Bridge ward monthly report 84


Main effort has been making reviewing progress made in the ward (see mid-month graphic).
New development prompted debate at planning committee.  A conservation area for the Old Meadows was considered.  Astonishment that a builder decided to build a new house on Glapton Road without permission.
Hoodwinked brightened the city centre for 3 months.
Frank starred at the ward walk.
BT concede on their phone boxes in Bridgeway Centre.
Oh, and Brexit and Trump, again.
The Kavanaugh hearings were extraordinary – and even if the supreme justice candidate is appointed without deserving it, violence against young women has been given another hearing.
Trump was laughed at by the world, but the Republicans have been losing ground for some week now  and the mid-term elections could

Audit committee – September 2018

Not much formal business, so a chance to review treasury management with a presentation by Link Asset Services.
Treasury Management issues to review as a result of the presentation include –
– a review of the internal borrowing to pay for 43% or so of the council’s capital programme;
– understanding why the 5 county councils under financial threat didn’t see problems coming;
– an assessment of potential events on the council’s standing, which could be as general as anticipated another global crash, or as specific as chaos from Brexit happening.

Pleasing to see the number of complaints against the council being upheld by the Local Ombudsman reducing to 4, because of a new approach copied from the local NHS.

20180928 123000 ab0600h nottm cc audit cttee benefits Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 19_Fotor
The terms of reference have been written out in an expanded way, following national advice, but we were kinda working to them already.  A check. for when each element is checked in a financial year. will be conducted.

Clifton North by-election

Turnout was strikingly similar to the Clifton North by-election in April 2014, both on the day and with postal votes.
The result wasn’t – Labour down 7.8%, Conservatives up 11.5%, Nott’m Independents at 11.2% when UKIP were 18.9%.
To which you can acknowledge a 2% national swing away from Labour to Conservatives (and perhaps a Green standing).
No lack of effort from Labour on the day, or in the run-up.
So main story is that we’ve had a second by-election in under 5 years cos a Councillor previously elected as Labour had retired early.
Finally, tragedy for Bus Pass Elvis Party who made national news by beating the Lib Dems then,. but came botton today.  How will he ever live it down?

Ward walk – September 2018

Meet Frank.
Frank is hosteling at Nicola Heaton’s.
Frank is on his best behaviour.
Frank even obeys orders. “Sit!”
Frank joined the ward walk today.
Frank didn’t understand all that was required of him.
“Frank – put those 2 top layers of bricks back on the side to a car pool!”
Not a twitch of a response.

Toured Middle Furlong Gardens & Mews, Causeway Mews, Barra Mews and Meredith Close.

OMTRA meet to consider conservation area for the Old Meadows

20180925 1915 ML omtra conservation area 42494201_10155882076496305_5180883925198700544_oAround 50 residents met to consider how the planning system could be used to defend the defining features of the Old Meadows, in a way that every property owner would have to obey.
Using a conservation order, of which there are 32 in the city, perhaps the three strongest ideas are –
– consistency in roof tiling – most rooves to be slate or slate lookalike;
(Visit Wollaton Park Estate to see what happens when the 1930’s design code was ignored);
– requiring front boundary walls to be kept in Bulwell stone (or its Ilkeston/Alfreton lookalike);
– keeping the depth of window reveals to be consistent with original specifications.
Could usefully have explored views on allowing higher walls at the rear properties, or not. (It seems unlikely that an adopted plan would be used to require property owners. to undo changes already made, )
The boundary proposed need to be reviewed too – should the more modern eco-houses be in or not?
And what might a conservation area do for the potential development sites at the former Old Toll Bridge pub site, and at the former Collygate school site off Wilford Grove?
OMTRA are now collecting opinions and will present a summary report to a future public meeting.


20180924 QWCA annual report ab0349h Collage_Fotor30-40 people attended the AGM of Queens Walk Community Association, which runs the community centre and Sheriff’s Bar..
Welcoming the improvements in the last year paid for by the tram project.
Frustrated by the impact of drug taking in the neighbourhood.
Looking forward to initiatives in the next year to reduce lighting bills and heating bills. –
I’m grateful for the capacity that the community centre offers to The Meadows and the city.


BBC tv’s “Bodyguard” was not credible, and councillors and MPs know it. Here’s the proof – when an elected representative holds an advice surgery, it’s shown being held in an open hall, where loads of people can see clients take their concerns to the representative in public. Just wrong;
And fans of Jed Mercurio know it too,  When one of three behind all the wrong-doing turns out to be a “bent copper”, she is interviewed without someone from anti-corruption (e.g. AC-12) being present and questions are not asked by an officer one rank senior to the officer being questioned, or in the presence of one (I’m sure the Chief Constable of East Midlands, or an assistant would have been available).
The writer is to blame! Jed Mercurio has used 4 series of “Line of Duty” to bang the proper procedures home and yet he ignored this.

This has been the most popular BBC tv drama series of the decade and hurrah – cos it ain’t by Dickens or one of the Bronte’s, or that guy from Warwickshire.
But apparently people are disappointed cos the ending left too many questions open. What the series missed was some kind of character (like Ted Hastings) who actually stressed why getting the right outcome in the right way matters.
And in this series, a politician (cos “politics is where people stand tall”) could have provided that role.  But none of the politicians are shown to have the right character.
Instead you’re merely left with relief that the main character (who did turn out to be for real and a hero in the story) survived, and an unease that so many were ready to see him killed.
The action sequences made the series compelling.