OMTRA – July 2019

Started with a presentation on planning and current development in The Meadows.
Omar from the Community Protection officers presented crime figures for The Meadows, which generally showed a decline for the last 12 months to the 12 months previous.
I shared a graphical progress report and a written update on general aims, and news from Portfolio Holder Rebecca Langton.

Reviewing Aims for The Meadows

Cllr. Rebecca Langton discussing the Labour manifesto with residents. reps from The Meadows.

OMTRA reps have reviewed Nottingham Labour’s manifesto commitments, and the feedback is being added to a list of aims for delivery in the next 4 years.
City Councillor, Portfolio Holder and Meadows resident Rebecca Langton met senior community reps to hear many of the demands as the new Communities portfolio holder.
At some stage, I hope to publish everything that’s come up during the election campaigns and in subsequent reviews of the city-wide manifesto.


with part of the agenda

NeMTRA organisers put in hours over the year of being available and providing twice weekly occasions for people to meet and socialise in the Queens Walk Rec pavilion.
As usual, got given 5 or more things to go and do, better.