Lilian and Toby at NeMTRA

Screenshot (840) NeMTRA AGM LG MP CllrTN ab0384h
Lilian covered –
celebrating votes for women; impact of women MPs; being chair of the Transport Select cttee.; preparing to clean air; the failure of Carillion and noting that the
NHS in Nottingham sacked them; the need fo more council housing; campaigning on gov’t proposals on supported housing (e.g. Carroll Gardens) – gov’t backtracked; new legislation for homes fit for human habitation; wanting more new council homes in The Meadows; that the government could do more; NHS – massive winter pressures; the waits for A&E ambulances: 300 more (check) operations cancelled.  Adult social care needs more support. Instead, the burden on council tax.  Pleased to see money secured for improvements to the Meadows Health Centre.  The new spaces available in local primary schools.
We need more police officers.

Community involvement counts. Casework is key to what she does and the feedback informs.  Meadows Advice Group is invaluable.


Councillor Toby Neal spoke on the cuts to the council’s budget being made by the national government.


Lilian visits The Meadows – August 2017

IMG_2465mc1389h LGMP in Bridgeway Shopping Centre
Lilian Greenwood MP cames to The Meadows as part of the annual Summer tour of the constituency and held coffee morning in Brookfield Court to hear of local concerns including construction timetables and crime, and visited the Community Information day run at Bridgeway Shopping Centre.
Highight was beating a team of 6 in Connect 4!
170810 MPT Meadows community info day ab0775h v0731

Fuddle for Jo Cox MP at AMCG

Lilian Greenwood MP gave a short speech and planted a white rose.
IMG_9238we3481h AMCG social alt montage
Fifty and more people from near and far came to share some food and drink.
A gloriously hot afternoon, and a lovely set of photos – mainly taken by a 9 year old. So much for all this “I like your photo” stuff in Facebook.


Lilian and Owen and the masses

Big turnouts to campaign for Lilian Greenwood in the west and north of the Nottingham South constituemcy.
Bigger than was mobilised in 1997.
Could only make the session in the afternoon so missed the briefings by national political commentator Owen Jones.


Lilian and Alan at Lenton Abbey

20170510ab0699h LGMP and AlanS


First Meadows canvass post the County Council elections

IMG_7533ab1333h QWCC LGMP team MME


Lilian meets and greets at the Community Gardens

Plenty of people supporting Lilian, and even those who hadn’t made their mind up were happy to pose for a photo.