Reviewing trees

WP_20180712_11_06_41_Pro (3) images of The Meadows ad0500h kusoCartoon_15314362979240_
A visit to the City Council’s security camera centre at The Woodlands, to see that digital cameras provide much better images than analogue cameras – we’re planning to replace 4 of ours – and to see where trees could be pruned to improve the cameras’ views.
More anon.


Persistent rough sleeping report raised in Parliament

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Lilian Greenwood MP highlights the key points from a Nottingham Trent University report on rough sleeping, a key concern in the city centre.
Earlier, a Nottingham City Council funding bid won £420,416, to provide additional bed spaces, employ dedicated homelessness workers and to sustain the “no second night out policy”.
The debate is available on video.
The debate is available from Hansard.


Trusting in a sense of proportion

A story has been circulated saying vehicles are driving the wrong way down Friar Lane at its western end and that the council should increase its signage on site.
In just of couple of hours, we saw several cars going the wrong way …”  – but why not say how many?
This is extremely dangerous … ” scary; although there are no reports of any accidents.
WP_20180605_21_19_11_Pro (2) looking down Friar Lane ab0500h
there is only a single “no entry” sign to warn drivers … 
Well, not really.
WP_20180605_21_17_19_Pro (2) approaching Friar Lane ab0600hWP_20180605_21_18_23_Pro (2) approaching Friar Lane ab0600h
For this is the world of the Lib Dems, the Focus leaflets and their wet hennery.
Panic to be spread through the letter boxes of the city centre and the Park Estate.
Paying no heed to massive signs painted on the road to deter drivers from going down a one-way system.
Paying no heed to advice that the problem has not been reported to agencies that enforce road traffic regulations.
Not even paying heed to the networks of road users, most especially the very vocal cyclists, who report abuses of the road network that might endanger them.
A_Colorful_Cartoon_Wet_Hen_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_110104-174579-266053Legally enforceable signage is not enough to them and more money must be spent – even if officers overseeing a whole road network think that there are higher priorities for investment; officers who have been behind a significant fall in deaths and injuries on Nottingham’s roads over the last 20 years.
And the Lib Dems are going to enforce their point with a campaign.  A campaign that screams danger and takes no heed of a wider responsibility.
Or that drivers going the wrong way are probably choosing to defy the one-way system; so would an extra sign on top of an existing one and two sets of massive white letters on the road make a difference?
Meanwhile, look out for reports of clutches of litter and photos of blocked gully pots.
Especially in an era of council cuts enabled by the Lib Dems in their coalition government.
Councillors who look out for the city centre know what the priorities are for city centre residents.
We will not run around like “wet hens” – to borrow a phrase from the Duke of Wellington.
We have to trust residents will keep a sense of proportion too.

Review of public meeting with Lilian and Paddy

60 attended a meeting which I expected to be a rigorous grilling and relentless lashing of those with power and responsibility because of the crime associated with the drug dealing.
Bit of a surprise then when a victim of a stabbing, a young man, called for more to be done to help victims and offer hope for those who see no alternative.
People were queueing up to shake the guy’s hand afterwards.
WP_20180601_18_44_42_Pro (2) QWCC LGMP PTpcc speaking ab0301h
Paddy Tipping PCC addresses the public meeting convened by Lilian Greenwood MP, to discuss community safety and developing parks.
I circulated a 3 page progress report.  The meeting began with something like 45 minutes of contributions from the floor before the panel started making contributions. Many of the contributions emphasised the importance of community and youth services to mitigate criminal activity.
I spoke at the end, and the points for me are –
– there was a tendency from one or two to represent individual special interests; and some of the old stories about people running The Meadows down when for example, Paddy Tipping had said the exact opposite; (Paddy dealt with that challenge);
– the emphasis on youth services was as if the criminal activity is from teenagers when the perpetrators are probably a bit older; I did take the opportunity to stress the important of more jobs, and secure and regular jobs that supported stronger family life;
– I don’t think the assertion that the dealers are not from The Meadows is entirely correct;
– The Police Inspector reported arrests of dealers carrying wraps of drugs, but may not have been heard very clearly; catching the dealers red-headed has to be a key element of any fight back for community safety;
– a repeated call for the BT phones boxes (that seem only to serve the drug trade) to be removed (Lilian had already been chasing, and been refused once);
– temporary and movable 3G cameras have had an impact, but they’re moved on.

The meeting was intense at times, but quite thoughtful and reflective.
Parks and open spaces didn’t really come up, save some complaints about grass-cutting and litter generally.
Some points afterwards about not having more yellow lines on the junctions in the Old Meadows.

Some requests for another meeting to be held.


Fight in a car park

Two sets of young men have picked a fight in the south-western car park of Bridgeway shopping centre.
Two men were injured, with knife wounds to the neck and to the hand.
[Somewhat of a contrast to posts on social media that said 2 men had been killed.]
The fight took place just before noon on 4th April, out of sight of the obvious cameras covering the shopping centre – no doubt, no coincidence.
The car park was closed for most of the afternoon.
Police have been visiting the area in the search for witnesses.

White supremacists in the United States killing more people

Screenshot (847) ac0798h cnn report child murderer composite

17 killed in an attack on a Floridan school.
CNN report Cruz with deep psychological problems.
Young Turks tv in USA reported how a leader of the far right in the USA claimed credit for what Cruz achieved, before withdrawing the claims cos he’d been deprived of sleep.
A report in January said the number of killings by white supremacists in the U.S. had doubled in 2017.

OMTRA lobby for better park fencing


Old Meadows residents representatives ask for more fencing to protect the fields from abuse by people driving their cars over the grass fields.
Portfolio Holder Davud Trimble heard the points alongside parks officers, and plans are now being made for new gates on key entrances, extra bollards around other entrances and some new fencing.
Meanwhile, a Neighbourhood Action Team has asked for more lighting for the multi-use games area just off Felton Road.