Blue Orchids at Rough Trade

WP_20180714_00_08_00_Pro mb0689h montage Rough Trade
Great sounds.


Suspending public transport

Having seen England beat Sweden on Saturday, it was a bit of a surprise that people had left the big pubs on Friar Lane to demolish a taxi in front of a small crowd and to damage wing mirrors on buses.
NCT and NET responded by suspending services passing through Beastmarket Hill from the end of the Croatia match until the routes were cleared.  Crowd control directed people leaving the crowd of 3,000 away from Friar Lane and St.James Street.
Watching people coiming out, there were a few little melodramas – individuals striking out to show they were the ones most upset at England’s defeat to Croatia, or seeking to provoke an argument.  But nothing close to what had happened on Saturday occurred.
Some 200 Forest fans came together and marched down Long Row to Clumber Street to have a sing song.
Trams were running again 35 minutes after the final whistle.

Full council – July 2018

We got as far as the minutes of the May meeting before the Conservatives started raising concerns – ‘the minutes were accurate but misleading’.  And they ‘didn’t contain answers to all the supplementary questions’.  A full 8 weeks since the last full council, and they hadn’t thought to correspond.
They then proceeded to tell Labour that we didn’t know how to run things.  Seemingly on the edge of welcoming Robin Hood Energy now that it had broken into surplus and is estimated to be worth £30 million as a business, and recognising how they thought such surpluses could reduce the Council tax; then saying it had all be done wrong and slightly surreal to hear the Conservatives talk about European regulations whilst Boris Johnson was leaving the government.

WP_20180709_16_16_16_Pro (2) TCH CllrGP moving mental health motion

Meanwhile, Labour was focussed on bigger issues than minutes –
– the concerns about the roll-out of Universal Credit depriving local people, putting them 4 weeks behind in payments; and being found to cost more to process than the existing benefits;
– the inability to build the houses people want cos of restrictions on use of right to but money;
– cleaner air;
– mental health, with a motion upon which one Conservative voted for and one abstained.

Persistent rough sleeping report raised in Parliament

WP_20180702_22_01_59_Pro ab0500h LGMP parliament tv Nottm homeless.jpg
Lilian Greenwood MP highlights the key points from a Nottingham Trent University report on rough sleeping, a key concern in the city centre.
Earlier, a Nottingham City Council funding bid won £420,416, to provide additional bed spaces, employ dedicated homelessness workers and to sustain the “no second night out policy”.
The debate is available on video.
The debate is available from Hansard.