Bridge Monthly Report 22

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Some glorious sunshine; some community triumphs; a great political ceremony and a test match that didn’t impact unfairly on the community.

A range of things going on across the ward, so this time, I’ve plotted the highlights spatially across a map. Select graphic to see report in higher resolution.

Challenges remain: money in people’s pockets, people on low hours with low security. In response, MAG are helping more people.

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Castle Marina Sainsbury’s to re-site petrol station

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Using planning permission obtained from Planning Committee in November 2010, Castle Marina Sainsbury’s to re-site petrol station at the west end of their large car park.
I understand works start next week.
The most significant change from 2010 is the introduction of a new access using a new roundabout on Castle Bridge Road (not shown here).

pieces of work

Observed the July Board meeting of the Care Commissioning Group today. The meeting is held in public so as to be held to account; and conducted in hushed voices so the public can’t hear what’s going on! Whoa! Unfair – it’s probably their clinical background that means they speak in hushed tones, so that the patient is assured that the patient in the next bed can’t hear about their problems. Clinical or not, the directors have not avoided manager-speak – “pieces of work” driving you to distraction much more than Long John Silver’s parrot ever did.

If you listen carefully enough, you can hear the concerns about the NHS locally. Whether the ambulance service’s performance is as good as it claims etc. Some concern too about one of the first 3 services commissioned from an “Any Quality Provider”, though nothing said about the other two.

I don’t happen to know either why they are deliberately planning to underspend the budget they’ve been given. I’ll ask. I’ll be checking other concerns noted first rather than hinting at them in public.

Otherwise, concerns about care services remain.

Tap the Gap

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Students learning about work during the holidays before going onto college in a scheme called “Tap the Gap”.
A (pictured right) is learning about supporting Councillors and acting on matters raised by the public, guided by Tanith. So today, a quick walk around the Meadows, checking preparations for Meadows in Bloom, visiting sheltered housing, bumping into clients, taking casework at the library and so on.

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55001 extra visitors to Nottingham

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What on earth has happened to the Nottingham Post? A positive story on the front page. Sunshiney. Bringer of good cheer.
55,000 extra visitors to Nottingham, in the first six months of this year.
I try to help out.
So welcome today to Angela from the Meadows and her cousin’s daughter (pictured in the Council Chamber), all the way from Germany, to learn how to explain Germany’s triumphs – they’ve won another trophy y’know – in English. It’s OK, we’re not jealous.
She was very patient – listening to all Nottingham’s stories – the Saxons, St.Helena, the vikings, Trent Bridge & the Meadows, William the Conqueror, the castle, Robin Hood, Little John, the caves, commerce, the growth cos of textiles, the Luddites, the Chartists, The Council House and the shopping, the European champions and Nottingham-by-the-Sea.
So welcome number 55,001 and thanks for listening.

20130729-103809 PM.jpg 20130729-103834 PM.jpg
Nottingham meanwhile is working on how to give visitors a fuller, wider experience when they visit, beyond the shopping, eating and drinking.
Select graphics to read full stories at the Nottingham Post web-site.

Can I ignore the double yellow lines on Warsar Gate, please?

Eric Pickles wants to stop on double lines outside a shop and nip in for fifteen minutes.
And there’s me thinking he’d learnt to resist the urge.
The urge to make drivers think they’re getting something that he can’t deliver.
Apparently he, from Whitehall, will issue an edict that changes the meaning of all double yellow lines everywhere.

20130729-112056 PM.jpg 20130729-112105 PM.jpg 20130729-112112 PM.jpg 20130729-112120 PM.jpg
So Mr. Pickles, when I want to nip into Sainsburys, can I ignore the double yellow lines on Warsar Gate, please?