna Carta.
Actual Nottingham – aka Banner Town – has certainly seen a lot of that.
Hopefully it’s a story we can work up as part of the lottery bid of Robin Hood and the Rebels, Nottingham Castle and the Rebellions.
I hope they make a sequel to the latest Robin Hood movie.
But if they don’t, there’s scope I’m sure for a TV mini-series about the rebellions of Nottingham. Cheese riots, Luddite campaigns, abandoned revolutions, burning down the Duke of Newcastle’s palace, chartist strikes, a Chartist MP et al.