Greener offices

Design sustainability into a new building from the outset.
Use natural ventilation – the era of fan driven air conditioning should be over.
Use ground source heat pumping, using the piles as the way to reach into the ground.
Don’t build above 8 stories cos serving the upper floors and carrying the weight against wind chill is too much.
Deep buildings can only work with air and light shafts.

High level conclusions presented to Nottingham architects and City Council planners.
Julian Marsh and Brian Royal making the contentions.
Supporting speech from Alan Simpson and an introduction from me.
If the contentions area supported, we’ll look to see them in a supplementary planning policy.
But we will have to work on persuading the developers too.

Nottingham 2028 Carbon Neutral Charter

To be adopted at full Council.

A huge challenge.
But we have plenty of new ideas, often tested in Northern Europe to draw upon.
Examples follow:

Heat pumping from disused mines to heat and cool our houses.
Solar panels, and batteries tested in The Meadows.
More iInsulation for homes with potential for external insulation to be applied to the rear and side of homes.
Expanding low emissions public transport.
Building homes nearer to places of work and study.
Expanded incineration to get energy from waste and extract waste metal.
Local food and new uses for caves including growing food.
Bushes and vertical farming to absorb greenhouse gases and pollution.

Osier Road resurfaced

Would like to do a lot more roads than this.
Wilford Grove and the Wilford Crescents would be obvious candidates.
I’ve heard opponents say our road mtce. programme is the worst its ever been, but I wonder if it wasn’t worse in the nineties?
(And we had no money for the maintenance of street trees either).

Another draw on the budget is protecting local residents’ parking.

Green awards for Nottingham City Council

Climate Change: we do loads in Nottingham, and in The Meadows; we need to do loads more; we need a government that does more, much more.  
= = = = =
Nottingham City Council has won a Guardian award for its green policies this week.  
Cllr. Sally Longford, our portfolio holder, recently won an LGIU award for innovation on green policies.
Environenergy has won an award for its decentralised energy work.
(And remember too how it extracts metal from the waste stream.)

I attended the Meadows O-zone Energy Services AGM tonight at which they announced a surplus and the payment of loans taken, the positive results from Project SENSIBLE were reported, Enterprise presented on their car club (how its car fleet is electric and they want to start operating from The Meadows) and Extinction Rebellion spoke of the change in public mood this year (acknowledging David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg).  

Meanwhile the Government did not make good on the payments due for MOzES’ solar panels and Boris Johnson and the Brexit Party leader did not attend the Channel 4 leaders’ debate on climate change.  

We are delivering on climate change, and technological developments are helping, but we’d do so much more with national leadership that is radical and ambitious (Labour pushed its Green Industrial Revolution again this morning), and with a framework that means it isn’t just local authorities run by Labour that make the changes.

And then some. Travel less, especially by air and change our diet.