Cycle route enhanced

China opened the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge and tunnel, linking the financial centre of Hong Kong, the gambling hub of Macau and western reaches of the Pearl River Delta at the heart of southern China’s economic boom, at a cost of GBP11,790,000,000.

20181023 River Leen cycle route improvements phases 4 and 5 aa0613h
Meanwhile, works on stage 5 of River Leen Cycle Route project, improving the connection of the former Toll Bridge to Birdcage Walk, has been completed; a couple of snagging works on stage 4 using Birdcage Walk are outstanding (2 lampposts on Rennie Hogg Road).

More positive feedback has been received about the use of the road facility for kiddies learning to cycle on Victoria Embankment.

Mini road network for kids

** New mini road network for kids to cycle on **
Further to the paddling pool, and the wide range of outdoor play equipment, Victoria Embankment and Nottingham City now offers a road network exclusively for kids to learn to ride a bike on, and to learn road safety.
Photos show site under development, opening ceremony, and a couple of dads pushing kids along on their first rides.
Facility is great for The Meadows, but designed to serve the conurbation.

Arkwright Walk developments

New designs for the apartments at either end of Arkwright Walk have been approved.

It’s envisaged that the housing will be available from a year after construction works, with all housing planned for Arkwright and Blackstone being available after two and a half years.  Works might start in April.
Now we have the full road open again to walking and cycling, we are also planning for midi buses to used the route (NCT Navy 3 and city council LOCALINK 1) both for convenience of local residents and to give the shopping centre a higher profile.
The grass patch next to the play equipment is very worn (the litter bin and the lighting column proving natural goalposts).  Perhaps some proper goal posts, a wicket and some grass mats might give the kids a better experience.

New lighting on Victoria Embankment


Switched on 2 days previous.
Set for 15 minutes before dusk and half past midnight; then for 5am (or 15 minutes before dawn).
The gap at night is cos some people have asked for less light spill at night (although these lamps direct the light vey well)  and for the benefit of bats.
42 lamps, each of 35W drawing 5 amps with average 8 hour use per day leading to 20 year lifespan.
Fresh grass seeding has taken well in the mild Autumn, but there are some snagging works to be done.
The scheme is expected to help cyclists and walkers, and we’ve certainly received doorstep concerns about walking to work in the dark.
The lampheads are 21st century technology, but have an Edwardian style.
The afternoon review was part of the handover process.
Fuller photos available in Facebook.

Proposals for Victoria Embankment Junior Bike Track

Nottingham City Council Parks Service has designed a bike track for children to practise their cycling skills and learn to ride a bike.
Some funding has already been secured for this project but additional funding will be required and we will be looking to apply for external funding in September.
The designs can be viewed during opening hours at the following venues:
• Queens Walk Recreation Ground pavilion: 14th July – 2nd August
• Meadows Library: 3rd August – 23rd August
• Victoria Embankment Cricket Pavilion: 16th August – 30th August
And at the following events:
• Bridgeway Community Information Event: 15th August, 12-4pm
The proposals can also be viewed and commented online until 31st August at:
For more information contact the Parks and Open Spaces Team on 0115 915 2733 or