How on earth did it come to this?

Keir Starmer took apart Johnson’s claims of Britain’s apparent success in tackling Covid-19 in the Hour of Commons.

As seen by Matthew Parris.

Lilian Greenwood was to ask a question on council finances. Citing Nottingham City Council’s challenge of £56 million, Boris Johnson said the bill would be met and that Nottingham had already had £19 million.

Lilian Greenwood’s daily exercising

Bumped into Lilian Greenwood MP during her daily exercise bike ride and my almost daily exercise walk.
If you wonder why there isn’t the usual team photo – 
1. requirements of social distancing;
2. I’d misjudged the distance of this particular walk and I was in a bit of a state.
Hey ho.
Managed to share news from our neighbourhood Police on tackling drug dealers (more arrests this week) and patrolling sites that those seeking drugs are accumulating. Also checked progress on some current less than environmentally friendly practices of a local train company.

Lilian campaigning near Bridgeway Centre

The General Election was called 5 week ago, and with 9 calendar days to go before voting starts, I still haven’t heard of anyone in Nottingham South receiving a leaflet, letter or visit from a representative of any other political party.
Meanwhile Labour has been out and about, having delivered a first leaflet, arranging for every registered household to receive an election address by post, writing to postal voters and calling on residents.

Jess Phillips MP tells Truth to Power

Jess Phillips, Birmingham MP, launching her book in Nottingham, at the Contemporary, and hosted by Five Leaves.
Lilian Greenwood MP “played the role of Parkinson”.

Jess kept an audience of 200 people engrossed for 90 minutes, conveying calm, experience of life, and soul. 

Good values; and encouraging people to join the Labour Party.
Her book is called “Truth to Power”.

Some of the photos available from Facebook.

Book signing, and a t-shirt printed with *that brooch*.
Photos available on Facebook.

Lilian visits The Meadows – September 2019

Pleasant meeting Old Meadows residents, who are staying with Labour, and with Remain.
Being with Lilian, the sessions are much more about people greeting her, and national discussion points, which included seeking assurance that should the default become that cars are not parked on pavements, Councils would be able to waive it for streets where that’s not practical; and disappointments with the cuts to arts in our schools’ curriculum.
Some extra checks were put into traffic arrangements for the Robin Hood Marathon to ensure Meadows residents were not contained by the race, or queues caused by the marathon.

Photographs available.