Labour IN for Britain rally in Old Market Square

Pat Glass, Labour MP and spokesperson on Europe, speaking at a rally under the Brian Clough statue with Chris Leslie MP and Glenis Willmott MEP.
Bus Pass Elvis turned up too, with his take on the Eurovision song contest.

Stand Up for Labour with Norman Lovett

IMG_0520ab0297h PolC Norman Lovett

Norman expresses his disillusion having met comedy heroes, who then went on to die within 3 months; plus analyses the appeal of the Sugababes.
You had to be there.

IMG_0518ab0150h PolC DanJmp IMG_0522ab0150h PolC PTpcc IMG_0524ab0150h PolC DanJmp Norman Lovett GWmep
Dan Jarvis MP (taking to the stage despite comedian Scott Bennett ridicule of Yorkshire and West Bridgford;  Paddy Tipping PCC;  Dan and Norman with Glenis Willmott MEP.

Kuwait National Day celebration cakes

IMG_9883ab2269h OMS National Kuwait Day students cake MME GWMEP
Happened to meet four wonderful women university students – 2 civil engineers, a mechanical engineer and a Bridge ward constituent (!) –  who were handing out buns with a caramel and sesame seed topping, to celebrate the national day of Kuwait.
Was campaigning with Glenis Willmott MEP at the time – the photo shows Glenis knowing the importance of the camera, whilst I was focussed on the cake (ooh, it was nice).
Kuwait National Day is actually the 25th February and celebrates the anniversary of Sheikh Abdullah taking the throne – he was to be key in the liberation from Britain in 1961; (26th February celebrates liberation from Iraq in 1991).

Glenis and Liz and Labour IN for Britain

IMG_9882ab0716h OMS Labour in for Britain GWMEP lkmp

Glenis Willmott MEP and Liz Kendall MP in the Old Market Square to support Labour IN for Britain campaigners with leafleting and talking to shoppers about our case for REMAINing in the EU for Britain’s sake.

Glenis has recently published 5 reasons to REMAIN in the EU.

Opinion of people I spoke with was overwhelmingly for staying in – those for leaving walked on by – and I think the message that change risks a number of established jobs has begun to get across.
Some real frustration at the conduct of politicians recently – especially the bickering.  Maybe I’ve not been watching the television enough, but it’s going to be a bit harsh if petty points on wearing suits smears both sides.

Campaigning in Clifton with Lilian Greenwood MP

Lilian Greenwood meets Geoff, who’s lived on the estate since 1956. Interested to hear if the insulation scheme that was started, can be got going again, and if so, on what terms.
Lilian meets people in Whitehall again this next week.
Glenis Willmott MEP, and Leader of Britain’s Socialists in Europe, joined the campaign this morning.

Let’s have a proper protest

Latest poll of voting intentions puts the Conservatives a clear third.
The Libs Dems even further behind in fourth – indeed the Lib Dems have been warned that their vote in the East Midlands might only be a tenth of what they achieved 5 five years ago. The suggestion that they may get no MEPs at all could easily have been leaked to enable the ‘we did better than expected’ tactic cos it will have to be truly awful to get no seats in the south-east.
Now if this is because Britain can trade more effectively outside of the European Union, even with the European Union, then this overlooks –
– the extra money that Norway and Switzerland pay to trade with the EU, that we would have to pay;
– having to accept EU trade on their terms, leading for example to Norwegians lobbying British MEPs to get proposals changed.
It’s not that Britain can’t go it alone; we could and we have done so. It’s just better to be in.
Mainstream opinion is that UKIP are polling high because the European election can be seen as an opportunity to cast a protest. But a protest against what?
– Elected representatives not doing the job; well the poorest attendance rates has been by the UKIP MEPs.
– Elected representatives taking too much in expenses; the UKIP leader doesn’t like to put a figure on his claims, but the BBC have pointed out it’s at least £2 million;
– Elected representatives shouldn’t employ family; the UKIP leader employs his wife as a secretary and says no-one else can do the job.
– Immigrants are taking British jobs; but the UKIP leader employs a German; and the latest UKIP poster making the point uses an Irish actor.

Maybe this level of politics is too trite, too petty, too personal.
So could the real point be that we should have a better protest? Protest against –
– the country being run for the wealthy few;
– firms using agencies to employ people for depressed wages;
– the bedroom tax;
– zero-hours contracts, that are no basis for living a life and making a future – they should be banned.
There are better things to protest about.
We need a change of government.
Vote Labour.

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