Panthers hold out for 47 minutes to win 5-2

WP_20170401_19_29_51_Pro (2)
First ice hockey game.
Four nil to GMB Nottingham Panthers against Sheffield Steelers after 12 minutes seems very one-sided.
4-1 after second half.
Panthers been concentrating on keeping players between the ball and the goal.
Nottingham’s goalkeeper has had less to save but has stopped a number of daisy-cutters.

Went on a last minute whim when I heard the end of season cup quarter-final against rivals from Sheffield was not sold out – I suspect cos of late organisation.
4-0 after 12 minutes completely threw me – it was like easy when no-one suggested it would be.   Lots of noise.
Then it was kind of 47 and 3/4 minutes Steelers moving it around and GMB Panthers defending – and only conceding when they were one player down.
BTW, always referred to as the GMB Panthers – which is great.
A lot less violent than I was led to believe.
The woman next to me had predicted dirty tricks in the second half and outright violence in the third, but, really it was more like tea and cucumber sandwiches from the 1930s.  Indeed, “what’s happened, have they changed the rules?”, and “it’s like Celebrity on Ice!”
A player’s inability to control stands out much more than in football.
Then with 15 seconds to go, a charge up the wing, a hook back and a smash in on the angle from the other side and it was 5-2 – quite a finale.
No surprise that player of the match went to the goalkeeper.  Now GMB Panthers have to hold out with their three goal lead in Sheffield in the second leg.
And thanks to colleagues for biting on the football terminology used above.

For a proper write-up, check out the Nottingham Post.

National Grid on Canal Street

WP_20170314_10_38_28_Pro ab0537h Canal Street works

Repairing the next bit of the gas mains in a flap on Monday, after problems discovered last May and weeks of works in January.  Had to close the westbound 3 lanes cos the chaos on Monday was too much.
And National Grid they will have the works done by the end of the day.
Hey ho.
Only dealing with 2 more holes and the damage done to the district heating’s hot water mains.  Then the concrete to be poured on top has to properly set.
Anyway, we’ll ask them again to do a proper replacement job, when Canal Street is closed to through traffic.

City schools sing for planet Earth

Six songs for planet Earth sung at St.Mary’s in the Lace Market, by 10 Nottingham primary schools, in an afternoon event organised by the Nottingham Music Service (the lead organisation for Nottingham Music Hub; t: @NottMusicHub).
Found our when I bumped into a crocodile of kids from Greenfields from The Meadows walking to the event.
Around 100 parents and carers attended.

Full Council – March 2017

IMG_6046ab0600h TCH CllrJC CllrGC mapBudget day – and agreeing £27 million of cuts despite raising Council tax by 4.9%.
The Conservatives nationally are to blame and the Conservatives locally say nothing to speak up for the injustice against Nottingham.
Pictured are Labour councillors pointing out how special transitional funds have been directed away from cities and towns in the North and The Midlands (featured on the maps in white). The government still refuse to publish the criteria used for the allocation of funds.
The other big theme – the crisis in funding for social care and the knock on effects on hospitals and health care. So a motion calling for extra national funding. Meanwhile the policy of seeking integration of health and adult services continues, even though aspects of the government’s STP version is not particularly helpful.

Finally, I made a statement recognising the impact of Professor Peter Mansfield and stating that Nottingham could well become known for being the hme of the MRI scanner – which the Nottingham Post on-line report turned into a questioning of such a claim. La de da.