Bridge ward monthly report 45

Plans to renew Broadmarsh shopping centre, with proper entrances from Collin Street and Middle Hill, and an extension to Bridlesmith Gate were approved.
General concerns remain – not enough money in people’s pockets, repairs, overgrown trees, commuter parking etc. Ward walks are highlighting concerns over public health. Visits to the advice surgery are up. We’ve started surveys – first streets were Colliery Close and Meredith Close.
Concerns over ASB on Arkwright Walk, tipping & dereliction at the decommissioned Q Blocks and fencing at the old Trent Works sites are being picked up. Meadows Way (east) is to be re-surfaced in July.
Community Gardens and In Bloom displays look great and the ward featured heavily in photos picked out by the N Post to celebrate the city. The new cultural scene in the city centre has been celebrated – as well as the street cleaning.
Hugely disappointed about the cancellation of the electrification of the Midland Main railway line.
August may well be a time of celebration in The Meadows, with the Carnival returning, an event for the new cricket pavilion and probably, or possibly, the start of tram services to connect The Meadows with the city centre, Clifton & Wilford, the QMC etc.
Fuller notes below.

My case number is circa 1420, serving around 592 clients.

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Other points:
We held a public meeting on social security and support for the poor and the working poor at the Meadows Library.
Broadmarsh shopping centre –
Cricket pavilion delayed – The cricket pavilion is delayed slightly, but an event to coincide with the Ashes at Trent Bridge is planned for August 4th
NeMTRA meeting
Road works due on Meadows Way East – 5th July – 10 working days
Carnival in The Meadows on 23rd August.
Number of tragic incidents in city centre.
Trees – approved £5k at Area 8 towards a £15k programme that might perhaps deal with 30 trees.
Area 8: debates on Clifton town centre and getting ready for the tram.
Summer of Action has begun with gully pot cleaning in the Old Meadows.

Labour Leadership hustings in Nottingham

IMG_7296cc0251h WP_20150628_11_42_25_Pro leadership debate composite
Harsh to judge people on one minute answers, I know.
Surprised that 3 of the 4 answered a question on Trident in terms of unilateralism – there’s wider arguments to make.
Disappointed that 2 out of the 4 are pushing the argument on running a deficit in 2007, when it was a cross party thing.
Disappointed that 1 out of the 4 thinks public spending is the ultimate test of government – there is so much more.
Noted that Andy Burnham finished the strongest.
IMG_7297b0453h UoN Bridge members at leadership debate
Met some new members at the debate from Bridge branch.

Conservative betrayal on Midland Main Line electrfication

Midland Main Line electrification has been “paused” by the Conservatives.
A betrayal of Notts / Derbys / Leices.
So much for the “Midlands engine room”.
Conservative MPs were not short of proclaiming victory on the works before the General Election.
20120716b0283h Anna Soubry on MML electrification
And with bizarre consequences – major works in Notts about to happen on bridges in order to support electrification.
A former railway colleague writes “This is crazy. On the 1st July Station Road Kegworth is to be closed for 6 months to allow the railway bridge to be rebuilt for the electification followed immediately by Marle Pit Hill bridge at Sutton Bonington followed by that on the Hathern Rd. We are therefore faced with road disruption for several years. What for? So that the electrification can be cancelled? … I notice this came after the election – doing it before would have dented the Conservative vote.”
I won’t forget the Conservatives lining up in Parliament when the 5 year programme was announced – so weird to see so many Conservatives seem so pro-rail.  

Nicky Morgan MP
Tuesday, 8 April, 2014
… “ … with the electrification of the Midland Mainline rail passengers in Loughborough can look forward to cleaner, greener trains and a faster service which should lead to greater investment in our area.”

Anna Soubry MP
Monday, 16 July, 2012
Anna had a meeting with the Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, a few weeks ago and explained the considerable benefits a modern railway line to London and up to Sheffield will bring to Broxtowe (in particular Beeston) and Greater Nottingham.

Nigel Mills MP
July 17, 2012
“I would like to welcome the announcement made on July 16th by Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for Transport, that the Government has green-lighted an £800 million investment in the electrification of the Midland Mainline, part of its £9 billion investment in UK infrastructure.”

Postscript (27 June):
Lilian Greenwood, Nottingham South MP and Labour spokesperson for the railways writes –
“When Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said a fortnight ago that he did “not want to see any downgrading of our electrification programme”, I was still optimistic that the Midland Main Line might be spared the axe.
Those hopes were dashed on Thursday when it was announced that work on the project was being halted. Forget the euphemistic claim that electrification has been ‘paused’ – to all extents and purposes, Midland Main Line electrification has been cancelled. … “
Read more at the Nottingham Post:

Waterloo 200

The bi-centenary of the Battle of Waterloo, when tens of thousands of people died in one day.
A battle that gave political power to Britain.
Some have cautioned about celebrating it –
Waterloo (1). Careful what you celebrate: the defeat of new Republics by old Oligarchies; a triumph of tyranny over equality? Very British
Waterloo (2) A ‘British’ victory? 2/3 of the troops spoke German. 3/4 of British forces were fighting republican movts in USA…& in Britain

And it’s true that the Dutch and the Prussians played a huge role; that Nottingham’s rebels took inspiration from the French and tied down the British army at home.
Lord Hill CDRO0I8W8AANA56
But the battle does intrigue. Thought the media coverage today was underwhelming and I was following it on twitter instead.
I visited the battlefield in 1982. I thought the mound and the lion was great – but regret that the sunken road was destroyed in the process.

Consider the use of the Rhodesian flag

Saw the news of 9 people shot dead in Charleston church.
Just before a drive into town, saw the photo of the suspect, wearing the flags of the former South Africa and of Rhodesia – a flag I didn’t recognise.
And then, saw the flag on the back of a vehicle on the drive in, along with a slogan –
“I consider myself a Rhodesian … tough”
rhodesian flag montage b0542h
It did not improve my mood.
Not saying the owner of the vehicle condones the murder of black people by white racists.
Just saying it didn’t make me feel good about the owner.
The sale of the car sticker on ebay has ended, but by co-incidence was on sale from Bexhill-on-Sea, just like the business advertised on the van.