They gave “likes” to egg a murderer on

from The Guardian

49 killed.

Came home, just, to hear the tail-end of a pundit on BBC News tv saying Muslims can do more to tackle the aspects of their beliefs that lead to terrorism.
Well maybe, maybe not.

But imagine my surprise when the news explains the culprit was a white Australian right-winger.  

So some focus please.
And arrests for those sharing the videos and those publishing comments supporting the killing.  
and I’ve just been told by a journalist “we’ve got to change our behaviour”.
No, we’ve got to prosecute those who’ve done it and encouraged it.

Now, no doubt there are things for social media suppliers to tackle.
But they should not be the focus.
It’s those that did and those that encouraged it who should be prioritised.

The BBC are not helping by dumbing down their output. This morning’s explanation of Parliament not being able to reach a resolution is an example of that.
And yesterday morning’s chat show finished with a man repeatedly shouting down the line that those who were supporting Remain were guilty of treachery.  
The media wind people up and then let the hatred spread.  
So enough of the we care line from them.
Please, a focus showing people at our best, and being at their best even when they disagree.

But that’s for after those who encouraged the massacre are found.

The graphic exaggerates to make the point, but the point needs making. BBC tv, who I don’t take to be biased between left and right, but did have this hand-wringing stuff suggesting we were all at fault for this one; and we are not.
So yeah, if the culprit is charged, and his helpers, then prosecute all those who liked the transmissions and egged the murderer on as well.

Meanwhile, some of the 50 killed.


Notts Police Panel – February 2019

The one power the Police & Crime panel has over the Commissioner (our own Paddy Tipping) is to veto the first version of the budget. Something that 10 members of the Notts panel have to vote for. So if you really mean to veto, it takes some organising and serious application. 
One Conservative County Councillor said the 12.2% increase was a bit much – half guiltily cos the Conservative County Council increase in cash terms will be much higher than £1.50 per month. 
Then came the Ashfield District Leader who accused Paddy of doing the Govt’s work for them and of having been lazy in not looking for savings. Paddy has had to oversee £60m of cuts – 30% of the budget, but was prepared to consider all proposals presented.  
No alternatives were presented, and the Conservative and Ashfield Independent had not been busy enough to find any alternatives – but given the deadline of the next day for any veto, they were prepared to stay overnight to find some.  
Meanwhile, the Ashfield Independent lost it – berating an officer for conferring with a colleague whilst representatives were speaking. “Notts Police was failing.”
Labour Councillors, Independents and 2 of the 3 Conservatives supported the budget, which had included savings so as to show that all the extra cash being raised was to be spent on extra policing. This included an extra 3 Police Officers for Neighbourhood Policing per Inspector, and given the year we’ve had on weapons enhanced violence (stabbings) in The Meadows, I wanted to support.
Remember the “capital rich, revenue poor” said a Conservative County Councillor from Newark. Remember the “capital poor, revenue poor” I explained, facing pressures of domestic violence, drug dealing and overcrowded homes (sofa surfing). Poverty is causing problems and more things to Police; we need the extra protection.

Area 8 committee – December 2018

Lots to talk about.  
Parks: A bid for £55,000 for a £67,000 upgrade of Queens Walk Rec. has been successful.  A new multi-use games area will got on the carpark, an outdoor keep fit gym will be installed where the current half-sized area area exists, the equipment from which we want to move to Arkwright Walk. Works will start in January and the Rec. will be upgraded by Easter.  
Meanwhile, we are seeking to get a play area for the residents of the Narrow Marsh into the plans of the college development, using money from developments in the city centre to cover the cost.
Parking: most of the works for the new safety measures along Robin Hood Way and Old Meadows are done, with new residents’ parking permits to be issued soon.  
Policing: the required comms for the the Police room in the London Road fire station are going in today.  Priority in The Meadows is drugs and a recent raid has captured cannabis worth £45,000.  A behaviour order has been placed on a man causing nuisance around Bridgeway Shopping Centre.  I’ve raised a query about how to get effective and consistent action on obstruction by cars parked on pavement and even across doorways.  Disappointed to hear that The Meadows loses a sergeant, to be replaced with one covering The Meadows and Sneinton.
Nottingham City Homes: environmental works have begun; Bruce Close has recently been finished. 
Waterside development: strategic plans were presented; we should be looking for a new bus service running down Meadow Lane running into Arkwright Walk.  Meanwhile, NCT are to reduce the frequency of the No.3 to half-hourly, with no service after 7pm and on Sundays. 

After the meeting, I heard that the plan to makes a new centre out of Bridgeway Hall has fallen through. 

Fletcher Gate shooting

Disappointing news of a shooting into a club / bar from Fletcher Gate on the Saturday evening, but pleased to hear of an arrest and grateful that the woman shot in the arm looks likely to recover.
Frustrated that N Post gives credence to “Shottingham” on the say so of a tweeter who doesn’t say if they’re from Nottingham, but does invite us to like witchcraft.
More as more is known.