Castle Marina advice surgery

Rehearsing bus services, the needs of the boating community, road safety, cycle lanes, tow paths litter and rough sleeping, oh and Brexit. 
With Lilian Greenwood MP, and Councillors Sam Webster and Georgia Power.


Holocaust Memorial Day – 2019

Over 100 attended; attendance was higher this year than last; in parts cos some events merged with the one since this Sunday is the 27th and the actual Memorial Day.
But perhaps more cos of concern about how the intense exchanges on social media carry on.
Meanwhile, remember Heather Heyer.

Photos with higher res. available.

Meadows Labour Christmas social 2018

Lilian Greenwood met a mixture of members, community activists, leaflet deliverers and residents, from The Meadows and elsewhere.
Thanks to Nicola Heaton​, Jane Jeoffrey who organised the room and the drinks, and Craig Stanley​ who took the pictures.
Lilian spoke on visits to Royal Mail and Welbeck school, and the policies of their Tomorrow party who’d just won in an election exercise.
Higher res. photos available.

Celebrating the artists who have exhibited at Meadows Art Gallery

20181027 133300 meadows art gallery artists and their work
“An archipelago of artists”.
A made-up mass noun by organiser Pat Thomas.
Missed the group discussion, but pleased to take photos of many of the participants.
Higher res photos available.

20181027 133000 ab0625h LGtweet DqhgnxCX0AAfx_E meadows art gallery chat bel pt MME_Fotor.jpg
Lilian Greenwood MP joined the organisers, Pat and Bel, for a discussion about local issues in The Meadows.