Ridewise in The Meadows

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Teaching people to ride, maintaining bicycles, comedy bikes including a bike with a non-central rear wheel.
Ridewise event at Arkwright Madows Community Gardens.  To be a regular event.


OMTRA lobby for better park fencing


Old Meadows residents representatives ask for more fencing to protect the fields from abuse by people driving their cars over the grass fields.
Portfolio Holder Davud Trimble heard the points alongside parks officers, and plans are now being made for new gates on key entrances, extra bollards around other entrances and some new fencing.
Meanwhile, a Neighbourhood Action Team has asked for more lighting for the multi-use games area just off Felton Road.

OMTRA public meeting – March 2017

A residents’ meeting that ended with a round of applause. How rare is that?
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Nicola opened with a presentation on her work as portfolio holder for neighbourhood services and community safety.
A speaker on cats came along cos of the issues we have with feral cats in The Meadows.
Local uniformed officers turned up to report on crime stats and the latest Police operations against drug dealing.
Points were made and questions were taken on parks, parking permits and the Meadows Medical Centre.
Well advertised, organised and chaired; supportive and never accusatory, the meeting was packed full of stuff and exemplary – hence the applause at the end.

Meadows Muslim Centre AGM 2017

WP_20170317_13_51_42_Pro ab0105h Meadows Muslim Centre AGM Improvements to the centre are now due to be finished in July.
The local Police Sergeant reported on tackling drug trading and the various actions being taken to tackle it.
I reported on parking in Meadows streets, improvements to parks, works on trees, changes at Bridgeway Shopping Centre and the impact of cuts in finance for City Council and Police services.
Points from the floor were made on the Hackney trade.
The importance of reporting crime, including hate crime was stressed.

I was asked to share news of a British Army project – Girls Youth Leadership Training.
IMG_6538aa5184h Meadows Muslim Centre notes (3)