Bridge ward monthly report 65

Loads going on although concerns about growing ASB and disorder dommme-bridge-ward-overview-progress-v170227-1825-aa1754hinate (see city centre policing.)
The ward walk saw the damage brought by a storm, and some progress on deterring car parking by the signs advertising the permits scheme alone!
are not making the situation easier and during the month new tricks to direct money to the south-east (Surrey again) and the scale of cuts proposed for schools became clearer.
c06-16684337_10154333300996305_1036832904437438196_nVery much a month of culture (locally – Light Night, photography, “Touched“; nationally – “Moorside“; internationally –  “Denial“, “T2:Trainspotting“, “Hidden Figures“, “Moonlight“, “Fences“; “The Founder“, “O.J.: Made in America“) – generally all with strong points to make, but all the dramas struggling with how to show the role of collective working.

Policing the city centre

A presentation by Chief Inspector Mark Stanley to Nottingham city centre forum shows that the number of beggars found in a recent 6 week exercise was much higher than previously understood and a good number – a third – from outside Nottingham.
The BID are to develop a diverted giving app.

Issues concerning ASB, violence, inapproriate sexual behaviour, and strutting with cars were rehearsed.
Quite a discussion on alcohol regarding a new mid-week and often student related culture has developed.

Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Nottingham and Notts’ latest marketing organisation is working up new campaigns on the desirability of our locations for business and visiting.
Conclusion: Robin Hood is in our DNA, there’s plenty of content (product, not just content) and picking out a distinguishing element from all it – pioneers (plenty of stories about innovation in Nottingham).
P words seems to be prevalent (in the presentation given at the city centre forum) – people, place, presence, potential, pulse, pre-requisites.
A sense that some of the more recent stories of innovation need to be rehearsed more often and that promotion needs to be contemporary.
Other news  –
– a new trail – the hidden trail – is launched via soon – on Nottingham’s Independent Shopping Trail;
– the dinosaurs of China comes to Nottingham in July – the first location for the exhibition outside of China.

Hidden Figures

A feel good movie about some very good things – women and minorities winning against injFB_20161102_18_42_02_Saved_Picture.jpgustice, and the American space programme.
The audience at the cinema got well involved.  The movie easily allows people to enjoy the moments of strength, and just as well we never failed to appreciate minorities here …
Hidden Figures” is a true story even if the film reshapes the events a bit.  Go see.

O.J. – another documentary

Another telling of the O.J.Simpson story, this time a documentary that explains the society of Los Angeles that led to the hard beliefs that probably led to Simpson being found not guilty of the murder of his ex-wife and a waiter.

However, as juror no.2 points out, the police and the prosecution messed things up – failing to keep the murder scene uncontaminated; taking a suspect’s blood to the murder scene; asking Simpson to try the glove on in court; using a (apparently previous) racist police officer as a detective.
Seven and a half hours telling the story more fully than I’ve seen elsewhere.
O.J.: Made in America” is available on BBC tv i-player.
A complement to the terrific 2016 tv drama series (yeah, where are the dramas about inncocent black people being found guilty?)

McDonald’s closes in Shrewsbury town centre

… on the day I went to see “The Founder“.

Apparently the beginning of the film is a great advert for McDonald’s burger, but this was lost on me cos I’ve never had one.
Somewhere, sometime in the past, I was steered away from eating at such establishments, and part of football and politics away days was going to local cafes, such as Hanley town centre on Monday.  Lambs liver, followed by caramel shortcake with a strawberry milkshake. (I didn’t check how the milkshake was made – a significant part of the film’s story.)

Two brothers design a product – high quality food from a very  limited menu prepared in a hygienic, consistent and fast way, which people collect at the counter and eat from the paper products.
(Food in a paper is reported to be an innovation, when in Britain, we’ve been eating fish & chips from paper for a very long time.)
A failing salesman sees the potential for franchising, but only makes a success of it when he sees the business as a real estate business too – his appeal to the brothers for a better deal having been refused.  He becomes the founder of a new corporation.
20170225-sstar-ab0374h-mcdonalds-closureThe film is certainly more educational – and arguably less cruel –  than BBC tv’s “Dragons’ Den”.  Although the scene where the 100th new franchise is set up to drive the first fast food outlet – did the USA never have fish & chips shops? – out of business demonstrates meanness.
One parallel with Trump – using corporate power to not meet commitments previously paid – but only reviews have drawn this out, and remember, in the period of Trump’s trail to The White House, Hollywood was missing.
Still don’t particularly care to have a McDonald’s but was surprised to come home to the home computer to find a friend bemoaning the closure of a 34 year old McDonald’s franchise in Shrewsbury town centre.  (The part-medieval building can’t be upgraded to a new standard any further at the end of a lease.)  Never went, and now never will.
Meanwhile, anyone in Nottingham fancy setting up a mushy peas and mint sauce franchise?
P.S. worth checking out stuff on employees terms & conditions.