Nottingham homeless analysis

WP_20171010_12_35_21_Pro ab0400hPresented to a launch by various voluntary organisations for helping the homeless over the forthcoming winter.
World Homelessness Day presentation page 2
Latest number is 44.
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Kings Place

Kings Place, off Stoney Street, of which I’d report –
1. it hosted an office for law in the city at the time of the Luddites;
2. it serves the Stoney Street car park, which suffered a fire in August, which seems to be attributed to the electrical system of a parked car;
3. the yellow lines were worn out, so people parked ther cars there , which has been fixed.

Streets paved with gold

WP_20170821_15_54_28_Pro aa0449h york stone
The Yorkstone on Barker Gate looks special in the sunlight after cleaning.
So bright at times, that you wonder whether the phrase came not from the story of Dick Whittington, or whether it wasn’t just a euphanism for making a living is easy, but just the use of Yorkstone.
The photo shows the difference between cleaned and uncleaned stone, highlighted by a local resident’s dog.

As I was proceeding …

WP_20170805_23_38_19_Pro ab1051h city centre ChCons MME
… in an easterly direction along Carlton Street, in Hockley, (on my way home from the Riverside Festival fireworks display), I happened across a new(ish) man patrolling the area as a Chief Constable, checking out again how the city centre is on a busy Saturday night.
We discussed a number of issues, including repeated begging.

Full council – July 2017

Covered –
– a sober review of actions taking place prompted by the fire that devastated the Grenfell Tower;
– the council being awarded good for its children services by Ofsted;
– condemnation of the cuts the government is still planning for school budgets;
– a motion calling for Bedroom tax to be dropped now that there is a majority opposing it in the House of Commons;
– protests against money being found for the north of Ireland whilst Nottingham’s budget is cut.
Astonishing to hear the Conservative Deputy Leader saying that cuts to Nottingham had been justified.  Yep, justifying the cuts made on Nottingham.

Tributes to Glen O’Connell on his retirement on the 22nd anniversary of his return to the city council to lead our legal team.