Bridge ward monthly report 52

Big issues were the occupation of the playing fields and operations against drug dealing in The Meadows.
For the country, it was more storms, which we in Nottingham haven’t suffered from, but we have got a very early Spring and we await the consequences of that.
Holocaust Memorial Day was moving, and surprisingly, a trigger for controversy.
The keys for the cricket pavilion have been handed over, but some tweaks are still required.
Bad behaviour by private landlords looks set to be the next big concern for action, whilst local press coverage has prompted intrigue over whether a new tram route will travel through the east of The Meadows.
A new express bus service to East Midlands Airport from Broadmarsh and Midland Station has begun.
The new Spring Meadow began, offering modern facilities to support the services for some of the people who need help the most.
1531 matters have been logged, from probably around 638 clients.

Sensational victory for Salop against Wednesday

… because of the drama.

Wednesday were more than coping with Salop and easily took the lead.
But Salop came back twice and scored a winner from a Wednesday corner in the last minute, with an excellent bullet header from a cross delivered at the end of a 50 yard run.
A change of tactics meant Salop got the ball to their forwards early with long balls, and Wednesday’s once dominant defence couldn’t cope.
That said, a Championship side has again played 9 reserves against Salop and lost.

Notably gracious comments from Wednesdayites on social media, and it begs the question – why did the Police insist on such ticketing that stopped so many from being able to see the match.

Ward walk January 2016

Walking from All Faiths church to the bus depot, then to the old telephone exchange, up and around Portland Leisure Centre and then to the Riverway Pub on Arkwright Walk.
Points included –
– discussing news of a Police operation against drug dealers earlier in the week;
– concern always about properties east of the bus depot managing the small yards in front of their houses properly;
– some issues with borders of Portland Leisure Centre, some associated with the recently completed construction works (which a disappointed manager had clearly thought he’d had dealt with);
– the grounds of Riverway pub have been improved, reinforcing rumours that the pub may open again soon.

As pretty as daffodils are, they are coming out way too early.  We need proper winters to kill off vermin.

Meanwhile, frustration from OMTRA over empty properties, who have written to the Nottingham Post. Empty homes are a wasted resource and a blight on neighbourhoods, which is why we have a very active Empty Homes team, currently dealing with over 500 empty homes and instrumental in bringing 110 properties back into use in the last year. Private landlord behaviour is having to be policed by public services and paid for by the people. There will be a new site visit to Wilford Grove soon.

Holocaust Memorial Day civic service of commemoration

Over 60 people attended the service, that this year made a point of remembering Europe’s Roma and Sinti people (Gypsies).
Upward of 200,000 were murdered or died as a result of starvation or disease.
The photos were taken in a dim light, and are not that great.
What was striking was how David Cameron’s remarks at Prime Ministers Questions jarred with the spirit of the day, despite his announcement of a memorial of the holocaust to be built next to the Houses of Parliament.

Fuller presentation in a Facebook library.

For more on the fallout from Cameron’s remarks.

No need to run or hide

Channel 4 tv have broadcast “The Mad World of Donald Trump” fronted by Matt Frei.
And it says ‘be afraid, very afraid’.
Trump – scaring people about Mexicans and Muslims; a billionaire, but only after bankrupting four businesses and all in property development; getting the support of working class people who he’ll never care about; needs Sara Palin to win the evangelicals; hateful about women, and possibly worse than that with his first wife.
1380488_599581193412491_905441738_n.jpgPalin – ridiculed by the media over her problems with sentence structure (which us Prescott supporters might take some exception to); also a speaker of hateful things – ‘wearing coats of political correctness like a suicide vest’.
Stories of her son being arrested within hours of the endorsement on domestic violence charges may also have harmed Palin and Trump. And saying her son was hurt by military experiences (caused by Obama, when he served before Obama was elected).

Eventually, the media and the public did find their line and length with Palin and she lost credibility.
So maybe too, they will with Trump.
Cos the surprise is that Western Illinois university, the only ‘pundits’ to correctly predict the outcome of U.S. presidential races every time since 1975 are predicting that independent democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders will be the next President.
I’d feel sorry for Hilary Clinton – the first credible woman candidate for President.
But a Sanders election would be thrilling.
But would Sanders really be up against Jeb Bush? And would he really beat Bush in Florida? And who are the other two candidates who’d win states in a Presidential election?

I don’t know enough about politics in the U.S.A.
I just hope it turns out alright.
P.S. Sara Palin came to national prominence through John McCain, who supported her even when things got difficult. Donald Trump has since attacked and ridiculed John McCain’s military service, even though Trump didn’t serve. And yet Palin has run to support Trump.

New planning application at Popham Street

popham street mapCentral College have submitted a planning application for a replacement Popham Street (linking Cliff Road to Canal Street) in preparation for the new Skills Hub college development.
Details can be viewed online.

The scheme runs to the east of the current Popham Street through the site just vacated by the homeless protesters.

The site was NCC housing before being cleared in anticipation of the original Westfield Broadmarsh redevelopment scheme.

Some local residents will have received the usual planning neighbour notification letters describing the scheme.