Victoria Embankment and Meadows Recreation Ground

Over the last year, the Council has achieved improvements for Victoria Embankment and Meadows Recreation Ground –

    resurfaced road;
    dropped kerbs are in;
    fixed and enhanced fountains;
    improved lighting;
    completed bund works;
    extra cycle path installed;
    welcomed new Hunter Street Memorial Gardeners, who’ve done good work;
    big events, including National Armed Forces Day.

Work continues on other initiatives, set out in the masterplan agreed last year.
At the Annual General Meeting of Friends of Victoria Embankment, the group was unable to re-appoint new officers for the lack of volunteers – a problem not unique to FoVE.

Friends of Victoria Embankment AGM

At the Friends of Victoria Embankment AGM tonight, Nottingham City Council, the NHS and the Environment Agency were thanked for a number of improvements for the Victoria Embankment and Meadows Recreation Ground, including new lights, resurfacing of the road, protection for the roof of the peace memorial, along with new fencing and new shutters for the undercroft, an outdoor gymnasium, exercise equipment for the children’s area, and active management of the specimen trees in the memorial gardens.
FOVE continues without a secretary and now seeks a vice-chair.