White supremacists in the United States killing more people

Screenshot (847) ac0798h cnn report child murderer composite

17 killed in an attack on a Floridan school.
CNN report Cruz with deep psychological problems.
Young Turks tv in USA reported how a leader of the far right in the USA claimed credit for what Cruz achieved, before withdrawing the claims cos he’d been deprived of sleep.
A report in January said the number of killings by white supremacists in the U.S. had doubled in 2017.


OMTRA lobby for better park fencing


Old Meadows residents representatives ask for more fencing to protect the fields from abuse by people driving their cars over the grass fields.
Portfolio Holder Davud Trimble heard the points alongside parks officers, and plans are now being made for new gates on key entrances, extra bollards around other entrances and some new fencing.
Meanwhile, a Neighbourhood Action Team has asked for more lighting for the multi-use games area just off Felton Road.

Police operations in The Meadows

C7MVAgFXQAAl0-1Last night, a number of searches conducted, drugs were recovered and a knife also.  There were three arrests made.
A warrant was also executed at an address within the Meadows. This resulted in 4 persons being arrested for drugs related matters.
Note, some residents have noticed higher levels of policing recently following a difficult arrest at Bridgeway Centre a week previous.
More info available on from Meadows Police on twitter.


Notts Police and Crime Panel February 2017

Almost unanimous support for the increase in the precept.
Continued to explore VFM but the reality is we need uniformed officers still cos however much crime has come down, I can see the pressure on officers and the potential problems in The Meadows.
Chief Constable Craig Guildford attended the panel for the first time in his new role.
In supporting the increase, I spoke again about the dramatic action we took in Nottingham in 2004, and that the Police and the local authority are a strategic partnership to work for community safety – and that partnership was hurt by actions taken over the city police decision – a decision that the new chief constable has an opportunity to review.
Acknowledgement that the Tri-Force proposals have been slow to progress and have not yet delivered any rewards; but progress was being sought.
A surprise that £20m of investment is now planned for changes to Bridewell, whose facilities don’t match Home Office standards.  Some opportunities it seems for revenue savings, but it seems the spend is needed for its own sake.


Ward Walk – November 2016


Simply walked around the Bridgeway Centre, hearing about progress on tackling anti-social behaviour and reviewing a ranges of proposals for removing trees, cos of death, cramping, or blockage to street light and views.  A new plan for the trees of the northern car park has been produced for comment (see above).

Bridgeway Centre has a number of wider issues.
total list looks like –

  1. deterring hanging around in dark alleyways;
  2. improving views of CCTV, either by clearing trees, or by raising the cameras;
  3. tidying & utilising the green area to the immediate west of Bridgeway Hall, incl. poss. removal of self-set Rowan tree;
  4. a new vision for the north car park with better mixture of trees;
  5. better advertisement of Bridgeway shopping centre, including additional signage off Sheriff’s Way;
  6. better co-operation between traders so as to promote centre more effectively;
  7. re-introduction of café (on the way) and re-use of empty half-supermarket (strong lead);
  8. fuller use of Bridgeway Hall;
  9. dedicated use of north car park for visitors to the medical centre and to the shops;
  10. protection of all car parks, especially once parking permits kick in for most of the New Meadows in December;
  11. introduction of NCT Navy 3 and LocalLink 1 to Arkwright Walk and at grade bus stops, possibly in September 2017 (???);
  12. attracting trade from re-introduction of housing along Arkwright and Blackstone; and in future from land north of Healy Close;

More points to add, no doubt.  But probably need some kind of public consultation meeting.


Bridgeway Shopping Centre trees review


There are a handful of trees that have died and need to be cut down.
There is a further review to be done about whether certain trees have grown too tall in locations that block street light or CCTV cameras.
The selection of trees made for the north car park 40 or so years ago was unimaginative and too compacted.
Work for dead trees and lifting the crowns of others to improve the view of CCTV cameras will proceed.
A further visit is to be held to review if further trees should be cut, but only when a new vision for trees on the northern car park is produced.
The council policy is for two trees to replace every tree lost.


Reclaim the Night 2016

Very loud.
Very witty.
More photos available.
200 or more present.
Nottingham recognised as first city to adopt a policy on FGM.
Nottinghamshire Police recognised as the first constabulary to treat misogyny as a hate crime.